The Adam Lanza Of Dallas And The False Flag President Aka Obama

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The little boy who repeatedly bellowed, “Wolf!” was eventually ignored by those who heard his incessant cries. The same (scenario) is taking place here in aka Obama’s false flag (i.e. false reality) America.


One of the better known aka Obama photo shopped frauds. The top White House fraud begets a government of fraud. For explanation of this above pic, note: “Family pictures of young Barack and Michelle Obama are fake” –

Increasingly, scores of honest and intelligent Americans are catching on. They know that widely reported events such as the (so-called) Sandy Hook “Shooting” and the alleged Boston Marathon “Bombing” were government contrived propaganda / violence events. They know that “like” produces “like.” They know that the criminal ID (forgery) fraud, aka Obama is only practicing his same-type [of] deceit upon this United States. That being, false reality. They know that his Fascist goal is to completely control every political, social and economic facet of this great country.

American Flag Day weekend – the very same weekend as (“false flag,” aka Obama’s White House weekend party celebration) the Dallas Police Department Headquarters shooting event unfolded. Of course, false reality (aka false flag) events such as this and multiple others, are all designed to persuade this country’s populace that their local police departments are inadequate to protect them. Hence the (bogus) “need” for federalization of all local law enforcement. The  more multiple false flag (false reality) events that occur, the more quickly the criminal aka Obama cabal can dupe the public into welcoming U.S. militarization of all local law enforcement.

Please note the large picture below. It is another “Adam Lanza”-type photo shop picture. Separate what you’ve been told by mainstream (Obama back-pocket) media from some obvious reality. Shut down your emotions and turn the dial-up, on your God-blessed intellect.

A black and white photo of the Dallas “Adam Lanza,” – “James Boulware.” You will have to admit that this photo shopped pic is a slight improvement upon the contrived false reality Sandy Hook bogeyman

Note the photo shopped pic. The male head's right ear. Look closely. Note the fake nose. Notice the fake upper lip area between the contrived nostril. Above pic derived from mainstream media FOX: "Authorities, relatives say man linked to Dallas police HQ shooting was mentally unstable" -

Note the photo shopped pic. The male head’s right ear. Look closely. Note the fake nose. Notice the fake upper lip area between the contrived nostrils. The above black and white pic is derived from mainstream media FOX: “Authorities, relatives say man linked to Dallas police HQ shooting was mentally unstable” – – Click on the link to view the colored photo shopped pic of the new contrived “Adam Lanza-type” creation.

During America’s “Flag Day” weekend in which the “Dallas Police Headquarters Shooting” false flag event occurred, our usurper White House criminal forgery ID fraud, – (“false flag”) “president” held a secret party in The [our] White House.

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WH Reporter: “How Do You Justify” Undisclosed Party? –

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“A thinking person will question what he hears; examine what he sees; and evaluate what others would have him believe.”

“When did big government and its mainstream media tell the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth?”

[Pastor emeritus Nathan M. Bickel] 


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Pastor emeritus Nathan M. Bickel

3 thoughts on “The Adam Lanza Of Dallas And The False Flag President Aka Obama

  1. Steve says:

    How could anyone believe this manufactured story? I saw and heard the so-called citizen video of the entire Dallas PD “event.” How is that there were people on a roof who had a video camera and a script to narrate the entire event with such clarity?

    If you listen to what the purported citizen videographers were saying as they filmed the event, it’s easy to discern that they were reading from a script. They were giving a blow-by-blow description that became the official media narrative of the sensational story.

    Now we have this photo-shopped image of the fictional perpetrator, James Boulware (Baal-ware).

    1. Steve –

      Thanks for your insightful comment. Yes, it is such a fake! But I’m one to believe that the “law of diminishing returns” is kicking in. With each and every false reality event there are fewer and fewer people who believe these contortions! Wolf! Wolf!

  2. Adolf Hitler’s 1934 “NIGHT OF THE LONG KNIVES” massacre of “The Reich List Of Unwanted Persons” – which included his own SA [Stormtroopers], and his long-time Nazi Party comrade, Rohm – was unleashed on a Saturday, and followed by a party the next day.

    “On Sunday evening, July 1, Hitler hosted a tea party in the garden of the Chancellery for cabinet members and their families to show a restoration of normalcy.”

    The commentary above concludes thus:

    “[Hitler] declared himself supreme judge; above the law, making the law and capable of instilling fear and terror in the hearts of all who opposed him.”

    A.k.a. Obama’s chronic use of ‘false flags’ here and abroad is indeed aimed at the goals you cite. They are Nazi, through-and-through.

    For Hitler ‘ruled’ – that is, controlled – the German Volk, prisoners, those in his ‘occupied’ territories, and even his own military through propaganda and terror. Thus does his grandson. The principal difference is, for domestic terrorizing, Bari’ does not visibly employ the United States Military; instead, he lures vulnerable ‘lone wolf’ agents, and Muslim Jihadi psycho-terror, to paralyze, manipulate, militarize and control Americans.

    Though it may not be obvious, the barbaric Jihad events abroad are carefully calibrated by A.k.a. Obama to evoke maximum terror ‘at home’. Helplessness is the wicked subliminal message; for like the Nazi Armies, the ISIS ‘Terror Army’ sweeps through and mows down anyone in its path. The evil propaganda: No one, no country, ‘NO FORCE ON EARTH” can stop them! Not even the great United States Of America! Like Hitler’s Wehrmacht, ISIS is invincible!

    Pause a moment and think: stunning parallels exist between the sudden, formidable Nazi Military of the late 1930’s, and the propagandized ‘out-of-nowhere’ fearsome ISIS ‘Army’. This is no coincidence. In both cases, years of training and under-the-radar strategizing occurred. Their sudden, overpowering springing into action was carefully calculated strategy.

    Hitler: startling Military Aggression upon six years in office. A.k.a. O six years ‘occupying’ the WH: stealth-deployment of his [no longer] ‘secret’ army of ISIS jhadists abroad, to achieve his grandfather’s ‘New Order’ goals.

    A New Order that is heavily dependent upon impact ‘at home’; hence, for maximum psycho-terror impact, many of Bari”s ‘false flags’ in America feature some sort of Muslim terrorist angle. Recall that in this Dallas event, the press cited ‘Boulware’ being angry that the police called him a terrorist.

    Terror. Terrorism. Muslim ‘ascendancy.’ Violent Muslim domination – of Christians. Of Jews. Of other Muslims. Of Americans. A non-stop, ever-escalating, ever- intensifying psycho-drama, since A.k.a. O first stole the Office Of United States President. With this wicked crazy-making: speaking out against violence by Muslims is verboten [forbidden]!

    Still don’t believe there’s supernatural power – that is, demons – behind this? Can humans on their own be this evil?

    An important distinction: for most of his domestic terrorizing, Grandpa Adolf did not ‘outsource’; Nazi soldiers were his agents. Bari’ knows that in America, he’d never get away with it … though, evil “Jade Helm 15” is his reckless attempt to eventually make it happen, via stealth.

    Stealth, as in: demonic.

    By the way, why the name, “Jade Helm”? Jade is the satanic color for evil. It’s code for ‘Evil At The Helm’.

    I was just reading a lovely summation of why Hitler crashed and burned. He was an arrogant, bloviated, know-it-all fool.

    It appears that evil political genius is not all that Bari’ Hitler-Shabazz, a.k.a Barack Obama, inherited.

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