Race Baiter Al Sharpton’s Nasty Behavior: Invades FOX Reporter’s Personal Space

Apparently, Al Sharpton views himself as the criminal Baltimore Mayor’s, protector. He behaves in an uncouth and nasty manner to the young FOX reporter. Sharpton invades the man’s personal space. But, don’t expect any apologies from Sharpton. Why? He is a mainstream media poster boy.

Excerpt of the following 2 minute video (below):


…How is it that you protect the Mayor from simple questions from reporters,……….and yet you decided not to protect any of the the businesses out here in Baltimore……….”


FOX NEWS Reporter CONFRONTS Baltimore Mayor and Al Sharpton In TERSE EXCHANGE!! – youtube.com/watch?v=287VGwjcmPo&feature=youtu.be

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Pic source: Found on the web.

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Featured pic source of puppet Al Sharpton with puppet master, aka Obama:



Sharpton Back at WH for 62nd Meeting With Obama – newsmax.com


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2 thoughts on “Race Baiter Al Sharpton’s Nasty Behavior: Invades FOX Reporter’s Personal Space

  1. Douglas says:

    Al Sharpton has had a private meeting with Obama over 62 times since 2009. Now we can all see the type of company that Obama and Valerie keep. One is known by their associates.


    1. Douglas –

      I would agree with you. Especially when I opened your link. The pic of Sharpton! Looks as though he’s appearing more wicked with each and every White House visit!

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