Cleveland Not Guilty Verdict: Locals Aware of Staged Riot Possibilities

A Moralmatters reader comments on the “Not Guilty” verdict of Cleveland police officer, Michael Brelo and also the awareness of Cleveland residents of contrived agitator “out-of-town” protesters:
Pic Source: US police officer Michael Brelo found not guilty in killings that followed 2012 car chase -

Pic Source: US police officer Michael Brelo found not guilty in killings that followed 2012 car chase –

SO FAR, there have been peaceful protests in Cleveland after the news of the “not guilty” verdict was announced this morning (about 10 AM ET).

IF the people on the streets remain peaceful throughout Saturday and Sunday nights, and all the way into Monday, Memorial Day, then maybe there will NOT be over-the-top rioting with militant agitators burning buildings down, etc.
Many locals in Cleveland, OH are aware that out-of-town operatives are in Cleveland, OH with the specific purpose of causing a violent uprising like the ones we saw in Ferguson, MO and Baltimore, MD. Those local people may choose NOT to participate in a staged riot. Since they already know what the agitators will do, they may “opt out” of the mob mentality that would push them into street thug behavior.
The locals in Baltimore got smart at the end of that staged conflagration. Fox News reported a FAKE shooting of a Black man on the streets on the last day of Baltimore riots, but later, a Fox News anchor had to retract the report because THE REPORT WAS A LIE. See the video of the retraction:
Search argument #BreloVerdict 
Saturday’s Brelo Verdict articles:
Look at the photo in the article at the Web link just below to see the shot-out windshield of the victims in the Brelo case, also read the story. Officer Michael Brelo was NOT the only officer on the scene, but he is the BIG FOCUS.
Cleveland Police Officer Acquitted of Manslaughter in 2012 Deaths – 
It was agreed that by announcing the Michael Brelo verdict on a Saturday morning, the potential for downtown traffic issues and the resulting impact on the community could also be lessened. >>>>>>>>>>>>>>

Editor’s note:

This Moralmatters author does not doubt that the reported deaths (actually) occurred (although they could have been craftily contrived to be otherwise). Regardless, he does realize that with “cases” such as this, the corrupt cabal aka Obama government will utilize any and all avenues to stir up racial tensions, thus aiding his agenda (of which goal) is to divide and conquer traditional, patriotic and Constitutional America.

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“A thinking person will question what he hears; examine what he sees; and evaluate what others would have him believe.”

“When did big government and its mainstream media tell the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth?”

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