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In his volunteer chaplain visitations this Moralmatters emeritus Christian pastor author often meets priceless souls who have experienced frustrations and disconcerting times from their encounters with Christian churches and Christian church members. Sometimes those disenfranchised have felt as if they haven’t “fit-in,” or have been shunned by certain “holier-than-thou” church people who live lives of hypocritical behavior.

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Regardless, it isn’t that the frustrated and disenfranchised don’t want any part of Christianity or Christ’s teaching. It’s rather that they feel they “don’t belong” for this or whatever reason.

This Christian emeritus pastor always makes it a point to stress that one need not be bereft of Creator / Savior Almighty God in his life. He encourages many to read the Scriptures and pray – even if it is by themselves.

Lonesome souls, though, need not be without Christ’ Word and Christian fellowship. In our Internet world, those having personal computers always have access to Christian music, Christian content and Christian message (sermons).

Hence, Moralmatters has added a new topic resource page, called:

Christian Worship: Via Internet –

The Moralmatters new topic resource page can always be found on every page. Simply, look to the right side of the page and scroll down to the heading, labelled:

MoralMatters topics: Containing multiple informational links 


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