Jade Helm Focus In Texas: Smoke Screen For Massive Illegal Alien Immigration


Those who are skeptical of the federal government’s Jade Helm military exercise in the U.S. Southwest, are in reasonable company. Honest, intelligent and perceptive Americans know from the current corrupted   government state of affairs, that our criminal White House ID forgery fraud is “forcing the illegal immigration issue.” His lying words and disruptive actions are always evident, for all to witness.

Pic found on the web. The website article which hosted its presence, was apparently scrubbed [deleted]. That's no surprise.

Pic found on the web. The website article which hosted its presence, was apparently scrubbed [deleted]. That’s no surprise, as our criminal White House ID forgery fraud, aka Obama is obsessed with more control.  Please note: Operation Jade Helm: Massive Military Drill Across 9 States For “Unconventional Warfare” – truthandaction.org

The Jade Helm military exercise event to be sponsored by the Obama regime’s government, is likely the intentional build-up of U.S. Military forces (primarily in the State of Texas) designed to facilitate the massive entrance of illegals into the United States. When these Jade Helm forces are fully in-place, it is further likely that aka Obama will issue a series of White House executive orders which will result in affording Mexican, Central American and other illegals permitted and sanctioned access entrance across U.S. Borders. These chief executive orders will dismiss and disregard current U.S. Immigration Law. The illegal aliens will also be granted red-carpet military protection by the rogue aka Obama government.

Currently the corrupted U.S. government is reiterating that the Jade Helm military exercise is harmless. That it is a military-type drill.  U.S. residents need not be alarmed. The propaganda that’s being spread about, is that those who express serious concerns over Jade Helm, are wacky conspiracy-theorist-sorts. [The old-familiar government propaganda ridicule game] Please remind yourself, that when the “powers that be” and their enablers make such assertions, there are always lurking motives. When did big government and its mainstream media tell the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth?


Pic of Texas Governor. Hopefully, he is not another (Obama) governor stooge like Conn. Governor Malloy and Mass. Gov. Deval. Pic source: Abbott defends keeping eye on Jade Helm military exercises -http://www.stripes.com/abbott-defends-keeping-eye-on-jade-helm-military-exercises-1.345059

It is this author’s hope and prayer that Texas Gov. Abbott is not one of aka Obama’s supportive crisis actors and that his intent for Texas and law and order, is genuine. If that is so, may he command the Texas National Guard and state militia groups in such a savvy manner (so as) to thwart this encroaching Jade Helm exercise from spiraling out of control.

Those concerned American citizens, cat calling Jade Helm are not stupid. Neither are they to be regarded as wacky “conspiratorial theorists.” They’ve witnessed the recent past. They’ve witnessed the aka Obama cabal regime’s contrivance in multiple false reality events across the United States. Now it appears as though they (we) are witnessing a “‘build-up’ / stand-off” between the sovereign  State of Texas and big brother (corrupt) U.S. government. This summer’s Jade Helm encroachment (aka, federal over-reach) is shaping up (in scale) to be umpteen times larger than the Bundy Ranch stand-off.

Popular pic found on the web. These are the types of illegal alien "immigrants" which will be permitted in the United States. Statistics already illustrate the increasing crime rates that are the result of many illegals permitted across the U.S. border.

Popular pic found on the web. These are some of the types of illegal alien “immigrants” which will be permitted in the United States. Statistics already illustrate the soaring crime rates that are the result of many illegals permitted across the U.S. border.

What greater way for aka Obama to destroy this United States than to strangle and drown it with foreign illegals who are obvious bribery recipients of the current cabal? Ever wonder why they immediately receive welfare benefits, food stamps, driver’s licenses and other promised financial “goodies” all on the backs of (already) burdened U.S. taxpayers? Why shouldn’t they? After all they are “presumptive ‘citizens'” and have a right to vote because their bodies now reside in America. Didn’t the criminal White House ID (forgery) fraud, aka Obama say that there is no difference between U.S. citizens and those who flock across the border? Didn’t he say that these illegals are no different, simply because they lack some extraneous documentation paperwork? You can be sure that aka Obama and his lawless government will issue that permanent illegal residency paperwork to these illegals in exchange for their ever-loving boot-clicking (Democrat Party) allegiance.

Editor’s note:

It is reported that the Jade Helm government drill will be taking place in 9 states between July 15 and September 15. Those non-border states in which this government exercise is to be held, could very likely be major residency (dumping ground) states for the illegal alien immigrants pouring across America’s southern borders, protected by Jade Helm military “exercises.”

Also, during the upcoming Jade Helm “exercise,” it is likely that some “incident”(event) will be government / media contrived. This “incident” (or, series of incidents) will then spark major media focus attention from the Obama boot-clicking mainstream media. Military U.S. forces (which will already be set in place) will then quash the accused (reported / alleged) “perpetrators.” Such “incident(s)”and subsequent big government action / intervention will be a federal excuse (aka, anti-Constitutional “license”) of a U.S. Military local and regional “lock-down” (aka, “martial law”). The same (or similar type martial law) which was experienced, following the false reality Boston Marathon [fake] “bombing.”

Note 4 related links (below) to the above. The first one, of which source, is obviously mainstream media. Notice how it subtly ridicules those who question the Jade Helm government “drill.”

The second source is non-mainstream media, of which article is of a reasonable nature. It is always reasonable to be skeptical of big government – and, to question it and hold it accountable.

The third one illustrates that American citizens have more than ample reason to distrust the federal government based upon the spotty and faulty record of its past political leaders and bureaucracies.

The fourth source specifically spells out intents of the Jade Helm operation, gleaning from and connecting the dots from the “newly released Jade Helm document:”


Abbott defends keeping eye on Jade Helm military exercises – stripes.com


WASHINGTON (Tribune News Service) — Gov. Greg Abbott on Thursday defended his order for the Texas State Guard to monitor a military exercise that federal Special Operations personnel will conduct this summer.

The exercise, Jade Helm 15, will take place in Texas and six other Southwestern states. It has drawn attention from conspiracy theorists and talk show hosts who contend it could be a precursor to martial law.

Abbott, speaking after addressing the National Catholic Prayer Breakfast, said he issued the order to “facilitate communication and to make people comfortable and informed about what’s going on.” – http://www.stripes.com/abbott-defends-keeping-eye-on-jade-helm-military-exercises-1.345059


Operation Jade Helm: Massive Military Drill Aacross 9 States For “Unconventional Warfare” – truthandaction.org


>>>>>>>>>> From July 15th to September 15th of 2015, the U.S. military will be conducting a massive military drill throughout 9 states in an operation entitled Jade Helm.

This rather alarming drill across the entire American Southwest will include the US Army’s Green Berets, US Marines Special Ops Command, US Navy Seals, and US Air Force Special Ops Command.

The stated purpose of the drill contradicts how this unprecedented exercise will actually be carried out.

Combine this with the document labeling entire U.S. states as ‘hostile’ leaves one with a sinking feeling.>>>>>>>>> – http://www.truthandaction.org/operation-jade-helm-massive-military-drill-across-7-states-unconventional-warfare/


New World Order Martial Law Scenario? U.S. Government Pathological Lies Concerning “Jade Helm 15 Military Operation” – Why Citizens Should be Concerned – globalresearch.ca


“……..Especially based on the recent egregious track record of utter deception and rampantly mounting oppression increasingly perpetrated by the US federal government, the more rational and prudent question then becomes why wouldn’t any self-aware, mindful resident of Texas, New Mexico, Arizona, Southern California, Nevada and Utah or for that matter any US citizen not be extremely concerned about their government’s long proven, secretive, deceitful true intentions. From here on out, regardless of the skeptics, let vigilance be the operative word.” – http://www.globalresearch.ca/new-world-order-martial-law-scenario-u-s-government-pathological-lies-concerning-jade-helm-15-military-operation/5449292


Jade Helm Officials: “We Are Only Training to Fight In the Middle East” – sonsoflibertymedia.com

>>>>>>>>>>> Further, the provisions of this Army manual is the end of the First Amendment right to peaceably assemble. The Army is telling you how they are going to deal with protests. Protesting in America is now a crime punishable by death. Therefore, when Jade Helm is in your neighborhood, unless you are willing to fight, it would be best to stay inside! ……………..

…………….The Army has been diligently training to lock the country down into martial law. Specifically, I am referring to the Army’s building of a ‘fake” $96 million dollar Northern Virginia town which is being used to train the military to enforce Martial Law. Of course, the government says that this is a foreign town being used to train our troops to occupy. We also hear this same worn out argument about Jade Helm training in that “we are training for the Middle East.” Does the following video look like the Middle East to you, or does it look more like Mainstreet America? If Jade Helm truly training for the Middle East, then someone needs to explain why the town has a Christian church, handicap parking spots, Washington DC subway logos, loading zone signs and road signs in English. I don’t remember seeing pictures of the streets of Damascus in which they display handicap parking signs and have a plethora of Christian churches. A picture is worth a thousand words as you will see in the following video. – >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> – http://sonsoflibertymedia.com/2015/05/newly-released-jade-helm-document-reveals-the-true-intent-of-the-drill/

Moralmatters topic page on Illegal Alien Immigration:

Illegal Alien Issue – moralmatters.org


Illegal Alien Crime and Violence by the Numbers: We’re All Victims – constitutionparty.com


False Reality Is Created By A Coordinated Effort Of Conniving Government And It’s Back-Pocket Mainstream Media:


Please note the following informational link. It contains information of specific action which Americans can employ to help preserve traditional, patriotic and Constitutional American government:

Resisting Lawless Government


“A thinking person will question what he hears; examine what he sees; and evaluate what others would have him believe.”

“When did big government and its mainstream media tell the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth?”

[Pastor emeritus Nathan M. Bickel] 


Posted by:

Pastor emeritus Nathan M. Bickel




Featured pic source of Apache Helicopters:

Operation Jade Helm: Massive Military Drill Aacross 9 States For “Unconventional Warfare”



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  1. Jade Helm is a military exercise very similar to the German Kristallnacht of 1938. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Kristallnacht….. I do not believe that JH is just an innocent drill. Every time there’s a ”drill” something horrific happens. The word ”drill” is just a cover.

    JH will be special forces soldiers going house to house from midnight to 5 AM. Knocking on doors and entering without warrant. They will seize all weapons and people who resist. They will also detain known anti government citizens. These people will then be sent to FEMA Camps. Their families will have no idea where they are or even how to contact them. Most will never be seen again.

    I hope that I’m wrong but remember that the current regime is bent on a reign of terror directed towards US citizens.

    • Douglas –

      I, also hope you are wrong with your logical assessment. At the same time, I cannot controvert your reasoning and prediction.

      I further think that the criminal in our White House is in near panic mode. He and his cabal realize that they only have a short measure of time to carry out their radical dreams to transform America. That malevolent intent may be more difficult for them to (historically) realize, as this country is so much larger than Nazi Germany. I remind myself that pre-WWII and WWII Germany was of a geographical size commensurate to CA and Oregon. Hitler did not have to deal with a huge geographical expanse and 50 state governments. He did not have to deal with multiple umpteen county and local governments, sheriff and police departments. If history is the only valid “indicator,” he will miserably fail……….

      • I totally agree with your assessment of the situation concerning the size and scope of the US. If anything of what I predict comes true, then hopefully the rest of the states will get their eyes opened up and react immediately.

        One rumor is that local 911 call police centers have been informed to not respond to 911 calls from concerned and trapped citizens. I hope this is not the case. People could be in all kinds of danger and not get the necessary help. The eventual lawsuits would be inevitable, not to forget the suffering and possible deaths.

        Placing military units in civilian populations of the US is illegal and unconstitutional.


        • Douglas –

          Thank you for the link. It would be great to have a bunch of legal suits filed for an encroaching military.

          Also: Another aspect I failed to mention in my previous response is that 50 state America has modern technical communications and an “alternate media” other than propaganda mainstream media. Also, there is “social media” which adds to more public awareness of the filth of the Obama cabal. In pre-WWII Germany and during the War, Hitler controlled all media. Contrasting the two countries now and then is very significant.

          Another difference between aka Obama’s molestation of America and Hitler’s conquest of Germany is Hitler’s propaganda stranglehold on the masses. I don’t witness that here in 50 state, America. Hitler was adored. The masses were mesmerized. Not so, here in the states. A great percentage of the current American populace despise the criminal White House ID forgery fraud!