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A Moralmatters reader left the following comment after the past commentary of: Americans Believed The Cold War Era Moon Landing Hoax: Still Do –

An apt description of gullibility can be found in the Divine Revelation of Scripture. Various Biblical passage sources help to explain why most humans are so easily swayed by corrupt government contrived propaganda – which of course, is parroted by a willing complacent back-pocket, evil mainstream media:

  • “The simple believes every word, but the prudent considers well his steps.” – Proverbs 14:15 – NKJV
  • “The simple inherit folly, but the prudent are crowned with knowledge.” – Proverbs 14:18 – NKJV
  • “A prudent man foresees evil and hides himself, but the simple pass on and are punished.” – Proverbs 22:3 – NKJV

Please note that the Hebrew word for “simple” in the aforementioned Scriptures, means:

silly (seducible); foolish

Reader’s comments:

Pic of alleged Apollo Spacecraft that allegedly landed on the moon. Pic supplied by Moralmatters reader who also gave his opinion about the contrived government event.

Pic of an alleged Apollo Spacecraft that did not land on the moon. Pic supplied by Moralmatters reader, who also gives his intelligent assessment about the contrived government (staged) event.

>>>>>>>> I said last year in 2014 that “I had serious doubts about the Moon landing.”

Today, in 2015, I’m 100% sure that the US did not land men on the Moon. The photos taken supposedly on the Moon contain literally hundreds of serious anomalies.

Not one face of an astronaut is seen on the Moon. Also, there is obvious evidence that every Moon surface photo was done in artificial light under indoor studio conditions.

Also, the backdrop mountains of the Moon were used over and over again in most all Moon surface photos photos. This is proof positive that the entire Moon landing was filmed inside a large sound stage on earth. Watch this and others of the hundred plus videos of the Moon landing hoax:

Here is an official NASA moon photo [Apollo 14] of the Lander. Notice the cross hairs in the photo. That means this photo was taken with a Hasselblad Moon camera.

Pic of alleged Apollo Spacecraft that allegedly landed on the moon. The pic is supplied by Moralmatters reader who also gives his intelligent assessment about the contrived government (staged) event. He points out the conflicting stories told visitors by taxpayer paid, museum guides.

Pic of an alleged Apollo Spacecraft that did not land on the moon. The pic is supplied by a Moralmatters reader who also gives his intelligent assessment about the contrived government (staged) event. He points out two conflicting stories told visitors by taxpayer paid, museum guides.

Look closely at that black paper, gray cardboard and Scotch tape used to construct this piece of junk. That landed on the moon ???….who are they kidding? That same mock-up is now sitting in the Space Museum in Washington DC.

My sister saw it this year at the museum. Her friend asked the tour guide about the black paper and junky construction, Museum guide said it was a ”mock-up”. The 1969 moon landing is now laughable. It was all done for Cold War propaganda purposes. We were all mooned by NASA.

The moon lander in Washington DC is a ”cleaned up” version of the LEM [Lunar Excursion Module]. All of the gold Scotch tape and rough crinkled black paper has been removed so that it appears somewhat smooth.

The LEM that allegedly went to the Moon is in worse shape than the DC exhibit. Its really a piece of junk.

The official guides at the DC museum tell people two different stories. Some say the LEM on display was supposed to go to the Moon but the trip was cancelled. Other guides tell visitors that the display model is a “mock-up”.

Which is it? <<<<<<<<<<<

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Resisting Lawless Government –


“A thinking person will question what he hears; examine what he sees; and evaluate what others would have him believe.” 

“When did big government and its mainstream media tell the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth?” – 

[Pastor emeritus Nathan M. Bickel] 


Above Commentary posted by: 

Pastor emeritus Nathan M. Bickel


Featured pic of Man in Space Suit:


  14 Responses to “Mooned By NASA: The Propaganda Apollo Moon Landing Theatrical Event”

  1. I believe that man landed on the moon for one important reason: MAN LANDED ON THE MOON, you moron!

    • Joel –

      Of all the moronic comments you have made here on Moralmatters, this one has to be the tops! You supply no evidence for your political correctness assertion!

    • true true true true true, really look closely at the pics, how in the world could they have faked them back in 1969? huh? huh?! ………. so yah think about that people!

  2. Consider this. There is not ONE photo of the moon Rover being unloaded and opened on the moon’s surface. The Rover just suddenly appears full functional and ready to go. Why…especially when they took over 2,000 photos.

    Also this. There is not ONE photo of a man’s face on the moon…not one. We have no idea who the men in the spacesuits are. All they had to do was flip up the gold visor to see who was inside the helmet. But no, they couldn’t do that for mom.

    Imagine the so-called moon landings. Six trips to the moon without even one unmanned rehearsal? Really? Six trips to another planet, the moon, and not even one mishap? This is actually statistically impossible.

    NASA says that they cannot go back to the moon for 20 or more years because they LOST and destroyed all of their rocket ship blueprints. Really?

    One piece of ”moon rock” given to a European government museum turned out to be ordinary petrified earth rock. NASA was asked about it. Their reply was “no comment”.

    • Douglas –

      What I also find to be absolutely amazing is the reality of the vast majority of the American public’s acquiescence to this whole staged sham! Somewhere on the public attention “totem pole” are the media. Americans and others are a grisly “pacman” sort – gobbling up all the spaceship and outer space propaganda!

    • true true true true true, really look closely at the pics, how in the world could they have faked them back in 1969? huh? huh?! ………. so yah think about that people!

  3. Reporters have interviewed several ”moon walking” astronauts in the past 30 years. When asked if they ”walked on the moon”, here is a sample of their reactions: [ All of the following incidences were recorded on tape and can be found on the Internet.]

    1. Hit the reporter in the face.

    2. Kicked the reporter in the groin.

    3. Spat on the reporter’s camera lens.

    4. Threaten to sue the reporter.

    5. Asked for a gun to threaten the reporter.

    6. A relative of the astronaut threatened to call the CIA and have the reporter ”waxed”.

    7. Ripped the reporter’s business card into many pieces and kicked the rreporter out of their house.

    8. Threatened to ”deck” the reporter.

    9. Lastly…..refused to swear on the Bible that they walked on the moon.

    Are these the reactions of someone who walked on the moon, or are they the reactions of someone who is feeling the heat of living a massive lie for 40+ years.

    • Sounds like the reactions of people who are sick and tired of jerky nuts repeatedly asking them, in a condescending way, if the most important event of their lives was a lie.

      • What we’re discovering in this decade that false flags and government sponsored hoaxes are very common…..almost weekly. The hoaxed moon landing was just the beginning. Its gotten worse since then.

        Why is it that when 1000’s of photos were allegedly taken that there is not one photo of the Rover being unloaded, unfolded and activated on the moon surface? The Rover just magically appears in a still photo on the ground….ready to go.

        Why is it that moon photos that are supposed to be taken many miles apart show the exact same ground? One can overlay them and they match perfectly.

        Given the horrible history of the later Space Shuttles, how come the 6 Apollos went to the moon six times perfectly…without even one slight error or accident?

        Why does NASA now say that it would take 20 or more years to return to the moon? I guess we didn’t learning anything in the 1960s.

        NASA also says that they lost or destroyed all of the moon rocket’s blueprints. Really???

        Why does the inventor of the Hasselblad $20,000 moon camera have no idea why hundreds of ”moon” photos show evidence that fill lighting was used. He says, “I can’t explain that.”

        Why did a moon walker astronaut’s son threaten to call the CIA to have a reporter murdered? The CIA? Does the CIA know something about the moon missions that the public does not?

        • Douglas –

          Your attention to detail and history is to be commended! I would never desire to debate you in person on a public televised (or radio) panel!

          Regarding the last part of Joel’s comment:

          To say, “………if the most important event of their lives was a lie.” is presupposing that every person has honorable intentions. Joe’s logic leaves lots to be desired. If we would take his skewed logic to scrutinizing task, we could say that the most important “event” in Lucifer’s existence was when he desired to usurp the Almighty. And, we know from sacred divine revelation script that Lucifer’s wanton pride was the very sin that made him Satan and sealed his fate to a forever hell.

      • yep.

  4. Apollo 1961-1972


    Corona Spy Satellites 1959-1972

    Just use logic – The United States Military’s reaction to the Soviet Union’s launching of Sputnik, an emptied out intercontinental ballistic missile in 1957 was to employ the very best Nazi Scientists (operation paperclip), set up outside of Las Vegas (area 51), and utilize the very best propaganda, Hollywood.

    There were hundreds of launches and failures from 1959-1972 under the now declassified Corona Spy Satellite program, and that was just putting things into near earth orbit (less than 500 miles above earth)

    The entire time, the propaganda arm of the military told the world that the US was actually spending all the money, time and tests flights on “going to the moon”, a phrase taken right out of the honeymooners.

    The fact that NASA has been able to maintain this lie is a tribute to their ingenuity in deception and the willingness of the media to front the story.

    Why not ask about the missing data tapes that prove we went to the moon – NASA claims they were inadvertently destroyed in the 80’s when there was a shortage of those types of data tapes and someone accidentally used the Apollo data tape…

    Why not investigate the fact that there is real footage proving that Neil Armstrong and his mates were in near earth orbit at the very same time they were suppose to be landing on the moon…

    Then again, tell people bullsh*t long enough and they’ll believe anything – people still believe Ice blew the Titanic into 15sq miles when it’s common knowledge in the Navy that the Titanic was intentionally blown up.

    If you can’t get your mind wrapped around TV/Hollywood magic and computer generated images (CGI), you’ll live your life believing that it only took two(2) thin-skinned aluminum airplanes to blow apart seven(7) different steel super structures – World Trade Centers One, Two, Three, Four, Five, Six and Seven – #7 fell at free fall speed and was never hit by a computer generated image of an airplane but exploded and collapsed at free fall speed with no explanation or investigation conducted by the 9-11 commission.

    Time to turn the lights on in Washington!

    • Richard –

      Thank you for your educated and thoughtful comment. If most Americans were as thoughtful as you, our country would not be in the terrible shape, it is today. Thank you for not being part of the sheeple herd!

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