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A Moralmatters reader best describes the referendum tax issue:

“Tomorrow, May 5th, is the election for proposal 1 which among many other things will raise the sales tax to 7 cents. It will also change how gasoline is taxed and substantially raise the way license plates or car registration fees are charged. There will be NO new money spent for road repair for at least 2 years and now they are saying it is for “transportation”, not road repair.

Please vote NO!” Here is how it is written on the ballot, but I don’t think they added everything:

 The above picture aptly illustrates what Michigan elected politicians need to do. They simply do not need to get their grubby hands on more taxpayers dollars! - Pic source:

The above picture aptly illustrates what Michigan elected politicians need to do. They simply do not need to get their grubby hands on more taxpayers dollars! – Pic source:

Tomorrow’s referendum vote is the result of Michigan elected politicians and their inability to make prudent decisions with Michigan taxpayer monies. They only know how to enact more laws and regulations. They didn’t want to go on a campaign record as having voted for new taxes. So, what did they (dishonestly) do? They came up with a voter’s referendum to raise more taxpayer monies to “fix” what they have neglected to do in the past. That being, spending past and current taxpayer monies, wisely.

The tax referendum is thoroughly disgusting. It is being presented as a cure-all for poor quality roads here in Michigan. But this new proposed “forever” tax – (if voters unwisely approve it) will be used for multiple scattered purposes. If enacted this new tax will severely damage those Michigan residents on low and fixed incomes. Taxpayer monies will give spendthrift Michigan politicians more taxpayer “play money” to waste on welfare (for the lazy and immoral), for economic sinkhole Detroit, and to line union interest pockets.

If this author’s memory serves him correctly, Michigan legislators are some of the highest paid politicians in the United States. Cut the budget there. Also, Michigan is known as a “welfare state.” Cut the budget there. Use those (“cut”) existing monies for roads. There are all kinds of possibilities to allocate wasted taxpayer monies (for road repair) without calling for additional taxes.

Grand Valley student gets rid of their Bridge Card

Pic of “Grand Valley student gets rid of their Bridge Card.” Michigan “food stamp” recipients need not receive what they do. The abuse of food stamp “Bridge Cards” is horrendous! What’s the average that a family spends on soda, candy and junk food? Reduce that sum and more from food stamp recipients. Put that money into fixing Michigan roads! Pic source: “State crackdown on student Bridge Card use met with anxiety”-

Recently, this author ran into one of his high school classmates. She mentioned in the course of the conversation that her 38 year-old God-child has never worked, has 3 children by 3 different men, is receiving a $400-500 a month cash grant, between $600-700 in food stamps and has all of her and her children’s medical expenses paid for. Michigan politicians need to do a much better job with the (already) existing tax revenues, rather than attempt to snooker voters into supplying them with more, to needlessly flush down the economic sewer.

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………This package is eleven bills in all, and it includes numerous sweeteners that have little or nothing to do with roads……..

…….Rather than punishing taxpayers and saddling more of a financial burden upon them, maybe it’s time our government does the responsible thing and better prioritizes just like hardworking Michigan families have been forced to do.

That leads me to plan “B.” I have co-sponsored legislation that phases out the 6% sales tax and 19 cent per gallon tax that you pay at the pump and transitions it to a wholesale tax. This change would also require that all of the money you pay at the pump goes to Michigan’s roads without a tax increase. (What a novel idea, right?) Currently, none of the 6% sales tax that you pay at the pump goes to our roads, and I believe that the condition of our infrastructure is indicative of that………. –


“A thinking person will question what he hears; examine what he sees; and evaluate what others would have him believe.” 

“When did big government and its mainstream media tell the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth?” – 

[Pastor emeritus Nathan M. Bickel] 


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Pastor emeritus Nathan M. Bickel


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