The False Reality Police Shooting Of Walter Scott


“Please note the 2 short videos and related informational links following the Moralmatters mini-commentary:

Informed and honest Americans are increasingly aware of the proliferation of government / media contrived false reality events (aka, government and media contrived propaganda and violence events). Patriotic, traditional and Constitutional Americans are fully aware, that we have, acting as chief executive, the criminal White House ID (forgery) fraud, aka Obama. He has done nothing but pervert reality, righteousness and honesty. He……..

………When this Moralmatters author first saw the shaky short video of a white policemen gunning down a black fellow who had fled his person, he was very suspicious. His first thought was: ‘Where did this video come from?’ Surveillance videos don’t operate like this obvious staged video. Ever witness Facebook staged videos? They are a dime-a-dozen. Videos are set in motion because someone desires a particular “event” to be captured, so viewers can see and hear, and become emotionally stirred.

The second noticeable red flag was……….”