Ted Cruz, Obama Enabler: Criminal Co-Conspirator

It makes no difference if Ted Cruz professes to be a U.S. Constitutional Conservative if his actions don’t match his political talk. Cruz showcases his opposition to traditional, patriotic and Constitutional America when he has not publicly spoken against the criminal White House ID (forgery) fraud, of usurper, aka Obama. His political cowardice, (aka, political sin of omission) not opposing criminal aka Obama, makes Cruz a criminal co-conspirator. An adult who passively watches a toddler crawl his way on to a railroad track as the train fast approaches – and who does nothing, is guilty of criminal behavior. A failure to act valiantly (when one is morally able and called to do so) is sinful, criminal and reprehensible behavior.


Source of above pic: http://www.anntelnaes.com/2013/09/senator-ted-cruz/

Furthermore Cruz has also placed himself in a usurper position himself, claiming to be, what he is not. Thus he highlights himself a huge hypocrite.

Yet, there are many Americans who consider themselves politically “Conservative” and swear their allegiance to the U.S. Constitution, but for the love (aka lust) for a possible Cruz presidency, they don’t care. This author recently recalls a terse Facebook comment by some woman who said [Paraphrase]: “I don’t care. I like him!” That comment reminded me of voters who loved usurper aka Obama. They liked his personality. They liked the way he sounded. They swooned over his snake-oil words and political promises.

Hordes of voters without fail, make a common mistake. They choose for whom they will vote on the basis of (their) emotions. They like what they hear and do not hold a political candidate accountable for dishonest (hypocritical) actions.

Note what author, JB Williams recently stated about (criminal) Ted Cruz:


“………………Ted Cruz was born a Canadian citizen at birth, and remained a legal citizen of Canada, all the way up until May 14, 2014.

In short, Sen. Ted Cruz was a legal citizen of Canada when he ran for and became a U.S. Senator, without ever having disclosed his Canadian citizenship to Texas voters, which under both Texas and U.S. Election law, is an act of fraud. Ted Cruz had committed election fraud by failing to disclose to Texas voters that he was a Canadian citizen in 2012…………….” – The End of the American Presidency – http://www.rightsidenews.com/2015032635633/us/politics/the-end-of-the-american-presidency.html

 Please note the related informational links following the 2nd article excerpt:

Ted Cruz: Constitutionally Qualified to Be President? – thenewamerican.com


NaturalBornCitizenPictypesofcitizenshipvenndiagram-2011-01-24>>>>>>>>>>> In this case of Senator Cruz, however, there is no debate that at the time of his birth his father was not an American citizen, and so the senator is the child of at least one person with a legal allegiance to a foreign sovereignty — in his case, either Cuba or Canada. Therefore, no matter how badly some conservatives wish he did, Senator Ted Cruz does not conform to the accepted legal definition of “natural born citizen.”

The British statutes whose language and spirit were grafted by our Founders into our Constitution made it clear that in order to be a “natural born subject” of the king, one’s father must have been a subject of that monarch at the time of the child’s birth. Otherwise, one could not be a natural born subject as defined in the law. One simply could not be a subject if the father was, at the time of the child’s birth, not a subject himself.

Or, in the words of the Apostle James: “Doth a fountain send forth at the same place sweet water and bitter?”

Finally, someone as professedly committed to the Constitution and to the men who framed it must not look for loopholes that will serve their own desire for power. Such an act would send the wrong message to the millions who share the senator’s respect for the document and the drafters and might even leave a bitter taste in their mouths. <<<<<<<<<<<


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“A thinking person will question what he hears; examine what he sees; and evaluate what others would have him believe.”

“When did big government and its mainstream media tell the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth?”

[Pastor emeritus Nathan M. Bickel] 


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Pastor emeritus Nathan M. Bickel



5 thoughts on “Ted Cruz, Obama Enabler: Criminal Co-Conspirator

  1. jh4freedom says:

    Senator Cruz has a perfect 100% conservative voting record in the U.S. Senate according to the American Conservative Union’s ratings of Congress.
    That is why he is zooming up to second or third place in the Republican Primary polls and why money is pouring in to his campaign.
    There are other candidates running to vote for, like Scott Walker, for those who question Senator Cruz’s eligibility.
    The Constitution says that only a natural born citizen can assume the office of the presidency or vice president. It says nothing about who can RUN for those offices.

    1. “jh4freedom” –

      So. By your own admission (according to the U.S. Constitution) Cruz should save his breath and not “run” for the chief executive office.

      I find your assertion to be of illogical and dishonest nature. With your type of thinking, rules mean nothing. The Founding Fathers were not stupid. They supported the Constitution with the intent that their document would be understood by a reasonably intelligent future American people.

      Please note the following:

      Cruz Vs Constitution: Obama Part Deux! – politicalvelcraft.org


      >>>>>>> To the contrary, when the Founders inserted the words “natural born Citizen” in Article II, Section 1 of the Constitution, as a principal qualification for those who wished to serve as president of the United States, it was their intention that all those born with any taint of foreign allegiance should be barred from the presidency and the vice presidency. Hence, the term “natural born Citizen.”

      Under the 14th Amendment, all those born in the United States to American citizen parents, as well as those born to foreign nationals or parents of mixed nationality, are “citizens at birth.”

      In other words, all “natural born” citizens are “citizens at birth,” but not all “citizens at birth” are “natural born.” < <<<<<<<< - http://politicalvelcraft.org/2015/03/31/cruz-vs-constitution-obama-part-deux/

  2. Mona says:

    Great article and right on like always!

    1. Mona – Thank you for the feedback!

      It’s one of my patriotic desires that more and more Americans would be able to separate their feelings (aka, emotions) from their intellect when making voting choices! But, unfortunately, I witness the same thing taking place. Umpteen people are swooning over Ted Cruz as they also did with criminal Obama! If they would only stop and think that they would be replacing one usurper with another, they would look for another candidate to vote for in the 2016 Presidential Election primaries!

      And, then there is the issue of the broken voting process that has been ridden with corruption……..

  3. TUSENSE06761 says:

    Cruz is probably more dangerous to the U.S. than Obama. What makes people believe just because Cruz stands for liberty, the constitution and our 2nd amendment rights, it couldn’t all be a lie in his deceitful plan in getting elected.

    After elected just like Obama, he will be with the NWO agenda beginning with the North American Union, something his wife, a member of the CFR, has been working on. We can’t forget Cruz worked on Bush’s campaign, the biggest traitor to America, as we now know 9-11 was an inside job. And to top that, Cruz’s wife was a VP at Goldman Sacs until recently, this company is one of the ones that crashed the world and bet on it that it would. They caused the economic crisis that destroyed the middle class.

    Expose Ted Cruz for the Canadian he is and affiliations he has including the big banks who are the Shadow Government and Israel.

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