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The following cake pic was found on the web. It highlights what could be, a same-sex wedding cake.

Christian bakers could offer a unique, one and only, same-sex wedding cake, such as a one-size cake, fitting, all. In addition, there can be included, suggested frosting instructions. Subsequently (then) Christian bakeries could legally distance themselves from the rabid vitriol and legal fallout of hate-mongering political correctness LGBT activists (and others) whose craven molestation persecution endeavors, intentionally target Christians.

Appropriate: A Suitable Same-Sex Wedding Cake!

A perfect "one size, fits all" same sex wedding cake that Christian bakers can offer on their bakery menu for same sex couples. It's versitile presence affords the self-made frosting of one's own choosing - traditional powdered sugar, mixed with butter and milk. Or, those couple who buy it can choose to spread it with their own homemade frosting spread, decked with personally picked paraphenalia. Pic source: Found on the web.

An appropriate “one size, fits all” same sex wedding cake that Christian bakers can offer on their bakery menu for same sex couples. It’s versatile presence affords the self-made frosting of one’s own choosing. A traditional powdered sugar, mixed with butter and milk. Or, the same sex couple may choose to decorate it with their own homemade frosting spread, decked with personally picked, paraphernalia. Pic source: Found on the web.

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Pic of the reported Walkerton 57 snake belly political correctness mainstream media whore, who apparently readily recognized an innocent female pizza owner (Crystal O’Connor) to prey upon. Alyssa Marino (left) played a huge part in the LGBT persecution firestorm which erupted in Indiana over the past several days. Check out Rush Limbaugh.com for the most up-to-date information on the most current political decadence, relative to the media spotlight on the recent Indiana law, signed by Governor, Mike Pence.

RUSH: Such great news out of Indiana. Memories Pizza shut down by a mob of probably 10 to 15, maybe at the outside 20 people, who have found a way to make themselves look like they are thousands. Not just thousands of people, but angry, outraged, and they happen to represent the majority of Americans, don’t you know. That’s BS squared.

Ten to 15 people toying around with algorithms available on Twitter that they actually created with the assistance of people that know Twitter well, and they’re able to create tweets, Facebook posts, e-mails to make it look like thousands of Americans are outraged at this harmless, barely even noticeable little pizza shop in a town of 2,000.

And, again, the story, ladies and gentlemen, is not that an infobabe from an obscure ABC affiliate in South Bend has to leave South Bend 20 miles away, go knocking on doors shopping for bigotry, and finally they open the door and a young woman who is a devout Christian is there. She thinks there’s a media person at the door who wants to really know what she thinks.<<<<<<<<<< – http://www.rushlimbaugh.com/daily/2015/04/03/such_great_news_out_of_indiana

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  1. Why not just make them a cheap cake from a packet. No white icing whatsoever. Charge them triple what you would for a bride and groom. Donate the money minus your cut to organisations that support biblical marriage.

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