Boston Marathon Bombing Hoax: Dr. Monteith Assesses Amputee Crisis Actor Bauman

Moralmatters has always thought that the most telling give-a-way, exposing the “Boston Marathon Bombing” affair, as a government contrived propaganda and violence event (aka hoax), was the staged survival of the double amputee crisis actor, reportedly called, Jeff Bauman. The man would have been dead in a period of 1-2 minutes with the reported injury he had sustained. Instead this double amputee crisis actor is strolled down the street 10 minutes later for his famous photo-op with crisis actor Carlos Arredondo (aka, “Cowboy Man”).

Pic of the now famous "Cowboy Hat" crisis actor supposedly helping an amputee actor who isn't bleeding. Incredible? Yes. But gullible Americans can't connect the dots and relegate this to another gov't / media pre-planned disaster event.

One of the famous photo ops which beguiled gullible Americans into believing the contrived Boston Marathon “Bombing” hoax event. Theatrical dry blood works wonders as a deception tool. Where’s the fresh blood on the pavement? How is it that the double amputee is still conscious? Why is it that there are still millions of brain-dead Americans who believe this staged event was real?

Dr. Stan Monteith, a 35-year orthopedic surgeon on Jeff Bauman’s leg amputations: “I believe that this young man was an actor” –


“…….’I wanted to just call to your attention the Boston bombing on April 15. What really happened? And I’ll tell you, I don’t know what happened. But I know that they’re lying to us.

And basically, I know that they’re lying to us because of a picture that I saw on that very first day. It was a devastating picture. It was a fellow that had both legs blown off. A young man sitting in a wheelchair, being wheeled, certainly by a gentleman — a cowboy figure — who had a cowboy hat on and he was actually holding a tourniquet on the left leg, which was a below knee amputation, and there below, certainly, the stump of the below knee amputation, was the tibia — a bloody tibia — sitting and certainly, but the interesting thing is why the tourniquet wasn’t applied……….” –

Please note (below) another excellent video by Peekay22. He is by far, the foremost authority exposing the Boston Marathon contrived “bombing” event.

And while you watch the video, think about beginning to challenge your family members, friends and acquaintances.  Make it your business to awaken them from their mainstream media induced propaganda sleep!

Update – March 23, 2016: It appears that we have another “online scrubbing” (video deletion). This blank video (below) is a common web occurrence. Reality and truth exposes fraud. And, what happens? The evidence is “conveniently” removed by the certain “powers that be.” Consider these omissions proof of their “guilty as hell” status!

Surely This Is Normal…Or Is It???? –

Source of above video – Pee Kay –

Boston Marathon Bombing HoaxFraud Is The Only Reasonable Explanation –

The Brain Dead And The Boston Marathon Bombing Hoax –

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Pic attribution – 10 Giant Media & Government Hoaxes [W/ VIDEO] –

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More Americans are beginning to realize the forensic facts of aka Obama's criminal ID fraud, even though Congress members remain complacently silent. They make themselves criminal accomplices, allowing aka Obama to remain in office.

More Americans are beginning to realize the forensic facts of aka Obama’s criminal ID fraud, even though Congress members remain complacently silent. They make themselves criminal accomplices, allowing aka Obama to remain in office.

Also note – with added related informational links –

 Perhaps, the most extensive of criminal government / media propaganda events [frauds / hoaxes].

We have, functioning as our nation’s chief executive an “undocumented worker,” [criminal ID fraud] who arrived there by deception, stealth and subterfuge:


“A thinking person will question what he hears; examine what he sees; and evaluate what others would have him believe.”

“When did big government and its mainstream media tell the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth?”

[Pastor emeritus Nathan M. Bickel] 


Contacting Congress – A Citizen’s Congressional Directory — CALL YOUR CONGRESSMAN

2014 SENATE ELECTIONS – The Battle For Capital Hill —

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Pastor emeritus Nathan M. Bickel


Featured pic source towards the top left of this Moralmatters article:

Pic of some amputee actors – Pic Attribution – Update (5-17-13) Government Admits Using ‘Professional Actors’ To Play The Role of Victims in Terror Drills –

9 thoughts on “Boston Marathon Bombing Hoax: Dr. Monteith Assesses Amputee Crisis Actor Bauman

  1. Douglas says:

    I showed the Jeff Bauman wheelchair to my Dr. He’s been my primary care Dr. for the past 27 years. His jaw dropped when he saw it. His comment was that the man would be dead within minutes while sitting upright in that chair. His conclusion was that the man was acting and was an obvious amputee for many years before Boston Marathon.

    I also showed the Bauman photo to my dentist. The dentist also confirmed the conclusion of my Dr.

    1. Douglas –

      Try to tell that to the many millions of brain dead. It doesn’t take a doctor to know that that massive loss of blood would very quickly end in loss of life.

      What was one of last Century’s WWII adages? [Paraphrase] – “Tell a big lie. People will believe it.”

  2. Tom Fontaine says:

    Dr Stan Monteith: Do you still believe Jeff Bauman is an actor and are all 16 BMB amputee victims actors as well? Thank you.

    1. Douglas says:

      Another of the actors at Boston was Heather Abbott age 39. We found he photo and video on the website Hollywood Amputee Actors. She had been listed for almost TEN years. She lost her foot riding on the back of her boyfriend’s motorcycle.

      Yes, ALL of the Boston actors were PRIOR amputees.

      At the scene of the Boston hoax there should have been body parts everywhere. How many do we see….ZERO.

    2. Tom –

      I think it significant that all the reported / alleged amputees (aka crisis actors) were of lower limb nature. Not one was reported to have any upper limbs blown away. This aspect alone, is one major red flag and a clear sign of hoax!

  3. Paulus says:

    How do they coordinate that with the cooker explosion made by the two muzzie brothers and the hunt for them afterwards???

    1. Paulus –

      I don’t know. But what I do know, anything is “usable” for these government controlling devils who cook-up these contrived and staged events. They count on a dumbed-down gullible American public. They must know that 90% of the public will believe the garbage they toss out to them.

      1. Douglas says:

        Americans cannot get it through their thick skulls that in the USA, TV news is now government controlled and lies to them for propaganda purposes.

        The days of an honest and free press and news reporting is very dead. You must get your correct news and information on sites like this one….moralmatters.

        Also, when Obama says with a smirk “…let me make this perfectly clear”…you are about to be told a huge lie.

        1. Douglas –

          I cannot disagree with your spot-on assessment!

          Also, regarding your statement about Obama:

          It still staggers my mind to know that with all the dirty he has done this country and his proven nefarious track record, that Americans still will listen to this lifestyle liar. Perhaps, the reason for this attentiveness, is, that these Americans are too far gone and nothing but everlasting torment and the presence of Satan in damnation perdition, will convince them of their reality, existence damnation hell.

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