Crimes Against Humanity: Black Women Also Responsible

Today marks the annual “March For Life.”

“The March for Life is the largest and longest annual gathering in the history of the United States……..The March for Life began in 1974, on the first anniversary of Roe v. Wade (1973)………. –


It is no wonder why New York City should be a leading haven for crimes against humanity. One has only to note the history of leftist radical wicked political leadership in that city and state. Pic source – NYC: More Black Babies Killed By Abortion Than Born –

Please note Mychal Massie’s 5 minute video after the following Moralmatters mini-commentary:

Mychal Massie hasn’t fallen prey to the politically correct blindness of the culture. He believes that black women are not victims who are forced to destroy their offspring. He correctly believes and trumpets the reality that black women are murdering their pre-born offspring.

We live in a decadent culture in which corrupt political leaders and other high profile personalities love to spotlight the destroyed lives of black men who have chosen a loser path. The Al Sharpton’s and aka Obama’s of American society make it their nefarious business to embrace lost lives of those self-destructive blacks, but will not decry the abortion genocide of millions of black lives (and other, white lives) lost through abortion industry crimes against humanity. Instead, murder-supporting hate-mongers exert their political influence to promulgate umpteen millions of black and white pre-born current and posterity slaughter.

Do Black Lives Matter? –

The current cry is “black lives matter.” I ask if black lives are so important why aren’t Sharpton, et al addressing the 17.3 million babies black women have murdered in past 42 years by abortion? – Pastor emeritus Mychal Massie

Source of the above video – Mychal Massie –

Please note other Mychal Massie sources:

Moralmatters Editor’s Note:


For those of you who are of Neanderthal mind, and think that a fetus in his mother’s womb is not human and worthy of “life, liberty and the (future) pursuit of happiness,” – please avail yourself of some informational reading about a former infamous abortionist and political “pro-choice” advocate, who (by the grace of Creator God) became one of the culture’s first and foremost pro-life advocates. Note the recent MM posting:

Hell-Bent Catholic Gov. Mario Cuomo And Repentant Catholic Dr. Bernard Nathanson –


The above article and its title is not intended to imply the ignoring of black men and white men who father offspring and who encourage their “copulating sleep-mates” to end their pregnancies by abortion genocide. Such males who abandon their live-in female partner – and their baby, ought to face stringent societal scrutiny and punishment, among which includes horse whipping in the public square.

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Source of featured pic of March For Life Protesters

Live Action wants to fly you to Washington, D.C.!

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