Jan 192015

Moralmatters is pleased to announce another informational addition to its topical resource page, called:

Malignant Individuals – moralmatters.org

This new Al Sharpton: Race Baiter addition to the Malignant Individuals topic page, can easily be accessed by looking at the right side of every Moralmatters website page. Scroll down to, Moralmatters topics: Containing multiple informational links, and then select the topic of your choice.

The Al Sharpton link is easy to be found. It’s the first one under “Malignant Individuals,” due to alphabetical order.

Mind you, Moralmatters will not relegate the Rev. Sharpton  to a “Moralmatters back-seat.” This author is pleased to give him prime exposure.


Pic source of above Sharpton pose:

Just a Two-Day “Anger Fit,” Reverend Al? – capitolhilloutsider.com


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