Brassard Family Crisis Actors: Their Boston Marathon Bombing Criminal Hoax Fraud

Government crisis acting employment, has to be one of the most hazardous ventures. What happens with government crisis actors who have sold their souls to the government devil? If they did not meet certain expectations will they be discarded as “damaged goods” at a future determined time and location?

Government crisis acting must be of a very precarious nature. Crisis acting, for the wicked government employer, is at its very core, “‘at will’ employment.” And, mind you, it isn’t the crisis actor’s will that matters.


Moralmatters knows of no other video author who has exposed the hoax of the Boston Marathon “Bombing,” better than Peekay22. His examination of this government / media fraud, is impeccable………….

…………This Moralmatters author wonders how long some of these government crisis actors will be around, as “time exposure” outs them. Will they disappear, compliments of government undercover, “operatives?” And if so, will some of these government crisis actors (who have sold their souls) – will their possible future disappearance, be of a permanent nature, on some ocean floor?……….