Moralmatters Commends Various You Tube Channel Authors

This afternoon this Moralmatters author visited a couple of his friends. Without this author bringing up this website or the subject of “conspiracy theories,” one of these two dear friends alluded to “Conspiracy Theory.” (This friend, apparently cannot accept the reality that government and mainstream media have colluded over the past 20 years to produce nefarious “contrived government and media propaganda and violence events).”

Some of the most talented people cannot see the simple "forest through the trees." They will analize until the cows come home but are too arrogant to admit to obvious reality. Pic source:

Some of the most talented website authors cannot “see the ‘forest through the trees.'” They will analyze until the cows come home but are too arrogant to admit the obvious reality.  That’s too simple a task for them. It’s too demeaning to their pride. Pic source:

Mind you, Moralmatters does not choose his friends and acquaintances based upon whether or not they agree with him. I was all ears when my friend expressed his conspiracy theory that a genuine conspiracy theory must have a clear and definite “motive.” In his shackled and culturally influenced mind, there can be no genuine “contrived government propaganda and violence events (hoaxes)” unless the sources perpetrating those “events” have a clear and, obvious motive. That is like saying that a pet canine needs a clear and obvious motive to crap when that loved “family member” is taken for his daily morning stroll to accomplish his 24 hour-cycle business.

Recently this author decided upon a general “rule of thumb,” not to highlight (on Moralmatters) any website that cannot come out of its political correctness closet and honestly question the alleged past reported Sandy Hook shootings and / or the Boston Marathon bombing event. A far amount of time has passed since those mainstream media carnival-barking affairs. Not only has there been the space of time that has separated us from those events but there has been past, present and current historical scrutiny of those events.

In this Moralmatters author’s analyzing opinion it is clear and evident that these aforementioned “events” qualify for “government contrived propaganda and violence events”aka, hoaxes. If one cares to argue the point, he would have to contend in the face of cold-hard reality. For one to insist that these events historically transpired, as was reported by the government and mainstream media, he would be forced to insist that his human gestation transpired within the reproductive organs of an outer space alien.

Recently Moralmatters added a new topic page listing favored You Tube channels. These channels and their authors are to be commended for recognizing reality within the mainstream media morass. They witness the obvious and are courageous to present that logical reality, even though they (often face) Internet Police State Censorship. Here, following (links below) are those Moralmatters You Tube channels, of which honest authors, are fearless exposing government lies and deception:

CommendApplaudingYouTubeSitesSome You Tube Channels Exposing Propaganda Mainstream Media –

peekay22 – – Please note that Peekay22’s youtube channel has been temporarily “disconnected.” View the Moralmatters article that explains this travesty:

Internet Censorship Police State: Peekay22 You Tube Channel A Recent Example –

Note: Peekay’s “Back-Up” Channel 

Etgwetr Rsfrqewf –

TyrannyNewsNetwork –

TruthMediaRevolution –

freeradiorevolution –

Red Pill Revolution –


TeamWakeEmUP –

KateSlate11 –

Redsilverj –

Professor Doom1 –


Related informational links to the above:

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“A thinking person will question what he hears; examine what he sees; and evaluate what others would have him believe.”

“When did big government and its mainstream media tell the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth?”

[Pastor emeritus Nathan M. Bickel] 

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Pastor emeritus Nathan M. Bickel


Pic source of sunlight flashing through the forest – “Pass your computer mouse over the forest when you feel your power animal approaching:”

Power Animals Unleashed –





2 thoughts on “Moralmatters Commends Various You Tube Channel Authors

  1. Douglas says:

    The problem with these people that deny ‘conspiracy theories’ and are too lazy and comfortable to investigate for themselves is this:

    They equate the ”government” and the ”media” with their parents and teachers. They cannot get it through their thick skulls that these entities will perpetrate all manner of crimes against the people. To them, this is blasphemy and they cannot tolerate it.

    As Coach John Wooden used to say…”They’re living in a dream world.”

    1. Douglas –

      Yes. Well put!

      I’ve talked to some people who don’t care to entertain the thought about how these “influential powers that be” can be highly organized to initiate and promulgate these contrived propaganda and violence events.

      And, I’ve always maintained that umpteen souls will not acknowledge “the depravity of man” – aka, that government and media could be that bad as to lie and to deceive and pull off these criminal events.

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