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SheepThoseWhoActLikeSheepWillBeEatenByWolvesMillions of people (aka “sheeple”) desperately need to cease from being gullible! Cease from their foolishness and engage in a simple thinking process! It’s called: Asking honest questions!

Absolutely crucial, is to question everything that is placed before them by Network Media! It is imperative that Americans take pause and drill themselves why they jump every time a new “event” is grinding through the daily “mainstream media propaganda sausage factory.”

Please note the following 3-minute video by Peekay22. Overlook, (if you will) some of his descriptive language. He does not mince words. His analyzing skills are impeccable. Peekay22 led the “investigative analyst-pack,” in exposing the government contrived “Boston Marathon Bombing Hoax.”

Excerpt of Peekay22’s following 3 minute “Paris Shooting Hoax” video:

“The media whores were continually telling us how their cops were the best in the world to handle the hostage situation ………So let’s see how cops do a hostage scene in France………There were two shots fired as all the people were coming out! You’re telling me they’re still firing as these people are coming out? No concern for anyone’s safety? Absolute bullshit! Worse than the Sydney Seige Hostage Hoax! It gets worse all the time”

Update – 11/14/15 – Please note the “scrubbed” video (below) and the deleted Peekay Back-Up Channel. This happens when “the truth hurts” to those who are complicit partners with the “powers that be.” Repeatedly, tell-tale (whistle blowing) websites such as Moralmattters are messed-with and their exposure material are obliterated. The exposure material incriminates the “guiltier-than-hell.” Hence they conveniently remove it because it evidences their criminality:

How Do Paris Cops Compare To Sydney Cops? – youtube.com/watch?v=2L6r3oIuRW8

Note: Peekay’s “Back-Up” Channel 

Above video by Peekay22. Please note his other videos about the Paris Shooting hoax:

Paris Hoax – Blood Placed on Path Because of Blood Shed…WTF??? – youtube.com/watch?v=nNKcLouMcYw

Note: Peekay’s “Back-Up” Channel 

Directly related to the above Paris Shooting Hoax Exposure Videos:

Alleged Paris Shootings: Apparently Another Government Contrived Violence Event – moralmatters.org

The following Moralmatters article explains why most Americans foolishly accept Mainstream Media propaganda hoax events. Apparently, the exposure on the Sandy Hook hoax did not have an impact upon the many:

Successful Government Contrived Propaganda And Violence Events: Necessary Communication Mechanics – moralmatters.org


Other important related informational links to the above:

Also related:

New To Moralmatters:

You Tube Channels Exposing Propaganda Media – moralmatters.org


More Americans are beginning to realize the forensic facts of aka Obama's criminal ID fraud, even though Congress members remain complacently silent. They make themselves criminal accomplices, allowing aka Obama to remain in office.

More Americans are beginning to realize the forensic facts of aka Obama’s criminal ID fraud, even though Congress members remain complacently silent. They make themselves criminal accomplices, allowing aka Obama to remain in office.

Also note – with added related informational links –

 Perhaps, the most extensive of criminal government / media propaganda events [frauds / hoaxes].

We have, functioning as our nation’s chief executive an “undocumented worker,” [criminal ID fraud] who arrived there by deception, stealth and subterfuge:


“A thinking person will question what he hears; examine what he sees; and evaluate what others would have him believe.”

“When did big government and its mainstream media tell the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth?”

[Pastor emeritus Nathan M. Bickel] 


Contacting Congress – A Citizen’s Congressional Directory — CALL YOUR CONGRESSMAN 

2014 SENATE ELECTIONS – The Battle For Capital Hill — http://www.electionprojection.com/2014-elections/2014-senate-elections.php

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Pastor emeritus Nathan M. Bickel



  3 Responses to “Paris Shooting Hoax: Peekay22 Correctly Declares It To Be Absolute Bullshit”

  1. Stupidity and lack of critical thinking is not just an American tragedy…its worldwide.

    People are so dumbed down worldwide that they believe ANYTHING on TV and all the other media.

    • Douglas –

      Thank you for your comment! I’m in total agreement.

      Too many people sit on their fat and lazy asses soaking up all the propaganda.

      You ask them:

      “How do you know ‘it’ happened?”

      Their answer:

      “Because I saw it on Network TV media news!”

      To that we could readily reply:

      “Oh! I get it! All those Hollywood movies really happened because you viewed them on TV!”

  2. Douglas –

    I edited the piece above. The very first sentence.

    Thank you for the notification! Yes! Not just Americans, but world-wide!

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