Culture Of Death: Pathetically Celebrates Brittany Maynard As A Hero


Creator / Savior God Almighty never intended His creation to be self-destructive. He designed for His creation to celebrate Life. He is the giver of Life. Sadly, sinful humans always disobey and willfully circumvent God’s holy intentions.

Creator God / Almighty never intended for His creation to live in a culture of death. He fashioned his human creation with “free will.” That free will has been at battle with Creator God since the beginning. That sinful, willful and independent spirit of mankind always desires to circumvent the Lord’s first command to “be fruitful and multiply and replenish the earth and subdue it.” – Genesis 1:28

As a rampant consequence, humans elevate death rather than life. One has only to sadly witness how [unrestricted] abortion on demand [abortion genocide] and partial birth abortion are wrongly justified as “personal choices” in the [false] guise of exercising one’s personal liberties at the life expense of innocent God-created life.

It’s not that difficult to identify those who adopt the culture of death. To a certain extent they are narcissistic and ultra selfish. Those self-destructing traits invariably mirror a macabre mentality which is material, anti-spiritual [God] and hence, anti-human.

This rabid culture of death mentality is specifically highlighted in a recent Twitter Tweet regarding criminal ID fraud, aka Barack Obama’s pick of an “Ebola Czar:”

Terrible Truth @truth_bho_truth · Oct 21

I WAS HERE FIRST! DAMN THOSE IN LINE TO BE BORN! Obama Neo-Nazi Eugenics Ebola Czar: Elitist Klain … @thechristianmsg


The “unregenerate” mind will always be at enmity with Creator / Savior God. Pain and suffering are only viewed and understood as a curse. Sinful humanity left to its own, takes on the horrific abominable attitude as was displayed by Job’s sinful wife when she told Job to “Curse God and die!” – Job 2:8-10 – NKJV

It’s a shame Brittany Maynard did not choose the “hospice way,” and die with dignity rather than taking her own life.

The mainstream media, of course attempts to make heroes out of these “do it yourself” people. They are not heroes. Here following, is a story of a real hero; someone this Moralmatters emeritus Christian pastor was blessed to meet – getting to know him and help him pass through his suffering and dying hospice experience.

Pain – The Unwelcome, Uninvited, but Indispensable Guest of Prayer –


“……I cherish the very brief time I was privileged to spend with a very pleasant, sick and dying middle aged man. His body was riddled with terminal disease and his physical pain became increasingly [almost, humanly] unbearable. Within the first few minutes of meeting this dear soul, he began to pray – and, I joined in. Usually, as pastor, I am the one expected to initiate the request for prayer. But this dear soul instinctively understood his imminent, precarious, and worsening situation and he was not about to be denied any priceless time he had left to seek the Lord’s help…….”

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Please note the mainstream media entertainment tabloid pop news article written from a “culture of death” perspective:

Vatican Official Condemns Brittany Maynard’s Decision to Die: ‘Dignity Is Something Different’ –


…….”This woman (took her own life) thinking she would die with dignity, but this is the error. Suicide is not a good thing. It is a bad thing because it is saying no to life and to everything it means with respect to our mission in the world and toward those around us,” de Paula told Italian news agency Ansa…….. –

God…Shouts In Our Pains –

The Value of Suffering: A Christian Perspective –


………Pain is inevitable because we live in a fallen world. 1 Thessalonians 3:3 reminds us that we are “destined for trials.” We don’t have a choice whether we will suffer–our choice is to go through it by ourselves or with God.

Suffering teaches us the difference between the important and the transient. It prepares us for heaven by teaching us how unfulfilling life on earth is and helping us develop an eternal perspective. Suffering makes us homesick for heaven.

Deep suffering of the soul is also a taste of hell. After many sleepless nights wracked by various kinds of pain, my friend Jan now knows what she was saved from. Many Christians only know they’re saved without grasping what it is Christ has delivered them from. Jan’s suffering has given her an appreciation of the reality of heaven, and she’s been changed forever……… –

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Pastor emeritus Nathan M. Bickel


Note: This [above] Moralmatters commentary was edited – November 7, 2014 with an additional paragraph and more related informational links.

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