Why Moralmatters Author Nathan Bickel Always Wore His Youngster Underwear

It was a balmy summer day in Northeastern Michigan. Even more wonderful was the promise that I would ride down the Tawas River.

Tawas River

Tawas River – Tawas City, Michigan – Pic attribution: http://www.eyeonmichigan.com/guides/tawas/images/parks21.jpg

The neighbor boys had built a crude raft and they invited my older two brothers to ride with them. I watched as the neighbor’s father loaded the tiny logged structure into the back-end of the family station-wagon auto. I gazed across the road and hastened to ask my elder brother if I could be a part of their river excursion. An “Okay,” was given, providing I would be caretaker of their footwear while they first took their rides.

At last, it was my turn for my raft ride. However, that adventure was never destined to be. My first rafting experience was abruptly interrupted when my father sternly shouted at 3 of his boys. His foreboding and towering presence was atop the riverbank with leather belt in hand.

When my one brother recounted the story years afterward, he explained why he was the first to scurry up the riverbank and “take his licking.” He was convinced that Dad would become more enraged with each belt blow. I never contended with his reasoning on that matter — especially when I [still] hear my father’s crisp words (echo in my mind’s ear) — “Bend over!”

Pic of this Moralmatters author's dear father, Rev. Elmer E. Bickel who believe [in] and practiced Scriptural discipline upon his children.

Pic of this Moralmatters author’s dear father, Rev. Elmer E. Bickel who believed [in] and practiced Scriptural discipline upon his children.

When father would administer well-deserved disciplinary spankings, he would place his large left hand on the small of our lower backs and then offer “the good sound thrashing” in keeping with  Scripture’s Divine revelation directive. [1]  [2]

It had been a wonderful day, gone sour. Someone was the boogeyman who squealed on us. We quickly discovered that there were fraternal eyes that witnessed us leaving the neighbor’s yard with the accompanying raft. My recall fails me how we “rewarded” our youngest brother. Our moral mistake [sin]: We had not asked (at least) one of our parent’s permission to join the neighbor boys that ill-fated day. We vacated the neighborhood premise and were nowhere to be found by inquiring, concerned and loving parents.

Oh yes – lest I overlook — always wearing my youngster underpants seemed to help mitigate the burning sting from father’s leather belt blows – so much so, that my one brother, [given time lapse opportunities] would position thin cardboard between his butt cheeks and underpants – then pull his pants in place for a “quick fix” to soften some stinging disciplinary episodes.

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2 thoughts on “Why Moralmatters Author Nathan Bickel Always Wore His Youngster Underwear

  1. Douglas says:

    Some would say that spanking teaches children to lie and sneak around, trying to avoid punishment.

    My father spanked me only one time. It taught me not to get caught being naughty.

    His angry stares usually worked better…they were far more scary than any spanking.

    I really don’t know if corporal punishment does any good. I always give misbehaving kids a good talking too….that usually works.

    But, each to his own.

    1. Douglas –

      I believe that spankings for a child is good. Not only does the Scripture sanction that type of discipline, but in my case and my brothers, it worked well.

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