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Truth always triumphs over deceit.

Moralmatters finds it very “interesting” that Eric Holder announced his Attorney General exit,  following the very recent FBI 2012 report disclosure that there were no murders in Newtown, Connecticut. Hence, could it be that this big government [FBI] entity has broken ranks with the massive federal government propaganda machine and its kowtowing corrupted mainstream media? This apparent reality (perhaps) illustrates that Attorney General Eric Holder and his wicked cabal comrade, aka Obama, have lost extensive control over their cabal de facto government.

Consequently, the political demise of the criminal White House ID fraud is marching forward to full exposure. This Moralmatters author has no doubt that aka Obama will be completely exposed for the criminal ID fraud he and his enablers have perpetrated. [Proverbs 26:23-28]

May Creator Almighty God perform it that aka Obama, Holder and a host of big government, law enforcement and mainstream media deceiving devils, be indicted, prosecuted, found guilty, sentenced and punished for all their political sins against traditional, patriotic and Constitutional America! Some of us who believe in eternal justice still desire to witness temporal justice. May the good Lord forthwith dispense that, and (barring repentance by many) speed eternal damnation to all deceivers, in the hereafter!

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More Americans are beginning to realize the forensic facts of aka Obama's criminal ID fraud,  even though Congress members remain complacently   silent. They make themselves criminal accomplices, allowing aka Obama to remain in office.

More Americans are beginning to realize the forensic facts of aka Obama’s criminal ID fraud, even though Congress members remain complacently silent. They make themselves criminal accomplices, allowing aka Obama to remain in office.

Also note —  Perhaps, the most extensive of government / media propaganda [hoax]. We have, functioning as our nation’s chief executive an “undocumented worker,” [criminal ID fraud] who arrived there by deception, stealth and subterfuge:


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“A thinking person will question what he hears; examine what he sees; and evaluate what others would have him believe.”

“When did big government and its mainstream media tell the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth?”

[Pastor emeritus Nathan M. Bickel] 

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Pastor emeritus Nathan M. Bickel


Note: Second paragraph of above article, edited A.M. Saturday 9/27/2014


  8 Responses to “Eric Holder Announced His Exit After FBI Told The Truth About Sandy Hook Hoax”

  1. Omnia exponentur…..I think we can count on that.

    The cabal of Binkyjojo and all of his nefarious criminal cohorts will eventually be exposed. When? I don’t know but I get the feeling it will be sooner rather than later.

  2. Valerie will take the fall for all the treason and crimes this administration can dream up…no worry, she’s got their back, and knows if worse comes to worse, she’ll be pardoned of all crime and paid very well for her time. Heck, she may replace Holder!…Obama too.

    • Karrie –

      Thank you for the wonderful link! But I ask:

      Why the question mark after the title? These government contrived false realities have been evidenced beyond a reasonable doubt!

      • Why aren’t we killing these government scumbags? Thats the bigger question. And we dont have at least 10 army rangers to go in and anialate these scumbags. I pray God raises up someone quick. Were coming down to the wire.

        • lissa –

          “We?” I’m not sure what you intend, by stating, “we.”

          I do know what Biblical Scripture says about taking it upon ourselves to deal with the wicked. It says:

          “Dearly beloved, avenge not yourselves, but rather give place unto wrath: for it is written, Vengeance is mine; I will repay, saith the Lord.” – Romans 12:19 – KJV

          Also, I’d encourage you also to read Psalm 37 and Psalm 73. Both Psalms speak of the wicked “getting theirs.” They are also Psalms of comfort to Lord God’s children. He will balance “the scales” in full!

          Also, I think that it is in keeping with holy living that Christian disciples pray for the wicked to repent. And, if they don’t, that Lord God remove them from their destructive positions of power, any way He sees fit. That may be a military coup as such what took place in Egypt when Morsi was removed and when SISI came to power.

          I also pray for a change of leadership in our U.S. government and that the next president initiate the process to prosecute past politicians for their treason and crimes against humanity an peace!

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