Bay City Michigan: Bused-In Crowd From Detroit Demonstrate Hate Mongering At Illegal Alien Protest


Pic of Bay City Michigan protester Joe Sylvester, who posted on Facebook about the bused-in uncivil and bigoted paid protesters from Detroit, Michigan

The following remarks were Joe Sylvester’s protest gathering summation. 

Sylvester [note pic] took part in Monday’s protest over the illegal alien issue and Bay City officials decision to allow the local Wellspring Lutheran Services to house up to a reported 2 dozen illegal alien children. He also described in some detail the unruly and rude behavior of the bused-in [from Detroit] counter protesters.

[This Moralmatters author and editor has taken the literary liberty to highlight in bold the described behavior of the hate mongering counter protesters]

Sylvester’s observant remarks:

Tonight’s protest was unlike any I have seen in this area. A large contingency of leftists came from Detroit 90% were minority. And at least a quarter of them were stoned out of their gourds. There was an equal part contingency of TEA Party/Conservative people for most of the time. The demonstration lasted from around 6 pm until 10:00 pm when the police told us that we could still protest but it had to be silent. There was no dialogue. The liberals and communist that were bused in from Detroit were being paid by the pseudo-communist organization BAMN which is known for it’s violent and destructive left-wing activism.

When we arrived there was some local folks in favor of housing the children. They were respectful and had meaningful dialogue. They joined BAMN in their protests until they got out their bull horn and started screaming at us non-stop “Racist Go Home”. I don’t mean chanting in a bull horn I mean endless hours a shrill screaming.

Pic of the Police between the reported unruly hate mongering counter protesters and the peaceful protesters against the lawless importing of illegal aliens. Pic attribution:

Pic of the Police between the reported unruly hate mongering counter protesters and the peaceful protesters who are against the lawless importing of illegal aliens into the United States. Pic attribution:

There was a police line of at last a dozen Sheriff, City and State police right down the center of the TEA Party group and the communists to keep peace.

At least half of the time, the BAMN Communists did their chanting in Spanish so none of us really knew what they were saying. They held signs that advocated open borders and various slogans chastising people of European descent…for being of European descent. All while shrilly screaming into a bull horn “Go Home Racist Rednecks.”

There was ZERO dialogue from 6pm to 10pm. But they were determine to say that we were racist. I guess our American flags offended them?

The bused in demonstrators were low brow guttersnipe whom were paid by a communist organization to come to our town and scream insults at us.


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“A thinking person will question what he hears; examine what he sees; and evaluate what others would have him believe.”

“When did big government and its mainstream media tell the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth?”

[Pastor emeritus Nathan M. Bickel] 

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Pastor emeritus Nathan M. Bickel


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2 thoughts on “Bay City Michigan: Bused-In Crowd From Detroit Demonstrate Hate Mongering At Illegal Alien Protest

  1. Chalanado says:

    Thanks for the coverage. These kind of groups seem to have endless pockets to pay people to imitate passion and fight on the side that is poisoning, enslaving, robbing, and destroying them. “BAMN” means “by any means necessary” so it’s not surprising to hear of the vulgar actions these brainwashed folks were perpetrating. If you are being bussed in, paid to participate, and led to a protest by some group claiming to operate in your better interest, you would hope people would have the decent sense to wonder what’s the con.

    1. Chalanado –

      I agree. But, sadly most Americans are either too busy making a living and / or apathetic about the important issues of the culture. It’s a sad commentary when “Interest groups” end up controlling and manipulating the masses.

      Thank you for accessing Moralmatters. Please feel free to comment in the future!

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