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Please note this Moralmatters 3 paragraph mini commentary (and “rock pic”) after the following link and web comments:

Often, web reader comments can be more interesting than the Internet news articles themselves. Please note some selected comments following the one particular Yahoo.com news article:

Pic of rumoured house that aka Obama has bought. Pic attribution:  Peek at desert home that Obama's rumored to be buying - https://homes.yahoo.com/blogs/spaces/peek-at-desert-home-that-obama-s-rumored-to-be-buying-202405373.html

Pic of rumoured house that aka Obama has bought. Pic attribution:
Peek at desert home that Obama’s rumored to be buying – https://homes.yahoo.com/blogs/spaces/peek-at-desert-home-that-obama-s-rumored-to-be-buying-202405373.html

Peek at desert home that Obama’s rumored to be buying – yahoo.com/blogs/

Various Readers’ Interesting Comments:

  • I pity the closest neighbor.
  • there goes the neighborhood and property values… It will be not worth half as much as soon as he moves in.
  • Since it’s probably being paid with TAXPAYER $$$, just leave the key under the mat O ,’and I’ll check it out when I’m in the area.
  • Well, that explains all the “fundraising” trips lately.
  • Are you liberals starting to understand how liberilism works? Make believe you are worried about the down, then live your life in luxury. You guys will never get it, liberilism is about keeping people down, so a few can stay on top!!!
  • Mr. Obama, you didn’t build that.
  • Maybe he’ll give refuge to some of the illegal Guatemalan kids he practically invited here…
  • A nice reward for the great job he’s done ruining the country.
  • i hope they flood his city with the people flooding the border after he gets out of office
  • The desert is appropriate for a viper.
  • So…. did Hawaii and Chicago not want the Obama’s?? I’m confused, where is he from again??
  • I live in California, and it’s already @^&$ed up enough – we don’t need or want Obama anywhere near us!
  • And soon after, a Mosque will be built in said neighborhood.
  • $450,000 a year for life…I bet he’s laughing all the way to the bank.
  • It would be great if he and his disgrace of a taxpayer money-mongering wife deserved it…fact is., he doesn’t. He is such a miserable disaster he does not deserve a coleman tent anywhere in the U.S., the country he has destroyed.
  • You GO for it Mr. President,because your home is centered on a major earthquake fault.


Moralmatters author comments on the above news piece and comments:

Will there be a rock huge enough for aka Obama to hide under once he is no longer charading as legitimate US president in the White House?

Will there be a rock huge enough for criminal ID fraud, aka Obama, to hide under once he is no longer charading as legitimate US president in the White House?

This author thinks that should the day come when aka Obama leaves political office, that he will not be living in any place where he feels the public knows of his whereabouts. The more Americans connect the dots and become thoroughly disgusted with what the criminal White House ID fraud has perpetrated upon traditional, patriotic and Constitutional America, some of them may become so infuriated that they will regard aka Obama as an escaped criminal.

Hence, (as a likely scenario) they will informally form their own informal citizens’ arrest bounty hunter businesses and search for aka Obama as they would a known convicted and escaped fugitive who has jumped bail.  And, if they should meet resistance, they would not be that careful how they capture the treasonous and criminal ID fraud. It is not out of the realm of possibility that aka Obama will be seeking refuge with some of his terrorist Muslim brothers, given this plausible scenario.

Moralmatters would not be surprised if this rumored future aka Obama residence is another fraudulent act of his – another smoke screen. Once a lifestyle liar – always. Only by the grace of Creator God-Almighty Savior God will the criminal ID fraudster truly deal with his sorry and pathetic existence!


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“A thinking person will question what he hears; examine what he sees; and evaluate what others would have him believe.”

“When did big government and its mainstream media tell the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth?”

[Pastor emeritus Nathan M. Bickel] 


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  1. Sheriff Arpaio is delighted with the news. This way, he and the Posse can keep a close eye on the fugitive from justice. Barrie is so dumb he didn’t realize that the new house is just a stone’s throw from Arizona and the justice vigilantes who want to arrest him. I guess as a kid Barrie never saw any old cowboy movies ….he doesn’t realize that folks out West believe in Justice with a capitol “J”.. Judge Roy Bean was The Law, West of Pecos and his Spirit is very much alive and well. Woo hoo….!!!

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