Illegal Aliens Are Both A Local And A National Issue: Vassar Michigan


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The following highlighted local Vassar, Michigan illegal alien issue [see below] readily has national consequences. Especially does it take on national significance because of the many other “local” areas impacted. Also, American taxpayers are implicated with added taxes, responsibility and health risks to themselves and their children — of which is now being forced upon them by a corrupted run-a-way aka Obama government [aka regime].

This author likes what Ed Coet stated on his Facebook page about the illegal aliens being permitted by the aka Obama government to flood our homeland:


“……We must be compassionate to the young children who were sent or brought here through no fault of their own. That is what good and compassionate people do. But we must also send them back. We are a sovereign country not an international orphanage……” – [Red highlighting this Moralmatters author’s emphasis]

Major (US Army – Retired) Founder, The Facebook Tea Party


Please Note The Following Michigan Western TEA Party’s Announcement Along With Some Pics:

[Copied With Permission]:


City of Vassar Planning Commission meeting – Monday, July 21st 6:30 PM
287 E Huron Avenue  Vassar, MI 48768    989 823-8517

It is important to get as many city residents to attend as possible
Please consider attending and speaking during the public comment portion of the meeting

The non profit citizens group MICE – Michiganders for Immigration Control and Enforcement, is leading the charge on this issue.  While the media has highlighted that Tamyra Murray is not a City of Vassar resident, we’d like to remind you this is NOT just an issue that affects Vassar.  It is a state wide and national issue.

Please visit MICE’s new website and bookmark it as a way to stay informed and engaged.  Click HERE.

It is time to stop preaching to the choir on social media.  Our local and state legislators tell us they cannot stop this action because it is a federal issue. To that we say NO.  Our legislative body can tell a business owner (bar) that they cannot allow their guests to smoke. Our legislative body can sure as heck through their licensing authority prevent a non profit from housing those who are not citizens of this country. This is a health and safety issue and our community deserves protection afforded to them by law.

Our goal is to send the following message to our representatives:

1. Any form of amnesty for illegals is NOT acceptable.
2. The current surge of illegals crossing our border is NOT acceptable and must be stopped.
3. Our borders MUST be secured and our current laws enforced.
4. Tell our elected officials and Wolverine that we do not want these illegal juveniles housedANYWHERE IN MICHIGAN.


We ask you to contact your elected officials at the City or Township, County, State and Federal level.



WesternThumbTeaLogoFinally, concerned citizens have purchased yard signs as shown above and below.  Initially we’d like to place them in the Vassar City limits.  If you’d like a sign, please send us an email and we will make arrangements to get one to you.  If you’d like to help with placing these signs, please also indicate that in your email.  Requests and offers to assist should be sent to 



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VASSAR, Mich. (AP) – A social services organization says it wants to house some children from Central America at a facility in a small Michigan community, prompting protests at a meeting about the plans… –

MICE is the acronym for “Michiganders for Immigration Control and Enforcement.” Today, this author, Pastor emeritus Nathan Bickel joined the peaceful protest. The crowd was a good size. I met people from Grand Rapids, Flint area and north of Detroit. All are concerned about a federal government out of control not following current immigration laws. Much of their protest is big government forcing upon its citizens illegal aliens at our taxpayer expense.

MICE is the acronym for “Michiganders for Immigration Control and Enforcement.” Today, this author, Pastor emeritus Nathan Bickel joined the peaceful protest. The crowd was a good size. I met people from Grand Rapids, Flint area and north of Detroit. All are concerned about a federal government out of control not following current immigration laws. Much of their protest is big government forcing upon its citizens illegal aliens at our taxpayer expense.

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Note [2 links below] how a couple of other Michigan [mainstream media] affiliates distort the illegal alien invasion issue. They play right into aka Obama’s criminal hand, as he misuses children to further his agenda to diminish and destroy traditional, patriotic and Constitutional America. Note the similar news title of the Detroit News as the mlive Saginaw article [above]; also, the erroneous head count of protesters at the scene.

Don’t local news media have anything better to do than to copy each other’s political correctness commentary [tabloid / talking point] notes? Remember, that these 2 local mainstream media outlets [linked below] along with the others, are cut out of the same groupie denial cloth as their parent national mainstream media groups. They all stubbornly refuse to accurately report on the White House criminal ID fraud, aka Obama. As such, they have shamed themselves as credible news reporting sources:

Possible housing of Central American children meets with protest in small Michigan town –

Interview with Tamyra Murray of MICE–Michiganders for Immigration Control and Enforcement –

Also It Is Very Important To Note That the 2008 Trafficking Law is dishonestly referenced by those who support the current illegal alien invasion, as legal justification for the present U.S. border crisis:

2008 Trafficking Law Largely Inapplicable to Current Border Crisis – By Jon Feere July 2014 –

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“A thinking person will question what he hears; examine what he sees; and evaluate what others would have him believe.”

“When did big government and its mainstream media tell the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth?”

[Pastor emeritus Nathan M. Bickel] 


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Pastor emeritus Nathan M. Bickel





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