Israel Would Be Wise To Remain In Gaza

It has been (very) recently reported that the State of Israel has invaded the Gaza Strip.

In a recent Moralmatters article, Hamas Bombing Of Israel: Israeli Offensive Military Operations Underway, this author stated that Israel would be wise to invade Gaza and annex it as a territory. That endeavor and sustaining action would remedy much of Israel’s neighboring Gaza / Hamas terrorism, daily directed toward its inhabitants.

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Please note how Israel is surrounded by 4 unfriendly non-Jewish neighboring countries: Lebanon, Syria, Jordan and Egypt. –  Pic attribution:

When war is unduly forced upon a nation, and that nation defends itself by a military offensive; that same nation need not give up [surrender] land it won by its military actions. Simply stated, there are moral and geographical consequences to war. Israel has every moral and ethical right to defend itself and subsequently invade, control and keep that which it conquers!

Please read the excellent Conservative News And Views Commentary by Terry Hurlbut:

Israel Invades


Thirteen years of pseudo-war, continued terrorism, and lately unprovoked attacks came to an end today. Israel has now invaded Gaza, from land, sea and air. The only remaining question is: will they stay?………

………..Will Israel stay in Gaza? No news outlet can say. The government of Israel probably haven’t made up their minds. But CNAV heard another ironic thing directly, three years ago, from an employee of the Ministry of Tourism. While Israel occupied Gaza the first time, they set up farms and gardens. They gladly left these in place, in keeping with long-standing national policy. (Israel grants no patent having to do with agriculture. They release all their drip-irrigation and land-reclamation techniques into the public domain. They do it to forestall the inevitable global war over water.) Within weeks, those farms vanished. Arsenals and terroristtraining grounds took their places. Israel would thus have two reasons to stay:

1. To make sure those arsenals and training grounds would go away and stay away, and

2. To replant the farms and gardens to feed the local residents.


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“A thinking person will question what he hears; examine what he sees; and evaluate what others would have him believe.”

“When did big government and its mainstream media tell the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth?”

[Pastor emeritus Nathan M. Bickel] 


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Pastor emeritus Nathan M. Bickel  


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2 thoughts on “Israel Would Be Wise To Remain In Gaza

  1. Douglas says:

    Before Israel created the country of Gaza, thousands of Jews who lived in the Gaza territory GAVE UP their homes and lands so that Palestinians could have their own country. Many of these Jewish homes were virtually brand new.

    The Gazas manner of saying ”thanks to the people of Israel” was to launch many THOUSANDS of rockets into Israel. Is that a nice way of saying ”thank you”?

    Sadly, the people of Gaza will suffer at the hands of the IDF for the insults of their vicious Hamas leaders.

    Oh BTW, the Hamas method of hiding their homemade rockets…place them beside mosques, hospitals and schools. That way, when the IDF launch their own self defense, the likely victims may will probably be innocent Gazan children. The Hamas hide behind women and children….such kindness, eh?

    1. Douglas –

      Yes. The Hamas terrorists display of “kindness!” Sick, indeed! Coming from the same cowardly monsters who have to hid their faces!

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