Slam Dunk “Victory” For McDaniel? Massive Cochran Mississippi Voter Fraud Found

This Moralmatters author ceased following the recent Mississippi June 24 GOP Senate primary run-off election aftermath. The latest news was that McDaniel did not concede. Let’s hope that is the continued reality.

At the very least, every election result in America should be duly audited for voter fraud. No candidate should be legally allowed to assume political office until an honest and legal audit is completed.

“…….According to Boyle, state law requires that any candidate whose campaign is found guilty of vote-buying is to be disqualified….. –

Pic of the old political "bird," Thad Cochran. It's not difficult to believe that Thad Cochran's political campaign paid off blacks $15 a whack to illegally vote for the old status quo politician. Pic attribution -

Pic of the old political hack, Thad Cochran. It’s not difficult to believe that Thad Cochran’s political campaign offered to pay blacks $15 a whack to illegally vote for the old bird. Pic attribution –

The smoking gun: Massive voter fraud in Cochran-McDaniel primary – By Bryan Fischer, July 1, 2014 11:55 am –


…….According to Johnson and Gilbert, black pastor Stevie Fielder of the First Union Missionary Baptist Church was hired by the Cochran campaign to pay blacks $15 a pop to vote for Cochran in the run-off. Fielder admits he was deceived and manipulated and brainwashed by the Cochran camp into thinking that Chris McDaniel was a racist. It was as if he had been convinced that vote-buying was necessary to keep McDaniel from wearing his white hood on the floor of the United States Senate and burning crosses on the White House lawn……

…….At the very minimum, the election results from June 24 should be tossed in the nearest landfill and a new run-off election scheduled.

According to Boyle, state law requires that any candidate whose campaign is found guilty of vote-buying is to be disqualified. This would make Chris McDaniel the GOP nominee without spending a boatload of taxpayer money on another run-off election. He would instantly be the favorite to become the next senator from the state of Mississippi. That looks from here to be the path of justice………. –


Chris McDaniel for United States Senate –


Please note for future voting consideration reference:


“A thinking person will question what he hears; examine what he sees; and evaluate what others would have him believe.”

“When did big government and its mainstream media tell the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth?”

[Pastor emeritus Nathan M. Bickel] 


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Pastor emeritus Nathan M. Bickel






4 thoughts on “Slam Dunk “Victory” For McDaniel? Massive Cochran Mississippi Voter Fraud Found

  1. What is the new news on this news? Good work, thanks for reporting it.

    1. James –

      Go to McDaniel’s Facebook page for the latest:

      Chris McDaniel for United States Senate –

  2. cletus says:

    Of course the outcome of the article is what the outcome would be if there were still justice in this country.

    Is there anyone out there who still thinks there is justice in this country?

    Forget having the primary overturned. It’ll never happen in a million years. They’ll invent new and improved reasons why the primary shouldn’t be overturned.

    1. cletus –

      Apparently, candidate Chris MacDaniel doesn’t share your frustrated [and negative] viewpoint. I’m elated that he hasn’t.

      Someone crudely told me many years ago (in reference of defending moral and godly principles):

      “If you allow someone to ‘screw you,’ – you are just as bad as the one who is doing the screwing!”

      “cletus:” If Americans adapt the defeatist attitude of which your comment conveys, then all of us should just kill ourselves so that the small wicked ruling elitist minority could complete their destruction of traditional, patriotic and Constitutional America!

      Furthermore, I am one who believes in the Creator God (Almighty) of human history. That same human history is replete with examples of the wicked “getting theirs!” To put it another way – the wicked in this world don’t have to wait until damnation hell, to be fully held accountable for their wicked actions. Temporal justice has always been part and parcel of the Triune God’s Order. I quote from my other website to accent the aforementioned:

      Here is the end of one of the greatest plots ever formed against God’s chosen.

      Of thirty Roman emperors, governors of provinces, and others high in office, who distinguished themselves by their zeal and bitterness in persecuting the early Christians, one became speedily deranged after some atrocious cruelty, one was slain by his own son, one became blind, the eyes of one started out of his head, one was drowned, one was strangled, one died in a miserable captivity, one fell dead in a manner that will not bear recital, one died of so loathsome a disease that several of his physicians were put to death because they could not abide the stench that filled his room, two committed suicide, a third attempted it, but had to call for help to finish the work, five were assassinated by their own people or servants, five others died the most miserable and excruciating deaths, several of them having an untold complication of diseases, and eight were killed in battle, or after being taken prisoners. Among these was Julian the apostate. In the days of his prosperity he is said to have pointed his dagger to heaven defying the Son of God, whom he commonly called the Galilean. But when he was wounded in battle, he saw that all was over with him, and he gathered up his clotted blood, and threw it into the air, exclaiming, “Thou hast conquered, O thou Galilean.” Voltaire has told us of the agonies of Charles IX. of France, which drove the blood through the pores of the skin of that miserable monarch, after his cruelties and treachery to the Huguenots.

      [William S. Plumer, D.D., LL.D., 1867]

      Source of the above:

      What spurs the rejection of the Triune God? — Why the “Rage?”

      Finally, I am reminded of the late and wicked Teddy Kennedy. His health wasted away towards the end of his life. It was a terrible “way to go.” Yet, even the Triune God in his justice exhibited His Mercy toward the apparent unrepentant former senator, by giving him more of a chance to repent of his many sins against his Creator and his fellowman:

      Senator Edward Kennedy was a vile person

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