Government Sandy Hook Hoax Event: Hockley Mother Tells A Big Lie

This Moralmatters author wonders how much bribe money the alleged Dylan Hockley Mother is being paid to further the filthy hoax.

Video: Is There No End To Sandy Hook Hoax Hush Money?

Please note the important related informational links after the short 4 minute video. Also note the definition of a hoax. “The king establishes the land by justice, but he who receives bribes overthrows it.” – Proverbs 29:4 – NKJV “Gather not my soul with sinners, nor my life with bloody men: In whose hands… Read more“Video: Is There No End To Sandy Hook Hoax Hush Money?”

Wacky Uncontrolled Obama: Witness For Yourself The 4 Minute Video

“…..Also, please stop the video at 3:55. Look at that face. That face of Obama is bordering on the demonic. [2] [3]….

Harry Lennox Needs to Rescue Obama

Henry Lennox [1] was reportedly, the person who schooled Bâri‘ Malik Shabazz [2] how to be Barack Hussein Obama. He helped train the criminal White House ID fraud, Bâri‘, how to act “presidential.”

Obama America’s # 1 Sex Offender: The Numbers Don’t Lie

…….The most egregious violation of one’s personal space and personhood is to [outright] exterminate an individual. What’s even more wicked and diabolical, is to exterminate a helpless and innocent little person while they are yet within the [divine] created and protective womb of his [or her] mother……….

The Difference Between A Militant Muslim And A Moderate Muslim

The following pic and its caption (below) was found on the web. Although it presents a “simplification,” intelligent and honest Westerners [non-Muslims] can appreciate its reality:

MoralMatters Speaks Audio: Catholic Nun Conned By Criminal ID Fraud Obama

“……Please note the latest MoralMatters Speaks audio:……