Why People Resist The Historical Reality Of Christ’s Resurrection From The Dead

Easter Sunday marks the zenith celebration of Christendom. The Virgin born sinless Son of God after having atoned for the world's sins, physically rises from the dead to proclaim ultimate victory.  Those who reject His reality presence and live in unbelief are His enemies. They will be co-signed to eternal death at the Last Judgement. [Matthew 25:31-46]

Easter Sunday marks the zenith celebration of Christendom. The Virgin born sinless Son of God after having atoned for the world’s sins, physically rises from the dead to proclaim ultimate victory. Those who reject His reality presence and live in unbelief are His enemies. They will be co-signed to eternal death (at the Last Judgement) to permanently (and continuously) suffer and die in their sins. [Matthew 25:31-46]

Easter morning, several years ago, I posted on the local online forum 3 words – “He is risen!” My father taught me this declaration every Easter morning. He would declare: “He is risen!” And then he would expect the following reply: “He is risen, indeed!” Such was the declaration and response of the early Christians every year commemorating the death and resurrection of the Christ of history. One forum personality responded, like the early Christian response. However, there was another response that stated, “Where?” His, was a declaration of unbelief, basically saying [Paraphrase]:

“I don’t see anything.”

I then posted the following reply:

…….Those like you will not recognize the historic reality of Christ’s physical resurrection from the dead. The age old fallacious assertion that one has to be “on the scene” to verify and then believe what has actually happened is common with stark unbelief in both the life and teachings of the historic Christ. People of unbelief will not doubt the ancient existence and impact of a Plato or Aristotle and their writings, but they will find great fault with the historic Christ and the Old Testament [prophetic] witness and New Testament witness of his life, death and resurrection. Frankly, your argument that you have not seen is just another “Doubting Thomas,” weak-kneed argument. It holds no water.

Christian Apologetics explains the logical evidences for The Christian Faith. Check out icr.org - carm.org and answersingenesis.com

Christian Apologetics explains the logical evidences for The Christian Faith. Check out icr.orgcarm.org and answersingenesis.com

Incidentally, I find it amazing, that people like you who like to think of yourselves as either atheistic or agnostic, will readily swallow, hook, line and sinker Darwinian Evolution. You will accept without question that such an such evolved 200 million years ago. That type of acquiescence while accusing the historical documents of the Hebrews and Christians, as mythical, is pure intellectual and moral dishonesty on your part. Friend, if you were really serious and not attempting to either hide and / or, rationalize a sinful life, I would readily point you to some refreshing “Christian Apologetic” sources which may, help you to come to accept the reality and veracity of the Christian Faith……Oh, by the way – I wasn’t around at the time of George Washington – but, by faith, I accept the documents that he did, indeed, exist, and that he was the “Father of our Country.”

The testimony of history has proven the Biblical documents  again and again. "Critics said ‘There was no such king,’  but his palace and  library were uncovered"  - answersingenesis.org/

The testimony of history has repeatedly proven the Biblical documents accurate. “Critics said ‘There was no such king,’ but his palace and library were uncovered” – anwersingenesis.org/

What causes such unbelief that a person will reject the risen Christ?

The soul which would would deny the historic Christ His due, is the same type of person who accepts hook, line and sinker, pseudo science biology texts that claim that life originated from the primeval slime, millions upon millions of years ago. Those same (inconsistent) souls will accept ancient history and recognize such characters as Plato and Socrates – but will ever be so critical of the New Testament historical documents which chronicle the life and events of Christ’s life.

1 – The denial of the testimony of history: Isn’t it amazing that the same [type] people deny that a pre-born baby in his mother’s womb is not human? They not only deny the Divine reality [Psalm 139:13-16] but also the medical and scientific. And, those same people will go ballistic over the discovery of a single molecule found on a distant planet! They will conclude that there is life on that planet.

Those who deny the miracles recorded in the Scriptural revelation are some of the same who deny God's existence.  They can't get past, Genesis 1:1.

Those who deny the miracles documented in the Scriptural  Revelation are some of the same who deny God’s existence. They can’t arrive at “first base” because they cannot accept, Genesis 1:1.  

2- The denial of the supernatural:

The same type of schizophrenia exists in their minds when they will deny God Almighty, His creative activity of heaven and earth. These same people will fawn over the idea that all that we see, feel, hear and are aware, of, initiated by way of a single cosmic “Big Bang.”

Human pride is a very deadly form of unbelief. Sinful human beings reject holy Creator God.

Human pride is a very deadly form of unbelief. Somehow they cannot admit their utter sinfulness before holy Creator God.

3- Human pride:

Perhaps more than any other factor, human pride will stand in the way of accepting the Risen Christ. The Scripture speaks of a willful unthankful arrogant and independent spirit which alienates a soul from his Creator. [Romans 1:18-32] Perhaps the greatest gift [besides Christ and the Scriptures] is the God blest gift of free will. Humans, however, without fail, utilize their free wills and run from their Creator. Genesis 6:5 ; Psalm 14:1-4.

PoliticalCorrectnessTheRoadToHellIsPavedWithPC4- The human acceptance of “political correctness:”

The unbelieving soul will bow to the prevailing culture’s “political correctness” views. There is the prevailing eagerness to be agreeable to the latest cultural beliefs and trends, rather than relying on the traditional and moral code of Judeo / Christian ethical principles, which have [when practiced consistently] always benefited society. The Scriptures warn, not to “conformed to this world.” Romans 12:1-2

5- The blindness and foolishness of unbelief – 1 Corinthians 2:14

SpiritualBlindnessFriend, if you feel that you have good reason to doubt Christ’s historical resurrection from the dead – please put a halt to your human reason. As Christ told the Apostle Peter: “…..for flesh and blood has not revealed this to you, but My Father who is in heaven.” Matthew 16:17. 

Attempting to reason with Creator (supernatural) God is foolhardy. How can a finite sinful human being, reason correctly with the Almighty which made him? This emeritus Christian pastor has never believed that a simple 4 or 5 part prayer can save your soul. Formula prayers and Gospel [“come forward”] invitations have never been a substitute for the Holy Spirit of God’s work in the “conversion process.” Following are several Scriptures which illustrate that God Himself initiates the process of belief and the coming into the Christian Faith: John 1:13 ; John 6:65 ; Ephesians 2:4-5 ; 2 Thessalonians 2:13-14 ; Titus 3:3-7 ; 1 Peter 1:3 ; Philippians 2:13

Please note other Scriptures – Click here, and scroll down to the topic of “Salvation”

DivineMercyInMySoulUnbelieving friend, I implore you to lay aside your human reason, your own pride and the culture’s political correctness and seek out this Resurrected Christ, who can deliver your soul from God’s just judgment and punishment. [Luke 16:19-31 ; Matthew 25: 31-46] Start reading the New Testament Gospels. Read them over and over. And, while you read them, realize that the God impartation of faith to save your priceless soul, comes from God’s holy Word. John 1:12-13 ; Acts 8:26-39 ; Romans 1:16 ; Romans 10:17 ; 1 Peter 1:23 ; James 1:18 ; 2 Timothy 3:14-17

Please note: “Does the Bible provide extraordinary evidence for Jesus’ Resurrection?” – carm.org/

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