Nana Anna – aka “Stanley Ann” – Makes A Safari

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With all the hullabaloo surrounding Michelle Obama’s extravagant 2011 African Safari, you’d think that someone would have noticed the white woman sitting in the back of the jeep.

Obamas On Safari 2011

That someone special, seated next to Malia


Nana Anna aka "Stanley Ann" on Obama Safari 2011

just happens to be the Obama girls’ paternal Grandmother. Their “Other Grandmother”, as the girls referred to her, during the 2008 “Obama” Campaign.

Nana Anna, it seems, they call her.

The person The “Obama” Conspirators call “Stanley Ann Dunham”.

President “Obama’s” motherWho we’ve been told is deceased since 1992.

Do our eyes deceive us?

Take a look:

Nana Anna + “Stanley Ann” allegedly in New York City ‘Rooftop Photo’, 1992, with son “Barack”

1 - Mom on Safari 2011 + Stanley Ann Mom NYC 1992


Nana Anna + grotesque “Stanley Ann” allegedly in Indonesia, 1980’s:

2 - Mom on Safari 2011 + Stanley Ann in Indonesia


Nana Anna + “Stanley Ann”, fake chin and all, allegedly in Indonesia, circa 1970: 

3 - Mom on Safari 2011 + Stanley Ann in Indonesia 1970s


Nana Anna + the most wicked Fake-Mother photo of all, the “Mother-Son” photo used to manipulate America into supporting “Obama”care, with the deviously contrived, damnable “Stanley Ann” Cancer-Death Lie: 

Nana Anna + “Stanley Ann” (right) with son “Barack” circa 1963:

4 - Mom on Safari 2011 + Stanley Ann with Bari early 60's


Nana Anna + “Stanley Ann” allegedly with young “Barack” at Honolulu Airport circa 1971:

5 - Mom on Safari 2011 + Stanley Ann at airport circ 1971


 Nana Anna + digitally aging, bloated “Stanley Ann” at son “Barack’s” alleged wedding, Chicago, 1992:

6 - Mom on Safari 2011 + Stanley Ann at Obama's Wedding 1992

In the signature wicked humor of The “Obama” Conspirators, was “Stanley Ann” photoshopped into this extravagant, taxpayer-funded, family adventure scene? To show her Belly-Laughing At America?

Or, could it be that Malia and Sasha’s ‘Other Grandmother’ Nana Anna was really there??

Someone ought to tip off Tom Fitton, President at Judicial Watch. His investigative work on the “Obama” Safari [links below] continues. If this photo is authentic, Tom has yet another investigative task: Who was Nana Anna cloaked as, when Michelle filed her expense reports? Or, do the records conveniently cloak her presence entirely?

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5 thoughts on “Nana Anna – aka “Stanley Ann” – Makes A Safari

  1. This Moralatters author [Pastor emeritus Nathan M. Bickel] apologizes to the Moralmatters web audience for allowing Investigator Research, Martha Trowbridge this facility to pass on these grotesque pics of “Stanley Anne Dunham.” However, in the interest of honest investigative research, he has no qualms of doing so. Sometimes the ugly and loathsome needs to be highlighted to trumpet the synthetic propaganda [aka Obama photo shopping] which has been perpetrated upon America.

    It is refreshing that a patriotic American (such as Trowbridge) has taken the time and the effort to evidence to America the scam perpetrated by aka Obama and his comrade wicked clan. Somewhere, somehow and at some time they thought they could get-a-way with their upheaval scheme to destroy America. Their machination deceptions are being exposed, not only by Ms. Trowbridge, but others. Their malevolent efforts have reached the “law of diminishing returns.” All they have to (now) look forward to is a negative return for all their wickedly sinful evil “investments:”

    I share a Scripture passage from my morning personal reading of Psalms:

    “The Lord watches over the strangers; He relieves the fatherless and widow; but the way of the wicked He turns upside down.” – Psalm 146:9 – NKJV

    The Triune God will not be mocked! He will expedite justice to wicked evil-doers!

    1. Dave Burton says:

      This is one of the weirder delusions I’ve encountered lately.

      The woman in that photo looks like she’s 30-something. Stanley Ann Dunham would be 71 years old (and 18 years dead).

      1. Burton –

        I think you may be missing the full import of the Investigative Researcher, Martha Trowbridge’s published work. Most every word she publishes, has compounding significance.

        Please note under the big bold title the article’s “Category” words. Note the first 2:

        “Laughing At America, Obama criminal co-conspirators”

        In your comment, you are focusing on “age” when you be best to focus on the aka Obama co-conspiracy which has been foisted upon America by the criminal aka Obama cabal.

        Ever since aka Obama usurped the office of US president, he and his wicked comrade crew have utilized the Internet to denigrate and molest reality – aka, the truth. They are “historical revisionists” hell-bent on creating their own reality. Their modus operandi is the Internet whereby they have deleted, “revised,” inserted, created and photo shopped – aka, lied. I’m convinced that no one knows better of their historical “revisionism” than Investigative Researcher, Martha Trowbridge.

        Hence, Ms. Trowbridge is utilizing the same Internet technology to illustrate to America how Americans have been deceived by the snake oil aka Obama salesman.

        Until you grasp the realizion that aka Obama and his enabling corrupted crew have created the synthetic “Stanley Ann Dunhum,” – it is my contention that you won’t appreciate the investigative writing genious of Ms. Trowbridge.

        Remember I stated at the beginning of this long comment reply – “Laughing at America?” Trowbridge illustrated that ridicule by highlighting one of aka Obama’s own released pics – the African Safari jeep ride.

        Now, the question for you to ask is: “Who is laughing at America?” I’ll direct you to an answer to that question with some informative links:

        Investigative Researcher Martha Trowbridge continues unraveling Obama’s past: Fake mother – Stanley Ann Dunham

        President X

        Burton – By the way – while your at the “President X” article, check out all the other Trowbridge articles on that site.

  2. So you’ve noticed how wickedly clever The “Obama” Conspirators are!

    The invention of digital photo editing was such a gift to them! No longer did reality constrain their evil-doing, as they flooded the internet with the products of their political deceit. Photos, videos, text, archives – all, they distorted into ‘validating’ the “Obama” Identity Scam they crafted. The pits of hell are their limit!

    Not to worry. We’ve got their number now 🙂

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