Obama’s government is Cockroach Central: His Molestation of FOIA

Pic attribution: "Would you compare Obama to a Cockroach?" - answers.yahoo.com/question/index?qid=20130531063618AAQdLBW

Pic attribution: “Would you compare Obama to a Cockroach?” – answers.yahoo.com/question/index?qid=20130531063618AAQdLBW

Turn on the light and cockroaches will scatter. Shine a bright candle of transparency upon government and be assured that someone will be held accountable and responsible.

One of America’s, bright shining candles of transparency, was capriciously and criminally snuffed out, by aka Obama. It was he, who promised Americans a transparent government. As long as the criminal ID fraud usurps the office of US president, transparency of government will never become a reality. Be assured, he will always keep Americans in the dark while ObamaRoach Central, continues to decimate traditional, patriotic and Constitutional America.

Aka Obama destroyed a democratic and legal mechanism, which holds government accountable

Are you aware [of] what our nation’s top dirty dog has subversively and illegally done? He’s molested the law that gave individual Americans the natural right to know what their government and governmental officials are doing and how they are functioning – how they are spending our hard-earned tax dollars. With one Memorandum, dictator aka Obama (essentially) stripped away the mechanism, which held government agencies, their officials – and politicians, accountable. Hence, there is no more of a “check and balance” type-system which FOIA once provided. There is “no need” for that, as the malevolent dictator-in-chief now capriciously funnels everything through his streamlined cockroach centralized government.

Obvious photo shopped pic of "Obamaroach." What better discription to give the White House Impostor than that? He best does America dirty under his his darkness cloak of secrecy.

Obvious photo shopped pic of aka Obama – aka, “ObamaRoach.” What better description to give the White House Impostor than that? He best does America dirty under his  darkness cloak of secrecy. But, don’t worry, he will be fully exposed. God Almighty is not mocked by lifestyle liars.

Most unfortunate it is, that without the true intent of the Freedom of Information Act (in full-blown process mode) the centralized aka Obama Cockroach government will continue to stealthily operate under the cover of darkness.

Please note the following informational links [below] – (after the “addendum”) which relate how aka Obama subversively and illegally destroyed democratic rights, (embodied in FOIA) of which was enacted by the representative legal process of legislative legal action.

 Addendum to the above mini commentary:

The FOIA Law is being molested in at least 4 major specific ways. Hence it can be easily and fairly said, without equivocation, that the Obama administration is breaking the FOIA Law by its molestation of it:

1) Delay of document record requests.

2) Massive redaction of document records once document requests are duly requisitioned and returned to the requester (s)

3) White House (aka Obama) review takes place of document record requests. This practice is not in keeping with the FOIA Law. Essentially Obama is commandeering the whole show. As the report says:

 “……The Obama Administration cannot credibly claim to be transparent when it publicly issues memos about the presumption of openness in the FOIA process, but then instructs agencies in a non-public memo to forward records with “White House equities” to the White House for review. Not only is the FOIA process significantly stalled by White House review—a fact that agencies zealously keep secret from requesters—but it permits the White House’s political interests to trump the correct application of the FOIA, a disclosure statute whose purpose is ensure an informed citizenry…….”

4) Those who, through FOIA, request document records, are kept in the dark. They are not told that their requests have been rerouted – “fast-forwarded” [aka, slow-forwarded] to the White House [aka Obama Cockroach Central] . This self-serving practice is obvious self-conflict of interests – sabotage of the flow of information, if you will. It contradicts what “we the people” are entitled to possess, under the the FOIA Law.

Note: This [above] is how aka Obama actively obstructs the flow of truth that should be known and disclosed to the American people.

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 “A thinking person will question what he hears; examine what he sees; and evaluate what others would have him believe.”

 “When did big government and its mainstream media tell the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth?”

 [Pastor emeritus Nathan M. Bickel] 


Posted by:  Pastor emeritus Nathan M. Bickel

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