How dare criminal ID fraud aka Obama initiate his hypocritical “Brother’s Keeper” program?

Pic of shifty eyed criminal ID fraud aka Obama. Regarding the Brother's Keeper initiative, he said it was to "help more young men of color facing tough odds stay on track and reach their full potential." - Pic attribution -

Pic of shifty eyed criminal ID fraudster, aka Obama. Regarding the Brother’s Keeper initiative, he said it was to “help more young men of color facing tough odds stay on track and reach their full potential.” – Pic attribution –

Their throat is an open sepulchre; with their tongues they have used deceit; the poison of asps is under their lips…. – Romans 3:13

“….Destruction and misery are in their ways: And the way of peace have they not known: There is no fear of God before their eyes.” – Romans 3:16-18 – KJV


President Obama to launch major new effort to help young minority men –


“President Obama will launch a significant new effort Thursday to bolster the lives of young minority men, seeking to use the power of the presidency to help a group of Americans whose lives are disproportionately affected by poverty and prison…..” –

“President” Obama is going to “use the power of the presidency” to initiate another big government program? How dare he? How dare this criminal ID fraud misuse the authority of the US Office of President to mask another molesting action against the good taxpayers of this Constitutional Republic? How dare aka Obama claim to seek the genuine welfare of those “affected by poverty and prison?” What did aka Obama ever do to genuinely encourage and foster government to support stable husband and wife families which are the moral backbone of any successful culture? Rather, criminal ID fraud, aka Obama has done the very opposite. He’s embraced sexual perversion by his support for the gay agenda promulgated by radical LBGT activists!

Aka Obama talks big about being one’s “brother’s keeper.” This description did not origniate from this impostor “president.” It comes from Holy Scripture. Yet, the brash White House occupier has no shame. He co-opts the words of divine revelation, and in Satanic fashion misuses that very (same) terminology to trumpet his propaganda initiative! Where is aka Obama and his use of the “power of the presidency” to actually accomplish a genuine human “Brother’s Keeper” act of compassion? Where is this ID fraud to be his brother’s keeper when he sends US troops into battle and then controverts their mission and compromises their safety with his Muslim “rules of engagement?” Where is his brother’s keeper action when he ties their hands in battle? Where was aka Obama following the Fort Hood Muslim terrorist attack? His “brother’s keeper” compassion was no where to be found! His refusal to designate that terrorist attack for what it was, prevented the survivors of that attack, full government benefits for the families of the murdered! Hypocrite to the hilt is aka Obama. He won’t even allow US Military personnel to carry firearms on their own military bases!

Where is aka Obama to mirror admirable character qualities? Where is he to trumpet his professed “Christianity” which says that “if any would not work; neither should they eat?” Where is aka Obama to frown on entitlement give-a-ways to those able-bodied to work? Where is aka Obama to speak out against racial knock-out violence? Where is he to lend positive support for minorities to be raised in one husband and one wife families? Where is aka Obama to model that which is honest and godly? The reality is, aka Obama is morally absent. He not only is morally defunct; he’s morally decadent. He rather chooses to be one of the devil’s favorite disciples.

 Pic of ID fraud, aka Obama touring his failed big government green energy initiative in September of 2011 - Pic attribution -

Pic of ID fraud, aka Obama touring his failed big government green energy initiative in September of 2011 – Pic attribution –

US History is replete with failed big government initiatives; “Brother’s Keeper” is no exception:

Government programs which are designed to alter and transform human behavior, are testaments of repeated failures. The divine revelation of Holy Scripture proclaims that “Except the LORD build the house, they labour in vain that build it.”  LBJ and his 1960’s “Great Society,” was a prime (failure) example of big government meddling with the purpose of attempting to permute human behavior, which can (only, truly) come about, via the reception of spiritual values. Those spiritual values rooted in Scriptural principles and under girded with Lord God’s blessing, translate into the human practice of Ten Commandment morality, and behavior modeled after Christ’s “Golden Rule” and His Ten Commandment summary directive:

‘You shall love the Lord your God with all your heart, with all your soul, with all your strength, and with all your mind,’ and ‘your neighbor as yourself.’” – Gospel of Luke 10:27 – NKJV

No government program can transform a baggy pants butt cracker and self- mutilating (jewelry piercing) masochist, into an individual who mirrors responsible behavior; – that lifestyle transformation which cherishes values which advance true character and the well-being of one’s neighbor. Yet, this nation’s  corrupted money laundering politician seems to think differently. Nothing that aka Obama has claimed to (positively) accomplish for America, has, or ever will, come to lasting and positive fruition. Nothing he takes the credit for, ever amounts to the proverbial “hill of beans,” to truly benefit these United States.  Aka Obama’s legislative, appointment and executive order ministrations, as corrupted ID fraud White House occupier, are all cursed policies and negative initiatives. For the most part, they are corporately designed, to either fail and not to stand the proverbial (succeeding) chance of a “snowball in hell,” – or, they are designed to limit and / or destroy American Constitutional freedoms.

Furthermore, those malevolent White House occupier’s Communist type ministrations, are all designed for the purpose of ill-will toward traditional, patriotic, Capitalistic and Constitutional American. Aka Obama’s recent “Brother’s Keeper,” government cradle initiative, is just another attempt,  to racially divide this nation. Don’t treat people as individuals. Don’t expect from them, personal responsibility and personal values. Only throw taxpayer money in form of another government program; and then take the (bogus) credit and Hollywood Oscar [type] bows.

This affirmative action program of [non-white] color is apparently intended to target black and latino youth before crime targets those same youth. “Brother’s Keeper” has the usual smacking of government program “trappings:” Money and altruistic intentions will move social mountains and solve racial “inequities,” thus molding lasting lifestyle improvements, – so goes the cradle to grave government minded mentality.

Criticism of the government “Brother’s Keeper ” program, is that it is another feel-good government machination designed to re-distribute taxpayer wealth – lifting that wealth from those who earned it and (then) shoving that money elsewhere to those who are always on the (irresponsible) taking end. This Moralmatters author calls that deadly monetary political re-distribution, “Political Extortion.”

Aka Obama has co-opted the “Brother’s Keeper” language of Holy Scripture and has grossly misinterpreted it. Again, the White House usurper impostor “president” has molested the true intent of the Bible. He’s misquoted and misapplied Holy Scripture before. His Communist concepts of wealth’s re-distribution, are well-know.  Those misguided efforts by criminal ID fraud, aka Obama, do not square with the divine revelation, where honest work is the norm and proper personal stewardship is extolled; whereas laziness and slothfulness are divinely, deplored.

Aka Obama wants to improve black youth’s behavior when his own behavior is exceptionally wicked and sinful. How does that square? Where is aka Obama with a genuine [good] lifestyle example?

How dare this criminal ID fraud White House usurper spend one more red cent of taxpayer money on social problems? How dare this hypocrite think he can change social behavior with another elitist, capricious and socialist big government program? How dare this wicked fraud lead without personal and honorable example? How dare he even make believe that he cares about black and latino youth when he has ravaged our American economy, preventing ample employment for minorities to integrate into that very economy? How dare this White House occupier criminal ID fraud lecture America, that unless big government steps in, those young blacks and latinos have no bright future tomorrows?

Although Christ's Parables were earthly stories to convey spiritual realities, The Parable of the Talents highlights certain human behaviors which are to be commended, while the human behavior of non effort is to be punished.

Although Christ’s Parables were earthly stories to convey spiritual realities, The Parable of the Talents highlights certain human behaviors which are to be commended, while the human behavior of non effort is to be punished.

Aka Obama is anything but America’s “Brother’s Keeper.” Obama is an evil unsavory extortion thief:

It is well established as to his intentions and political record, to re-distribute Americans’ wealth. This isw How can a nation continue to normally exist when its very government destroys capitalism’s ability to “create” work opportunities for its citizens? How can this United States be traditionally and economically successful when people’s wealth is unfairly “shaken down” and given to those who despise Christ’s personal stewardship principles?

It is no secret that aka Obama’s manner of (corrupted) government, is to extort revenue and rip opportunity away from those who plan and work hard to make their own way. Obama’s Communist type mindset is to extort from the honest and re-distribute their hard-earned tax dollars to many of whom are slothful and willfully irresponsible.
Like his Master and (spiritual father Satan) Obama also has been known to molest Christian Scripture, misinterpreting what Christ stated about being our brother’s keeper.  Obama believes government is to be the “corporate brother’s keeper.”  This is his (false) solution to peoples’ social problems.

Contrary to Obama, Christ, clearly makes it plain, in His parable of the stewardship of the talents that a man is to be personally responsible for what he possesses and that which he has been entrusted.  [Matthew 25:14-30] No where does Christ ever hint that a person’s wealth should be micro managed by government and then re-distributed.

In Christ’s teaching parable, the servant who put to interest his given talents, and, who reaped an increase, was rewarded the one talent that the unfaithful servant squandered, by burying. And, in the end, the unfaithful servant was punished. What Obama, though, desires of US government, is opposite of what Christ’s parable conveys. Obama wants big government, to reward slothfulness and unproductively by extorting (stealing) from rank-in-file productive American citizens, to unjustly reward an undeserving segment of the population which, oftentimes,  is content upon living off the continued productivity and successful efforts of those who work diligently and who wisely steward their money, as Christ’s parable, would illustrate.

This parable of Christ applauds personal responsibility and effort and frowns upon laziness and irresponsibility. If anything in the Christian Scriptures, is a “plug” for free enterprise and Capitalism; it is this parable of Christ. No where in the Hebrew and Christian Scriptures is the idea that government should play the almighty extortionist thief and pilfer and steal from the industrious segment of society to re-distribute and reward the less industrious, the lazy and the irresponsible.

Note:  The aforementioned parable of Christ is an earthly story with a spiritual / heavenly meaning. This web author only related a corollary temporal deduced interpretation, based upon the wider meaning of spiritual responsibility.

ID fraud aka Obama and his corrupted cabal aren't the only ones to place the blame for their assualt upon America. Umpteen millions of Americans participate with the White House occupier liar. In order for lies to be effective and to take strangling hold, there has to be itching ears and passive minds to believe aka Obama's deceptions.

ID fraud aka Obama and his corrupted cabal aren’t the only ones to place the blame for their assault upon America. Umpteen millions of Americans participate with the White House occupier liar. In order for lies to be effective and to take stranglehold, there have to be itching ears and passive minds to believe aka Obama’s deceptions.

Lest we blame everything on corrupted aka Obama:?

Towards the close of WWII and the beginning of the “Cold War,” Americans became complacent with their globally unparalleled prosperity. Citizens allowed elected politicians to “mind the American store.” Little was done to participate in the political process. Much less was done to monitor the inept politicians and courts. Already back then, the seed work for a weakened America, was planted.

In the 50’s the black family was basically intact. But that quickly changed with LBJ’S “Great Society” initiative promising to bring equality via welfare “assistance.” And, wherever there is “free” government money, personal initiative becomes stifled. Added to the mix, was the nefarious human trait of coveting and gaining from what one did not earn. Enter big government “help” in subtle exchange for the big block minority vote.  That last Century phenomenon has now garnered an element of non-black and latino vote with eager participation by the Democrat Party for a future illegal / alien block vote.

Enter lawless aka Obama who refuses to enforce America’s “Defense of Marriage” act. Instead aka Obama embraces every non traditional expression of sexual “freedom,” openly supporting the homosexual lifestyle and LBGT activists. It is no surprise why the First Fake Lady (Michelle Obama) appeared on the popular NBC late night program, sandwiched between two males, dressed as women. Do Americans want to witness this? Then, why are they glued to their big screened TV sets? All communications requires a “sender” and a “receiver.” If most Americans did not recognize and receive aka Obama and his corrupted government; he would soon be out of business:

Denying Obama the platform: Americans have within their grasp the successful means to end Obama’s fraudulent occupation and control of government –

Godless and corrupted US Government is a direct reflection of wickedness that has already abounded:

If Lord God, Almighty states in His Divine Revelation that “The wicked shall be turned into hell and all the nations that forget God,” [Psalm 9:17] – then what will become of His sentencing judgment in the temporal [present] realm? Lord, have mercy! This Moralmatters Christian emeritus pastor has been quick to point out our White House occupier’s wickedness. But, that willful and woeful leadership and cabal corruption is not without is participating and collaborating cohorts. Those Americans who complacently submit to such governmental “treatment” abuse; those same Americans become (guiltily) entangled with the perpetrated perversion.

May the good and gracious Potentate of all nations, show tender mercy upon America! May He root out, expose, judge, sentence and punish those in leadership positions, who by their active sins of commission and complacent sins of omission, allow criminal ID fraud, aka Obama, his cabal regime and its supporters, to molest traditional, patriotic and Constitutional America!

Also, may Almighty God have mercy on aka Obama’s wretched soul! May He shine on his deplorable state and grace aka Obama with genuine belief and repentance. If not, may the just God of all nations quickly dispense with aka Obama and swirl him to swift temporal and eternal justice!


Disclaimer: The above commentary was authored with the assumption that the Brother’s Keeper program would be or has been (actually) implemented – taxpayer monies being dispersed. Up until the publishing of this article, this author has found no news report that relates that the program has indeed been implemented. Could all this be contrived government and kowtowing mainstream media hype? Could the “allocated monies” be designated elsewhere; for instance, to fund aka Obama’s buddy Muslim Mid East terrorists?

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 “A thinking person will question what he hears; examine what he sees; and evaluate what others would have him believe.”

 “When did big government and its mainstream media tell the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth?”

 [Pastor emeritus Nathan M. Bickel] 


Posted by:  Pastor emeritus Nathan M. Bickel

Note:  Above picture (s) found on the web. Also, the above article was updated 2/15 AM with second pic, caption and 2 related links. 



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