2014 well-wishes from Moralmatters.org and 2013 favorite Moralmatters web postings!


This Moralmatters.org website would not be possible if it were not for Creator God. [1]  [2]

This Moralmatters.org website would not be possible if it were not for Creator God. [1]  [2]

Moralmatters.org author, Pastor Nathan M. Bickel wishes to all its viewers a wonderful New Year with days and months of truly meaningful fulfillment! 

This author has assembled a number of his favorite Moralmatters.org postings. They are not in any type of 1st, 2nd, 3rd and following favorite rankings. Some of these MM articles have seen (stat-wise) many more page views than others; but, that statistical fact alone does not diminish this author’s “favorite” rankings among this [below] list!

One other word for Moralmatters.org faithful viewers:

I thank my good and gracious Savior / God for gifting me with the wherewithal to possess, author and manage this website – and also The Christian Message website. This Moralmatters website was launched in the Spring of 2012 (if my memory recall serves me correctly). At first, page view stats only increased by the 10’s in number each month. Gradually this site was gifted to have stats increase by 100’s a month. Next, by thousands. Now, Moralmatters.org has reached page views in the 10’s of thousands each month. The Triune God be praised!

Having stated the above; this author is not driven by stats. Sometimes, he even thinks that the stats are minimized and / or manipulated by the “powers that be.” But, regardless, Nathan M. Bickel is more than grateful, for any numbers of readership that come this website’s way! He neither advertises nor sells products on this website, as it is purely passion driven for reality and the truth’s sake! [That is not to say that at some point, “things” could change (Lord willing) – and, this site would include (some of the commercial).  Regardless – the driven passion would remain the same.

Oh yes – and, a special thank you for those MM viewers who having willingly taken the time to register your comments following various Moralmatters.org postings!

Listing of several Nathan M. Bickel’s personal favorite Moralmatters.org web postings of 2013:

Percy Schmeiser an Agricultural Hero: Taking on the Monsanto Monster

Demonic Obama: America’s Omen Child

Obama’s birth certificate documentation now publicly declared a forgery by the legal Sheriff Arpaio Investigation

Investigative Researcher Martha Trowbridge continues unraveling Obama’s past: Fake mother – Stanley Ann Dunham

Obama’s real mother: Forget what you have already been told

Obama’s real father: Forget what you have already been told

The German people knew: Holocaust crimes against humanity concentration camp sites still being researched

Sandy Hook Shooting Hoax

Alleged Sandy Hook Shooting Massacre: Pictures with captions depict the hoax

Sandy Hook coroner and law enforcement actors: Part and parcel of understanding the hoax

Sandy Hook Shooting Hoax

What the Obama government does not want you to know about the Boston Marathon bombing

MSNBC: Network of bigotry hate mongering and racism

Report of 3 American heroes who said “No!” to Obama: Prevented Obama from fingering America’s nuclear buttons

Obama’s end: Will he lose all personal control?

Egyptian legal controlling authority charges aka Obama and Hillary Clinton for conspiring with Muslim Brotherhood terrorists


“A thinking person will question what he hears; examine what he sees; and evaluate what others would have him believe.”

“When did big government and its mainstream media tell the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth?”

[Pastor emeritus Nathan M. Bickel] 


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Pastor emeritus Nathan M. Bickel



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