Oprah Winfrey: Lacking self-esteem or a hypocrite? She lies for Obama by playing the bigot race card


Does Oprah see herself as a non-racist because she is black? Just, what is her problem?

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Does Oprah Winfrey lack self-esteem? Or, is she a blatant hypocrite – or, both? Why did she lie for aka Obama by playing the cowardly bigot race card? Is she attempting to out-do Al Sharpton and his favorite cable “news” Network?

One would think that Oprah Winfrey has all the attention (fame) that anyone could possibly crave. Surely Oprah doesn’t think that she is left behind in the Hollywood trend setting culture. Oprah has oodles of money and superfluous name recognition. Some of her avid fans would most likely and gladly do anything for her,  just to possess her fresh penned signature, a fleeting kiss or even a name call-out by Oprah.

Does Oprah crave aka Obama’s attention? Is Oprah’s self-esteem so low that she feels she has to make excuses for aka (scandal-ridden and criminal ID fraud) Obama? Hasn’t Obama offered enough excuses for his anti-American behavior, which manifests itself by everyday deplorable appointments, agenda, policies, and signed legislative actions which run contrary to traditional, patriotic and Constitutional America? Why then would Oprah Winfrey debase herself to the bottom of the cultural barrel by cat calling bigoted hate mongering speech? Why did she clearly imply that Americans are racist toward the unpopular White House occupier, when, in reality, they strongly and vehemently disagree with his evil morals and wicked behavior?

Corrupted minds, conveniently practice double standards. But, for those who can distinguish right from wrong; sanctimony can be readily spotted. The divine revelation of Scripture speaks of those hypocrites who call right, wrong, and wrong right.

Corrupted minds, conveniently practice double standards. That’s what makes them damnable hypocrites.  But, for those who can distinguish right from wrong; sanctimony can be readily spotted. The divine revelation of Scripture speaks of these hypocrites who call right, wrong, and wrong right.


Isn't it very interesting that those who are so quick to accuse of racism, that those same individuals fail to appreciate those who contributed to their success?

Isn’t it very interesting that those who are so quick to accuse of racism; that those same individuals fail to appreciate those who contributed to their success? Why are some celebrities so unappreciative of their own admiring fans? Does Hollywood and celebrity success take its cerebral toll upon some of the rich and famous?


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“A thinking person will question what he hears; examine what he sees; and evaluate what others would have him believe.”

“When did big government and its mainstream media tell the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth?”

[Pastor emeritus Nathan M. Bickel] 



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Pastor emeritus Nathan M. Bickel



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14 thoughts on “Oprah Winfrey: Lacking self-esteem or a hypocrite? She lies for Obama by playing the bigot race card

  1. BitterClinger says:

    Oprah better be more worried about where she will be spending eternity… she believes that there are “many” ways to get to Heaven.

    1. BitterClinger –

      Yes. You are very right about that. Before my latest 2 MM postings about Oprah’s bigotry racism, I authored a topical Christian message on my http://www.thechristianmessage.org website. I think that I left the (related) informational link after this MM article. Anyway, here it is, again:

      Religious Confusion — Why do some people become so mixed up?

      Perhaps, Oprah is a (sad) example of what Christ mentions in his Parable of the Sower and the Seed. It is my understanding that she was raised with (at least) somewhat of a Christian background. Perhaps, the (worldly) “cares” of this world did its nefarious best to wrest Oprah from the truth of Christ’s Gospel.

    2. Sue Beal says:

      I so agree. Once she got into new age and started pushing it on to others. I noticed a big change in her. She has lost her way. Anyone who really prays and has a relationship with Jesus knows that this president was not right for our country. So sad what is going on with so many living the lie.

    3. you quit lyin oprah says:

      She is the one who lies about SANDY HOOK. She knows barack isn’t even a real man yet she defends him as if he’s a ‘black man’ who the f is he oprah? you know, probably some resurrected wannabee god of yours, that’s who you liar.

      dr oz and oprah LYING TO EVERYONE, participating in sandy hoax and Obama, the lie.

  2. Gunny G says:

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    GUNNY G!

  3. I sense her unhealed wounds are ports of entry for the wiles of the devil.

    Consider how she – like aka O, Holder, et al. – are exceptionally gifted, have achieved the unthinkable, and enjoy financial security – yet are thoroughly miserable human persons. Elite, yet enslaved, not by people, but by their sin.

    What to do? Look inside? Chasten themselves?

    No way!

    Then what?

    Hold fast the delusion that all black people are hated and mistreated by all white people.

    A mind-set that spews three ‘self-affirming’ benefits: an explanation for their inexplicable misery; justification for their odious behavior; and self-deception re: the state of their souls.

    1. TT –

      Thank you for your insightful comment. I’m not sure that I fully understand that last tri-part paragraph block. But, I do understand that 2nd paragraph block of yours when you stated that they are enslaved by their sin. I would further say to that statement, that because they (obviously) have little or no recognition of their sin; they are even more aggravated (“enslaved”) by their inner conflicts and wretched conditions. [I’m thinking at the moment of that one Christian New Testament Scripture – [Paraphrase] – “…..that if the Son [Christ] sets you free; you are free, indeed!” Such (divine) freedom, neither Oprah possesses, or corrupted aka Obama and his partner in crime, Attorney General, Holder.

      Regarding “unhealed wounds” being “ports of entry for the wiles of the devil;” that, makes all the spiritual sense in the world. Unresolved “whatever,” without divine illumination and / or, forgiveness cleansing, sadly spurs an individual soul into a mixed bag, negative state. As you imply, the “wiles of the devil” then become a deadly factor. That “deadly factor” is death hastening gangrene to the person’s character and priceless soul.

  4. Rickster says:

    I remember years ago DopeRah gave support to this family living on the south side of Chicago where about 6 kids were living in a run down apartment, no beds, sleeping on the floor, no food in the house, crap all over the floors, not cleaned in months. Those poor kids. Well it turned out that the “parents” between them were receiving close to $4500 a month in welfare payments from food stamps to housing to healthcare. $4500 a month TAX FREE, which would amount to a person needing to make about 90K a year. This is progressive democrats logic at work.

    1. Rickster –

      Thank you for your informative comment. Democrats like to make themselves feel better by doling out taxpayer money; when, in the process, they end up helping to destroy self-initiative and genuine freedom for individuals.

  5. you quit lyin oprah says:

    why would she be angry about someone not liking Obama and claiming he’s a ‘black man’ when he isn’t even fully black to begin with , the ‘image’ that is, and for two I don’t think the guy is black at all possibly. who the hell is controlling oprah is the question? we know who the guy is oprah, he’s like your messiah or some satan reserection, don’t even pretend to get angry over an image, it’s a fake president oprah and you know it. You have more than two brain cells to rub together and know his past is fabricated. You’re doing this for an agenda.

    who’s barack to you oprah? Osiris? or some kind of satanic symbol, you and your manufactured fake president, you also lied about sandy hook, half the population dosent buy that crap either. You had DR OZ ( who’s butt your always kissing) standing there on stage with you, also he was interviewing a kid and the kid busted him and said it was a drill.

    You don’t even support obamacare, yet anyone who disagrees with barack is racist/ yea right, face it oprah, he’s your messiah and it ISNT cause he’s black it’s cause he represents your agenda, whatever sick agenda you have probably,

    you play the race card to hide your wrongdoings and fakeness. your agenda. but you just stick with that lie, that façade you got going on with the people. you’re good at that aren’t ya?

  6. whatever says:

    If you don’t support Obama the fake manufactured president than youre a racist? yea right. you only put him on the scene as half black probably to win blacks over, now you play the race card. it isn’t about his color, it’s about the content of his lousy character, his fake one shall I say. now take your racist lying crap and shove it up your butt oprah. you and ‘dr oz’ who also probably has a sinister agenda if he’s using kids and making em lie about a story that never even happened.

  7. whatever says:

    you and that lying media circus OPRAH. Just do whatever ‘the man ‘ tells you to. How does having money equate to lying to everyone and pushing through some kind of one world agenda.

    You supposedly had it hard growing up yet you turn your back on the people, lie your butt off then play the race card and act like you’re part of the ubermensch

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