Demonic Obama: America’s Omen Child

“The wicked are estranged from the womb: they go astray as soon as they be born, speaking lies.” – Psalm 58:3 – KJV

Obama's passivity is fertile ground to deseminate his, and his cabal's Marxist agenda against America. Look at this recent Texas Love Field pic and draw your own conclusions. Ask yourself as this author has: "If it weren't for his script writers, his loyal cabal and [for] his doc's meds, how would aka Obama  function in the real world?" - Pic attribution - Reuters -

Obama’s passivity is fertile ground to disseminate his cabal’s Marxist agenda against America. (Click on the pic to enlarge).  Ask yourself as this author has: “If it weren’t for his script writers, his loyal cabal and [for] his doc’s meds, how would aka Obama function in the real world?” – Pic attribution – Reuters – – Nov. 6 – Love Field, Texas.

The book, “War on the Saints,” describes demoniac oppression and possession. No other literary treatise (since) has paralleled it. “War on the Saints” was authored in the early 1900’s by a spiritually insightful and gifted, Jessie Penn-Louis.

A major theme in her enlightening book, is the description of the “‘perfect’ seed-bed” for demoniac (possessive influence). That fertile seed-bed is a person’s passive mind. It is this author’s viewpoint that (aka) Obama and his contrived political actions are not so much about “right,” “left;” liberal, progressive or even socialistic. Rather, Obama’s sins of political omission and active commission, have everything to do with the demoniac.

(Aka) Obama’s personal background is shrouded in secrecy. It is riddled with ID fraud.

(Aka) Obama’s political ascendancy can now be traced (from and to) a contrived (pre-planned) “end-game.”  The latest personal newsworthy revelation has personally come forward, admitting that (aka) Obama was “nothing” until he was schooled to become a (willing) patsy for Marxist endeavors and destructive goals to be perpetrated upon America.  [1]

You may think the aforementioned is a “far-stretch?” Then, educate yourself with the admission of Harry Lennix, who, relates that he (basically) mentored a much younger (aka) “Obama” to blend in with American contemporary society; not only to “blend in,” but to amalgamate himself with traditional America, so that he could skate by,  unnoticed for the real person he was and was intended (pre-planned) to be.  [2]


A pic from the popular movie, “The Omen.” The little boy, Damien, was on a mission; a mission of evil carnage. Those contrary to Damien’s diabolical nature and persona, were cursed, one way, or another. Doesn’t that sound familiar with aka Obama, as America’s Omen Child?

Some of you (who are older) may remember the past popular movie, “The Omen” Its subject focus was an adopted boy born under mysterious circumstances. Eventually,  (over a series of maddening events) the adoptive father is finally persuaded that “Damien” is demonic and evil.  He attempts to rid the world of this demonic personage scourge, but is shot and killed in the process. The boy ends up being adopted (again) by the US Ambassador to Great Britain. The final shot of the movie concludes with “Damien slowly turning to give the camera a diabolical smile.”

Although no analogy is perfect, America’s (aka) “Obama” can be somewhat compared to “The Omen’s,” Damien. Obama’s birth background is shrouded in secrecy.  [3] [4] Everything about Obama smacks of a negative (devilish) nature. [5 ]  He, like Damien,  is an evil scourge of deceit and death to American lives who surround him.  [6 ] The most recent evidence of that scourge, is the Obamacare debacle,  which involves multiple millions of American lives.

The aka Obama “pieces” are being assembled. The demonic Obama “dots” are being connected. As reality would have it; aka Obama, is America’s Omen child. Aka Obama was convinced that he would be (someday) America’s future president.  [7 ]  Harry Lennix has now come forward to relate how he trained aka Obama to become “presidential.” [8 ] 

Obama and his loyal Marxist cabal: A major reason why Obama proliferates his demonic deception and lies:

Partners in the North American "Fast and Furious" gun running scandal: Obama and his Attorney General Holder covered for one another. Who will cover for Obama in the [now] reported Al Qaeda gun walking (developing) scandal and its linkage with the Benghazi terrorist attack?

As partners in the No. American “Fast and Furious” gun running scandal, aka Obama and his Attorney General Holder covered for one another. It is no surprise that aka Obama picked Holder as US Attorney General to be his first line of defense. Oh – by the way – Holder is now the subject of impeachment. Is there any wonder why?

Aka, Obama, is an American (socialist / communist) Muslim / Marxist patsy. No one person since the 1900’s has achieved as much success altering this country’s political landscape as aka, Barack Hussein Obama. Granted, Supreme Court decisions such as Roe V. Wade and forced busing did its political correctness damage. Also, uprooting First Amendment religious expression from the public school system and neutering local school boards, have been part and parcel of dismantling traditional, patriotic and Constitutional America, in favor of introducing the false gods of political correctness, secularism and multiculturalism.

It is no surprise (those) who surrounds Obama, to carry out his criminally evil destruction of traditional, patriotic and Constitutional America. One has no further to look than to research such criminal comrades, as Attorney General Eric Holder.  [9 ] Also, those not to be overlooked, are part and parcel of the Obama corruption team; – Valerie Jarrett, [10] David Axelrod, [11] Van Jones, [12] Cass Sunstein [13]  Mark Lloyd [14] and multiple others. Do an online personal research of these individuals and their personal histories and note how they so snugly fit into aka Obama’s Marxist agenda type actions. [Note this link for a ready resource]

Demonic Obama: America’s Omen Child’s connection with past radicals:



The radical (Communist) elements of the 60’s soon realized that violent efforts directed against this country, could not achieve their goals of transforming the United States into another Communist (type of) socialist state. [Remember Joe McCarty?] Instead, that process had to transpire on a much slower pace, through graduated political means.

Enter, the grooming of the foreign student and pathological liar personality of aka, Barack Hussein Obama, who (admitted himself) that he would someday become America’s chief executive.


[Ask yourself the obvious question:  If  Obama wasn’t groomed for the White House usurping occupancy, why would the then young Obama be so cocksure of his future US presidency ascendancy? Why all the deception? Why all the lies? Deception and lying smokescreens always attempt to hide the obvious. Obama’s stated confidence of him one day assuming the office of US president, apparently was one of the rare times that he has been honest.]


Pic of "Elizabeth Duke" as seen at - Investigative researcher continues to expose Obama's family origins. Note her latest posted article: To Nab or Not to Nab: Our F.B.I. Knows "Dukes" Current Identity, And Exactly Where To Find Her

Pic of  “Elizabeth Duke” as seen at – Investigative researcher, Martha Trowbridge, continues to expose Obama’s family origins. Note her web article:  “Fugitive Alert: Woman Resembling Fugitive Domestic Terrorist Elizabeth Duke Spotted Traveling With President and Mrs. Obama.” –

Those of you reading the aforementioned, may think that this author proposes, a far stretch. That, position has been the propagandist online “conspiracy theorist” assertion of the online ridiculing,  Obamabots. Their deceptive argument, is that aka Obama appeared on the American scene, because he was  a fresh face in the political arena. Up until the present, they had been successful in touting aka, Obama,  as a well-spoken, family man and “Christian,” who was privileged to be America’s first black president. Of course, those informed, well know that this Obama public packaging, is riddled with propaganda lies, as well as Obama’s ID fraud documents. Reality has it, that aka, Obama was the best shot fired by the socialist mindset to destroy America. What could not be achieved by individuals such as Elizabeth Duke,  and her Weather Underground comrades, had to be accomplished by their noxious  radical political offspring.

There is no way that aka, Obama could have been elected the first time around as US president, had he and his cabal (support) marketed him for what he is now truly revealed to the American people. It was imperative that aka, Obama, lie through his teeth with his deceptive “hope and change” promises. He was the “perfect” candidate for the communist cabal. Anyone who opposed him was (then) labelled a racist. His lifestyle lies duped Americans, who, only desired for themselves and their posterity the best material success possible. Their craving for material success blinded them to the spiritual reality of aka Obama’s depraved human nature. Hence, Obama was first (reportedly) elected by a majority of the “Christian” vote who conveniently overlooked Obama’s Illinois senator support for Infanticide. Such fools they were; and, some still are.

Fast forward (in light of Obama’s criminally scandal ridden presidency);  and, his criminal ID fraud:

No matter how aka, Obama may wish to escape his present destructive charade; he is under too much pressure to do so. Why? Because his supporting cabal (i.e. various individuals and media) continue to infuse aka, Obama with the addictive cult of personality “drug” which offers to Obama, his reason for existence. [Obama’s passive mind requires that it be kept active]. In the process, Obama, has become a prisoner of his own lies. The most recent evidence of his (confused) delusion, can be evidenced by rational minds, witnessing Obama’s original Obamacare lies, and now his attempted proliferating lies of Obamacare cover-up excuses.

Obama’s cabal won’t allow him to stray – they have no honor because they possess no honesty. The whole lot of them (cannot for the life of them) appreciate the workings of capitalism, exhibited by individuals, striving to be good stewards of what they earn with their own hands and own heads. The Obama cabal fails to understand Christ’s stewardship teaching, that materialistic reward accompanies worthy individual efforts.

“If a ruler hearken to lies, all his servants are wicked.” – Proverbs 29:12 – KJV

Why is aka Obama demonic? Why can he be considered, “America’s Omen Child?” 

The Divine Revelation of the Holy Scriptures refers to Satan (the devil) as the father of lies. Those who follow in his footsteps, certainly are the devil's disciple spiritual offspring.

The Divine Revelation of the Holy Scripture refers to Satan (the devil) as the father of lies. Those who follow in his footsteps, certainly are the devil’s disciple spiritual offspring. – Gospel of John 8:31-59

This author has posted multiple articles describing the deceptions and lies of Obama. All one has to do to find those postings, is to use this website’s search box. Once, you’ve found (just) one article; there is bound to be multiple informational links (contained therein) to lead you to more articles about Obama’s gross dishonesty to the American people.

The “demonic” invariably centers around deception. Gullible souls who are demonized (influenced in one way or another) by that which is unholy and devoid of godliness, are those persons who have been led to believe untruths. Lies perpetrated by politicians, not only are intended to ensnare voters and thus gain more political (and otherwise) influence; the lies themselves, end up deceiving the ones doing the deceiving. The brick and mortar of the demonic world, is deception. The weight of such, eventually crushes its perpetrators.

Truth always frees; it always (in the end) wins out. Lies always ensnare and bind; lies always take captive the very ones perpetrating the untruths. The divine revelation of the Holy Scriptures make that abundantly clear. The end result of unrepentant lifestyle liars is total banishment, punishment and endless torment. If lies have consequences and proliferate profuse suffering, (and, they do); how much more will God’s inescapable sentence, judgment and punishment be upon those who mercilessly deceived the masses with lifestyle deceptions?

Obama and his deceptive cabal will go the way of all flesh. Some of them may never receive the temporal just (judgment) reward for their lying sins of commission and omission. But, these ungodly sinners will, assuredly (eternally) get theirs.  These demonic disciple beasts, who do their Satanic father’s bidding, will not escape. Total freedom for God’s righteous will be the favorable and heavenly portion of their eternal lot. Theirs will certainly be an eternal relief from this earth’s wickedness and the wicked!

A hundred years from now (for those of you reading this) – Democrat / Republican; political right / political left, etc. – all those terms and endeavors, will be meaningless. Moral truth is what only will have eventually and eternally mattered. If you placed your faith (for your priceless soul)  in your pocketbook, the next favorable political candidate, or, his or her endless campaign promises; that faith will have been, (sorely) misplaced. Only faith in the source of Faith will be that which desperately matters. That same Savior and Christ will come as He promised to judge the living and the dead. Will you be one of His – a disciple of the Truth; or, will you belong to the father of lies? – Gospel of Matthew 25:31-46 – NKJV

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Bombshell: Fox Contributor: Actor Harry Lennix Trained Obama To Act Educated

Open online letter to aka “president” Obama: Repentance is in order for your wicked, troubled and tortured soul –

Breaking News:

Also – Please take advantage of all the above’s internal informational links. This author will add one more link, as it is noteworthy to highlight (perhaps) the most tangible and brutal Obama deception perpetrated upon the American people – his wicked Obamacare legislation and ongoing efforts to shove it down America’s throat:

Obama and his Obamacare –

Pic of the late Richard Wurmbrand who spent 14 years in Communist prisons. Click on the short video to more fully appreciate the life and testimony of this gifted soul.

Pic of the late Richard Wurmbrand who spent 14 years in Communist prisons. Note this one short youtube clip link [below] as Wurmbrand relates one of his many prison experiences. –

Finally: Check out the following informational link. Note what transpires when corrupted government operates contrary to Creator, God:


……One has only to look what happened to the former USSR and Communist bloc countries. And, the US can never offer the excuse that it has never been warned.  The life and testimony of the former Richard Wurmbrand is an indictment of a political system which is foul to the core:….. –

 Personal note from this author:

I was privileged to meet Richard Wurmbrand in the 70’s at the Grand Rapids, MI –  Wealthy St. Baptist Church.  I was with a small group; and we personally spoke with Wurmbrand, after his speaking engagement. In all my life I have never met someone who reflected and mirrored the life of Christ, more than he…….


“A thinking person will question what he hears; examine what he sees; and evaluate what others would have him believe.”

“When did big government and its mainstream media tell the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth?”

[Pastor emeritus Nathan M. Bickel] 


 Posted by:

Pastor emeritus Nathan M. Bickel

Note:  Above pics and / or videos found on the web.    


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  2. Terrifying but true. All true.

    1. Martha –

      Yes! Without a doubt! Not only is aka Obama demonic; he is mentally unstable! What a precarious combination!

      Barack Obama’s Mental Illness

  3. sgt says:

    “…The radical (Communist) elements of the 60′s soon realized that violent efforts directed against this country, could not achieve their goals of transforming the United States into another Communist (type of) socialist state. [Remember Joe McCarty?] Instead, that process had to transpire on a much slower pace, through graduated political means. Enter, the grooming of the foreign student and pathological liar personality of aka, Barack Hussein Obama, who (admitted himself) that he would someday become America’s chief executive….”

    Sorry… I was told about all that has happened in 1944. The ‘plan’ for all this is even much older than that! To infiltrate and ‘dummy-up’ Americans, They tried to introduce Ritalin into our schools in 1935 (“The Myth of the Hyperactive Child” … [Peter Schrag, Diane Divosky].

    1. sgt –

      Thank you for the history! I don’t doubt what you say. My commentary comments were directed to (what I perceived) was the thinking of the post WWII socialist radicals.

      Having stated the aforementioned, you are correct. Radical socialists were rearing their ugly cultural heads in the early 1900’s. These ungrateful people were never satisfied with a capitalistic America which encouraged the work ethic stewardship principles of which were highlighted by Christ (Himself):

      Obama clamors for Ohio’s electoral votes after his forceful government redistribution of wealth

  4. deniseandros says:

    This is probably one of the best articles that I have read in a long while. Loved it!

    1. deniseandros –

      Thank you. Your compliment is greatly appreciated! I put a great deal of effort into it. After awhile, I grew very weary with all the internal linking I set out to do.

  5. Crack is a terrible drug.

    1. deniseandros says:

      It’s not the crack, Gavin. Obama hates America, he hates Israel, but mostly, he hates the GOD of Israel. I refuse to give him any excuse for his treasonous actions. At every turn he sides with Satan.

      At times, I thought that he might be the Antichrist, I’m still on the fence. One thing is certain, he is demonic. Google, Obama, Lord of the flies, it’s very telling and just as erie. Whoever this man turns out to be, one thing is certain; he is an apocalyptic figure. At the very least, he a sort of John the Baptist, and is preparing the way for the rise of the Antichrist, or he will introduce himself as the Mahdi, i.e., the 12th Imam, the Antichrist of biblical fame.

      Obama is controlled by a very powerful demon. Consider for a moment, everything that this man has been able to accomplish. He has severely damaged the global economy, he has brought America, the most powerful nation that has ever existed, to her knees.

      Ask yourself how this effeminate, drug using, lying, devil, has garnered this much power. The full forces of hell are about to be unleashed, thus far Obama has only been a preview of coming events.


      Nice website you have! Keep up the great work exposing evil and wickedness!

      I plan on putting your website on blogroll:

      Zion’s Trumpet

  6. You tea baggers and born again terrorists, sure give a new definition to crazy. How pathetic and ignorant you are, must be all that inbreeding.

    1. Scott –

      I hope that you get some help. Your warped comment reflects a very sanctimonious attitude and smacks of severe bigotry.

      Furthermore, your comment reflects that you hold a highly tenacious skewed worldview. You would do well to visit my other website of

      Finally, I will suggest a topical message that you can easily access on the [my] aforementioned website. You would do well to think before your speak and write, rather than parrot the slimy culture of leftist ridicule:

      Absolutes and Christ’s often misunderstood words of “Judge not…”

  7. unbontir says:

    If Obama should be the man who shall eventually be possessed by the spirit of the antichrist himself, Satan, is yet to be determined definitively, but one thing is for sure, Obama is one of the people who serve the spirit of the antichrist that is even now among us.

    The essence of Liberal-socialism mirrors Satan’s original two part lie to humanity: ‘Did God really say?’– Liberal-socialism denies the authority of the Word of God and denies supernatural Creation of the Universe (Universe: Latin. Single spoken phrase.), and ‘You can be as gods. The Sociological concept of verstehen, or as Frederic Bastiat identified the Liberal-socialist’s concept, “Supermen.” The National Socialists in Germany once termed it the ‘Master Race.’

    Merry Christmas Prof. Bickel, Much love in the risen Lord Jesus who came in the flesh to save me and you, too. Hallelujah!

    1. unbontir –

      Thank you for your excellent comment! It is very refreshing to know that you and others recognize the spiritual aspect of Obama’s White House occupancy depravity!

      Blessings to you this Christmas Season. Have a Merry Christmas!

  8. zip says:

    Yup, you hit the nail head. I was thinking that you must be ‘Saved’ (a believer in Christ Jesus) to write this and have this mindset. As I read more I saw you noted your Source! Brings to mind 2 Cor 4:3-4 But if our gospel be hid, it is hid to them that are lost: In whom the god of this world hath blinded the minds of them which believe not, lest the light of the glorious gospel of Christ, who is the image of God, should shine unto them.

    1. zip –

      It’s Creator God-Almighty who gives me the wherewithal to author what I do. I certainly believe in His Divine Revelation!

  9. Due to all the obvious scars I’ve noticed in pictures of Obama’s scalp, I believe he has had brain surgery and George Soros (the satanist) put computer chip or chips to control Obama from afar for satan! I’m a born-again Christian imbued with the Holy Spirit that reveals so much to me. My observation would certainly reveal what makes Obama “tick.” Give it a thought.

    1. Donna C. –

      Thank you for your comment. I would not doubt what you say. Have you ever seen this Moralmatters resource page?

      Mind Control

  10. Anebt Anurami says:

    Obama will hear the horrifying words of our Judge: “Depart from me, you worker of evil. I never knew you.”

    Horrifying words indeed they will be, and they will come from a righteous Judge who will responsibly throw a terrified Obama into the lake of fire for eternal torture. Let Obama laugh, as fools under the tutelage of their demon father laugh. In the end, Christ will execute righteous sentencing, to be effectve immediately and eternally and unforgivingly.

    “For our God is a consuming fire.”

  11. daledor4 says:

    Muslim Socialist and New World Order Dictator Obama uses Muslim Taqiyya.

    Taqiyya is the ‘ordained’ Muslim practice of lies and deception to promote the cause of Islam from the Koran.

    Sound’s like Satan / Lucifer does it not? There is no problem to Obama to lie and deceive; he thinks it clever and willingly deceives people with such lies such as ‘being a Christian’.

    Heck, the only positive things he has said about religion is ISLAM while attacking true Christians and not saving the lives of Christians trying to flee death by ISIS while importing criminals among the so called ‘immigrant’ ranks that cause so much chaos and will join the ranks of those TERRORISTS that Obama has freed from prison and also placed on American soil.

    Damien? Good character, match.

    1. daledor4 –

      Spot on! I hope you don’t mind me using your comment for a new Moralmatters article to help enlighten some of those who need to know more about insidious, wicked aka Obama.

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