A solution to halt Obama’s criminal destruction of America

MartinLutherKingJr.NeverBeAfraidBluePicA solution to halt Obama’s criminal destruction of America: State, county, and local levels

Perhaps, the only patriotic, traditional and Constitutional salvation for our nation against the Marxist / Muslim minded Obama, is, to fully appreciate that the “United States” is a country of many individual “states,” among which, comprise individual county and local (city / village) governments.

If all (or even a significant number) of state, country, local (and even “township”) governments resist from following federal law;  then, and only then, will there be a genuine resurgence of our nation’s patriotic founding. Also, it must be noted that the Tenth Amendment desperately needs to be seriously exercised by individual states, as the US federal government’s encroachment needs to be curtailed and cut back.

Think for a minute: If usurper White House, (ID fraud ridden) Barack Hussein Obama can (and does) ignore Constitutional law and traditional American norms; that same type of willful intolerance can be successfully postured by states and their local government entities to controvert immoral federal law and presidential orders, which are thrust upon state, county, local and township government levels.

It takes multiple numbers for a national leader to lead:

Please note that a “leader” can only lead when others “follow.” No one in these United States (according to our US Constitution (based upon Judeo / Christian moral law) is obligated to follow Obama’s malignant (federal) dictates.

Pic of former Michigan Governor, George Romney participating in a 1960's Civil Rights march.

Pic of former Michigan Governor, George Romney participating in a 1960’s Civil Rights march.

An efficient (tried and tested) method to dishevel and repeal the Obama federal government’s immoral intrusions, is to follow the historical examples of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. and also the late Mahatma Gandhi. As was previously mentioned:  A leader cannot lead if if few or no one follows.

Foremost, US citizens must drastically alter the manner in which Obama is addressed (called / described). Patriotic citizens (in good conscience) need not give ground to Obama and his criminal co-conspirators, by addressing him, “President” Obama. Obama deserves nothing of the sort, since he is a despicable White House (intruder) occupier. He usurped the office of US president by ID fraud, [1]  [2] of which (mass deception) has been the very basis for him attaining the high office. He gained the office by gross deceit. He outright lied to the American public and hasn’t ceased his lies, since. Hence, Obama’s person and White House occupation is to be logically, morally and sensibly abhorred and regarded, as renegade; wholly unworthy and suitable of rank-in-file citizenry subjection.


If Obama can do what he has obviously (destructively) done, by resisting US Constitutional law and traditional American Judeo / Christian norms, and, by his malevolent dishonest misrepresentation of his very person;  then, Americans (in good conscience), on a huge scale, can successfully resist Obama’s criminal big government control, through their state, county, local and township governments. That, of course would presume basic participation, holding local, county and state political leaders accountable, not to participate in Obama government goose stepping.

However, it takes more than only rank-in-file citizens to hold multiple non-federal governments, accountable. It is paramount for spiritual leaders – principally Christian pastors and church (denominational) leaders to become (highly) involved. Without this leadership element, utilizing the high moral authority it naturally possesses, there can be no natural / national turn-around. Remember:  Why was Rev. Martin Luther King Jr. was so successful? It was because he possessed the high ground of moral authority; and others of like nature, threw their support for the just cause to end racial inequality. They joined hand-in-hand through the non-violent means of non-violent resistance.

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“A thinking person will question what he hears; examine what he sees; and evaluate what others would have him believe.”
“When did big  government and its mainstream media ever tell the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth?”
[Pastor emeritus Nathan M. Bickel] 
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  2. blackyb says:

    Time is growing short. All States, sheriffs, and locals need to know their rights under the Constitution. They need to know the Constitution. Many deputies are under the false impression that the feds have more power than they do in their states. This is incorrect. These need to read and study the Constitution and especially the ammendments showing that the states protect the people from the government.

    1. blackyb –

      Amen! Very well stated. You are spot on in your assessment!

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