A pictorial description of death panel Obamacare

“Obamacare” was was once hailed by some, to be Obama’s signature signed piece of legislation. Instead (now) it is indicative of Obama’s whole failed and destructive de facto usurped presidency. Isn’t it ironic that the “Obamacare” law should require so many (unscrupulous) changes and tweaks by the same corrupted Obama government that deceptively forced it down America’s throat? Please note the 2nd pic below, how many times Obamacare has been “resuscitated” to prevent it from falling dead over its own unsustainable weight.

Come hell or high water; there are still stubborn elected politicians who continue to think that Obamacare is good for America, its citizen’s health and America’s overall economy; despite the reality that umpteen employers are creating part-time positions to avoid the crushing negative economical weight of Obamacare’s unreasonable and punishing provisions.

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Take an Aspirin and Call the Death Panel



Take an Aspirin and Call the Death Panel.

Obamacare:  Indicative of Obama’s whole failed and destructive de facto usurped presidency:

Obamacare: Nasty law by a nasty and corrupted defacto usurping president.

Obamacare: Nasty law by a nasty, corrupted and criminal de facto usurping president.

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Pastor emeritus Nathan M. Bickel



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“A thinking person will question what he hears; examine what he sees; and evaluate what others would have him believe.”

[Pastor emeritus Nathan M. Bickel] 



11 thoughts on “A pictorial description of death panel Obamacare

  1. K. Williams says:

    A revealing quote from the dear leader regarding medical treatment for the elderly.

    “I don’t think that we can make judgments based on peoples’ spirit,” Obama said, “Maybe you’re better off NOT having the surgery, but taking painkillers.“


    1. K. Williams –

      I’m not surprised that this comes from Obama. He supported Infanticide as an Illinois senator. He is calloused and lacks a heart of compassion. His recent “eulogy” yesterday at the DC Naval Yard memorial certainly illustrated his coldness. Mental health experts refer to his appearance as evidence of “dissociation.” Lord only knows how his medical “doctors” keep him “up and running” for his next propaganda appearances and speaking engagements.

  2. Gunny G says:

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    GUNNY G !!!!!

  3. K. Williams says:

    The only “doctors” who will continue to work in the system and support ObamaCare will be sociopaths. All of my friends who were doctors and surgeons have retired from their medical practices because doctors will be restricted, by a computer system, as to what they can and cannot do to treat a patient.

    Worse still is that if a patient is denied care, he will be denied the option of obtaining a “second opinion,” and thus there will be NO choice at all after a sociopath doctor says, “Go home and take aspirin” instead of treating the patient.

    I have been telling everyone I know, especially people on Medicare or who get medical care through the VA, to get their health needs under control because their options will be limited or nonexistent (for the most part) after this health care law goes into effect.

    The object of the system is to sell people expensive health insurance while denying care as much as possible. If you can remember that, then you will have set your expectations correctly. DO NOT believe what the government says about access to “affordable” health care. There will be very limited access to health care because there will be fewer doctors available, and this situation will grow worse as time passes.

    1. K. Williams –

      Your comment paints a very bleak picture; but, I have no reason to doubt what you say, as you are a straight shooter (from other comments you’ve made) and because of all the viable information out there about this healthcare disaster.

      Furthermore, it bears saying that when certain numb-skull voters are faced with the outcome of their voting for Obama, they will realize (hopefully) how foolish and careless they were, voting for someone who supported Infanticide as an Illinois senator. Maybe then, they will realize that Obama does not give a rip about anyone but himself and his Marxist Muslim buddies. But, it will be too late, unless Obama, his legislative actions and appointments can be somehow nullified and or revoked. May God have Mercy!

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