Alleged DC Naval Yard shooting: Early indication of another government / media hoax

Please note that this author’s usage of the word of “hoax” is intended to convey “fraud,” – to deceive At any rate, this author believes that the whole event was contrived – pre-planned by the criminal Obama government and his criminal enablers to smoke screen many Obama criminal scandals.

Alleged DC Naval Yard shooting:  Early indication of another government / media hoax:

When did big government and its mainstream media ever tell the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth? Will there ever be a shortage of crisis actors for big government and its kowtowing mainstream media to mislead the public?

Please note the related informational article links following the short youtube clip. An early indication of another government / media hoax can be found on this short youtube clip; that is, of course, unless the following youtube clip, is, a hoax, itself:

Busted! Proof of Crisis Actors at D.C. Naval Yard False Flag Shooting! –

As with the above youtube clip; please note the same type of crisis acting, as actors have a difficult time containing their (hoax) laughter:

Sandy Hook coroner and law enforcement actors: Part and parcel of understanding the hoax (

Boston Marathon bombing: Obama government will use amputee crisis actors and whatever it can to push its agenda (

Supposed parent, Robbie Parker of one of the killed child victims. Which parent laughs before being interviewed about the very recent death of their child?

Supposed parent, Robbie Parker, of one of the reported killed Sandy Hook child victims. Which parent laughs right before being interviewed about the very recent death of their child?  Crisis actors, though, have a difficult time acting out their hoax performances.

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“A thinking person will question what he hears; examine what he sees; and evaluate what others would have him believe.” [Pastor emeritus Nathan M. Bickel] 


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Pastor emeritus Nathan M. Bickel

Note:  Above pics and / or videos found on the web.

Please note:  Above youtube video was found at the following web address:

14 thoughts on “Alleged DC Naval Yard shooting: Early indication of another government / media hoax

  1. I ran across the following comment on Facebook about the Naval Yard affair:

    Something is not right with the story that unfolded on TV today about DC.

    1. Why was the arrest and event reported on Democratic Underground 3 days ago?

    2. Why is the other gunman not being profiled on TV along with psychological evaluations and sob stories about the poor misunderstood dead shooter? Why? Is he an illegal and a Muslim?

    3. Why is nothing mentioned about the shooter coming from the very area in Texas where Obama’s Muslim Brotherhood pal in his admin has his stronghold? *see 2nd one from left in photo

    4. Why did the video on Beck’s show tonight of the lock down, include footage of 2 dozen + people trotting out with their hands up like they had been arrested NOT rescued. Is this part of the worldwide arrests of the cabal?

    5. Where are the profiles and interviews of dead Military involved in the shooting today?

    6. Why were people standing around relaxed and not upset while a dead man lay on the curb? Weren’t they afraid of being shot? How did they know it was safe? Was this a drill? Obama is not trusted and is a dangerous proven liar.

  2. Why are there NO crime scene photos today. Killing 12 people would be a very bloody scene, yet we see nothing. Cops claim the bodies were removed by helicopter from the roof…..really???

    Cops also claimed that 20 bodies of children were removed from the Sandy Hook School at “night.” Again…NO photos. Why? Because it never happened.

    1. Das –

      Good observations! All this attention to an “event” and nothing what you mention.

      Also, I find it very interesting [suspicious] that such an emphasis was (and is) being made on how good a job the “first responders” (to this supposed tragedy) had done. This alone is a red flag and smacks of the “over-kill (no pun intended) as was the case in Edgar Allen Poe’s, “The Black Cat.”

      Here, following was my one comment on my town’s local forum online newspaper, after one individual posted this link and added the usual old lib ridicule.

      My comment:

      What I find amusing is that there are those, who, apparently like yourself would believe most everything that is fed you by big government and its adoring media. Just listen and witness for yourself how the “authorities” interviewed are going overboard in praising the “first responders.” That, in itself, is a red flag. It is as if to assure Americans that they have everything under control to minimize what the crazies will do. The message is sent:

      “Just trust us; we are government authorities. We will bend over backwards to protect you.”

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  4. Amanda says:

    The Washington Navy Yard Shooting Hoax;

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