Obama’s conscience or lack of it

 Reuters pic of Obama receiving an honorary doctorate degree at Notre Dame Catholic University, May 17, 2009. Look closely at Obama's face. It's a face of no conscience.

Reuters pic of Obama receiving an honorary doctorate degree at Notre Dame Catholic University, 5/17/09. Look closely at Obama’s face. It’s a face of no conscience. Note here his then promise and then, later betrayal to Catholics. Furthermore, Obama had claimed to be a Christian, when he is no more Christian than the man in the moon.

Volumes could be authored regarding “conscience,” and how conscience or lack of it, is one of the major motivating factors which precipitates good moral behavior, or evil behavior. Following, are some basic definitions to help guide this article’s readers as they [you] ponder this web posting. Please note (after the “Definitions”) a couple of reader’s comments and this author’s responses; along with multiple pics, captions and informational links:

Definitions of “Conscience:”

A. From the Latin [Webster] – consciousness, knowledge, feeling, sense, moral sense; a knowledge or feeling of right and wrong, with a compulsion to do right; moral judgment that prohibits or opposes the violation of a previously recognized ethical principle. 

B. From the Christian New Testament Greek [“Thayer’s] definition of “conscience,” – συνείδησις – pronounced, suneidēsis:

1) the consciousness of anything 2) the soul as distinguishing between what is morally good and bad, prompting to do the former and shun the latter, commending one, condemning the other


It is generally accepted that all persons have a “conscience,” at least in the sense that they have a “consciousness” – an awareness of their surrounding environment, family, acquaintances and friends; situation and circumstances. However, not all people possess the aforementioned definition of possessing an active conscience which will pay heed to that which is morally good, proper and laudable.

“Mana nui” left the comment on the one Moralmatters.org article of: Obama trapped in his own deceits: His lies are bars that bind him:

What makes you think he has a conscience????????????? Duh.

In reply to “mana nui,” this Moralmatters author stated:

mana nui – Excellent observation and question! Thank you for visiting Moralmatters and asking.

Guilt over having broken God's Ten Commandments will soon take its toll. Unresolved and unforgiven guilt will crush an individual

Guilt over having broken God’s Ten Commandments will soon take its temporal and eternal toll. Unresolved and unforgiven guilt will crush an individual, now and in the hereafter. Please note: Authentic and Counterfeit Prayer.

Sometimes I ask myself the similar question. Frankly, I don’t know whether Obama has any practical and / or workable conscience anymore. His God-given created conscience may be so far gone – destroyed by his own hypocrisies and continued (perpetual) lies. When we can only witness the pathetic perpetual flow of deceit being daily fomented by Obama and his fellow criminal enablers, I think it safe to assume that Obama’s conscience is inoperable. Whether that is permanent or no, I do not know. But, I do know what Holy (New Testament Christian) Scriptures say about a severely damaged conscience:

“…….Now the Spirit speaketh expressly, that in the latter times some shall depart from the faith, giving heed to seducing spirits, and doctrines of devils; speaking lies in hypocrisy; having their conscience seared with a hot iron; …….” -1 Timothy 4:1-2

Having stated the above, it is no wonder why some souls (barring the conversion miracle of God’s Holy Spirit) spiral into deep despair and end up taking their own lives as a perceived (false) solution to escape the temporal torments of their own deceitful treacheries. In Obama’s case, I still pray that he can possibly receive mercy from Almighty God and that he genuinely repent of his personal and political (horrendous) sins. Even God granted grace to one of the most prevalent persecutors of Christians, transforming “Saul” to the “Apostle Paul!”

As one former parishioner of mine once stated:

“A human [unrepentant] soul is never eternally damned until he takes his last breath.”

You are either righteous or ungodly



Barbara Mcninch left the following comment after the same (aforementioned) Moralmatters.org article:

Money, power and greed – his strength / motive. 
In reply to Barbara McNinch, this Moralmatters author replied:


Professing to be a Christian means nothing. Dietrich Bonhoeffer once stated [Paraphrase] – “He who believes, obeys; and he who obeys, believes.” Obama can lie all he wants about being a “Christian,” but he is no more a Christian than the man in the moon. He is like the usurping king in Shakespeare’s “Hamlet” who attempted to act sincere in prayer before Almighty God – but, who in utter frustration, exclaimed: “My words fly up; my thoughts remain below. Words without thoughts, never to heaven go!”

Barbara – That “money, power and greed,” (as you say) may be Barack Obama’s “strength” and “motive.” However, I would be (so) quick to interject that Obama is (and has been) a gifted person. He is not as some people on the Internet have tried to make him, as someone totally oblivious and ignorant. I’m convinced that he knows full well what he has done to America; and, what he hopes to continue to destructively do. But, returning to your one sentence comment; you mention the big three “strengths” / “motives” that undergird Barack’s thinking, actions, agenda and policies.

I would tend to agree that this reason you offer, are only “surface” reasons. The “iceberg reason” below these surface reasons is that Obama is “unregenerate.” His [so-called] “Christian” learning and experience never entered below the outer surface of his heart; else he would mirror Christ’s life and be a genuine disciple of Christ – exhibiting the management of the US government to be one of a [good] moral behavior. Having stated such, Obama’s outward “Christian” profession is just another smokescreen, intent upon deceiving the American masses.

But, returning to the reason for Obama’s “Money, power and greed – his strength / motive,” – that underlying major reason, is that he is an “unregenerate” person. The Scriptures say of such an individual:


Christ’s parable of the Pharisee and the Tax Collector illustrates the difference between an active conscience and one that has been severely damaged; if not dead. The Scripture says that the proud Pharisee prayed to himself versus the Tax Collector who bowed his head in shame and humility, pleading for God to “be merciful to me the sinner.”

And, so it follows that Obama is on the path to damnation perdition. [Matthew 25:31-46 and Luke 16:19-31] He will not end up [barring genuine Christian repentance] as one of heaven’s inhabitants. Rather, Obama will end up with his spiritual father, Satan, the father of all lies. It will be an environment of immense and unimaginable torment and sufferings. Why? Because Obama is not fit to inherit the holiness of heaven. His basic sin nature has been unwashed and unmoved. A just God will not allow that! And, Barack will not be able to persuade and / or bribe the supreme Judge of all humanity to do his selfish bidding.

Hell to Pay: Believing that something is a figment of the imagination doesn’t change its hereafter reality

You are either righteous or ungodly

What would you do? Would you shut out your conscience? Would you refuse to do what is unselfish, good, proper and laudable?

If you had an opportunity to temporarily protect your aging mother at the expense of betraying the country you lead; what would you do? Would your conscience be your guide; or, would you take the risk of aiding and abetting a wanted alleged domestic terrorist who has apparently eluded law enforcement for decades; but, is now being rediscovered? Would you provide this “domestic terrorist” FBI wanted person, sanctuary in the White House and Air Force 1? Would you further incriminate yourself and proliferate God’s damnation judgment against you in the hereafter?

Investigative Researcher, Martha Trowbridge continues to unravel Obama’s past. Her latest several web postings link the known FBI Most Wanted Domestic Terrorist with that of Obama’s living mother. Trowbridge’s latest article has an appearance pic of “Elizabeth Duke” with Barack and Michelle Obama:

Fugitive Alert: Woman Resembling Fugitive Domestic Terrorist Elizabeth Duke Spotted Traveling With President And Mrs. Obama

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