The “Terrible Truth” of Obama’s ID fraud: He learned well from his mother

It is obvious that Obama wishes to smoke screen his past. He continues to play the race card making the unfortunate death of Trayvon Martin a focal point to gin up his racial agitating. Obama wishes to hide his past background and the reality of the formal and completed investigation by Sheriff Arpaio which has proven Obama's ID fraud.

Morphing pic of Malcolm X – 1960’s civil rights activist. Investigative Researcher, Martha Trowbridge, offers convincing evidence in her “Terrible Truth” website, that Malcolm X was the father of Barack Obama. [Please note that if the picture is not morphing correctly; just click on the pic itself]

Reality eventually finds a way to pry the lid from the ignored and obscure. Once lifted, truth emerges. It may take a graduated period of time; but truth is never stagnant. It always stalks and trumps deceit.

Scores of individuals live lives based upon untruth. They presume upon the honesty, trust and tolerance of their fellowman. Unashamedly they foist their agendas by subterfuge and the cloak of secrecy.

Recent vigorous efforts by Investigative Researcher Martha Trowbridge and a few certain others have uncovered past segments of secrecy, dishonesty and presumption. It is now known that a certain individual, “Elizabeth Ann Duke,” harnessed ID fraud to further her political ends; first and foremost, to assume another ID (in order) to avoid being apprehended by law enforcement authorities. Multiple identities like musical chairs.

Read Martha Trowbridge’s new piece:

Dreams From Obama’s Mother: F.B.I. Most Wanted Fugitive Domestic Terrorist Elizabeth Ann Duke – by Martha Trowbridge –


………Terrible Truth announces the upcoming publication of Investigative Report II: DREAMS FROM “OBAMA’S” MOTHER: F.B.I. MOST WANTED FUGITIVE DOMESTIC TERRORIST “ELIZABETH ANN DUKE”

Accompanying this publication will be regular “Elizabeth Ann Duke” posts for paid subscribers of Terrible Truth: ………………..

ID fraud is not an uncommon crime. Its scope is devastating and universal. Individuals both rich and poor are preyed upon by nefarious low-lives intent upon financial gain. That dishonest gain is thievery by sophisticated means – extortion.

Not only is ID fraud (not) limited to financial ill-gotten gain; but, political gain as well. The person in question in Trowbridge’s piece and (likely) future blog entries is a woman of fraudulent ID corruption, who eluded the law and assumed various IDS. She also is believed to be the same person who mothered Malcolm X’s illegitimate son, of which assumed the office of US president in 2008. He, also is an individual whose real person obscures himself by ID fraud. Doesn’t it make all the sense in the world for son to act like mother?


Dreams From Obama’s Mother: F.B.I. Most Wanted Fugitive Domestic Terrorist Elizabeth Ann Duke – by Martha Trowbridge –

Please also note:


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Nathan M. Bickel

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21 thoughts on “The “Terrible Truth” of Obama’s ID fraud: He learned well from his mother

  1. Joel Lillo says:

    In response to your morphing picture that attempts to show a resemblence between President Obama and Malcolm X, look at the picture of a very young Barack Obama dressed as a pirate on Halloween in this article: (It’s #4 on the list).

    He actually bears a very striking resemblance to his mother.

    1. Joel Lillo –

      Are you familiar with the one Moralmatters article about Obama’s “real mother?”

      Obama’s real mother: Forget what you have already been told

      As to your comment about “a very striking resemblance to his mother,” – I think you are one of many led to believe that Obama’s mother was “Stanley Ann Dunham.” At least that is what Obama has desired the American electorate to believe as he set forth in his “Dreams” propaganda book. People need to wake up and realize that Obama has set the family background “agenda.” He has fed Americans many lies and has deceived them by all his smoke screening. [Even now Obama is attempting to smoke screen all his political scandals with trying to make a big splash with the corrupted mainstream media, making speeches about the economy]

      I’d encourage you to pay the small fee of ten dollars and read all of Martha Trowbridge’s excellent articles, starting with this one (linked below). Perhaps, then you will begin to realize that the Obama people have used the Internet to perpetuate Obama’s synthetic identity:

      Years May Pass, But Some Things Stay The Same – Like Stanley Ann’s Long Fake Hair

  2. Please note regarding Obama and his repeated lies. This Moralmatters author quotes from a past posting:

    …….. It is common knowledge that what Obama has said and continues to say, cannot be treasured more than a hill of beans. Obama possesses the dastardly diabolical habit of speaking with a forked tongue. He is a masterful snake oil salesman. He is a stranger to the truth. He speaks repeated lies, so much so, that this deceptions seem to always possess a smoke screen specific purpose. His lies are intended to deflect what are his true and ongoing actions and agenda.

    And, this author’s contention is, that Obama lied about his past family origins. Sadly and pathetically, though, that deception has been readily accepted as the temporal truth. How many people do you know who have accepted the Obama story line about his Hawaiian origins with a Kenyan father, Barack Obama I, and white mother, Stanley Ann Dunham? Virtually most people believe that, because that’s all they’ve been told. And, of course, that’s what the mainstream media has reported, over and over. – ……..

    It cannot be mentioned enough how the American public has been misled by Obama and his enablers. He and his enablers have perpetuated the scenario story line of Obama’s family origins. That story line is the propaganda which Obama has desired Americans to believe. Also, it cannot be stated enough that Obama is a pathological liar. He lies to smoke screen his political, economic and moral rape of America. How long will it take Americans catch on? And, once they do (if they do) will disgust be the end of Obama.

    Will Obama finally experience a tragic end as did Mussolini who was said to be apprehended, shot and publicly displayed as a corpse?

    Mussolini Execution (1945) Vintage Footage of the Dictators Death

  3. Mo2Do says:

    As part of Martha Trowbridge’s extensive research she posted a photo of Obama and what she claims is his mother when they both attended the March 2013 NCAA basketball tournament at Syracuse. More photos of Obama and his alleged mama, Nancy Cantor (aka Jo Ann Newman, Stanley Ann Dunham), Chancellor at Syracuse. Interesting things to point out:

    1. Notice the VERY similar large ears and shape of the head.
    2, Notice the endearing placement of her TWO hands on his arm. How well do they really know each other?
    3. Reggie Love fills the seat after Nancy leaves. Reggie and Obama are VERY close…cough.
    4. Nancy Cantor claims that she is from the Bronx and born in 1952. Jo Ann Newman was from the Bronx and would have been born around 1945 or so. Did she undergo a name change and birthday modification, too?
    5. The radical liberal policies match that of (her brother) Obama’s mentor Uncle Fred Newman and of her son Bari M. Shabazz (Obama).

    1. Mo2Do –

      Thank you for your pointed comment and your two links which display the pics!

  4. Joel Lillo says:

    Why would he lie about the identity of his mother? Just plain doesn’t make sense to me. This would have to be something going back to his early life.

    1. Joel –

      Obama lying about the true identity of his mother best furthers his Marxist goals and destruction of traditional, patriotic and Constitutional America. Obama has been living a lifestyle of lying. Liars continue along this path; else if they really would tell the truth; they would be totally put to shame, discredited; and, in some cases (such as Obama) face the worst of personal nightmares. In short, Obama has been ensnared by his own snake oil salesman (forked) tongue. The Scriptures paint a very dismal picture of those living a lifestyle of deceit.

    2. Barbara says:


      1. Barbara –

        Yes. There is some old adage which says that [paraphrase]:

        “If you give someone power; you will quickly find the real truth about that person.”

  5. nspiusa says:

    What becomes of paramount importance from Martha’s (and my) research, regardless of how much you want to accept it – I encourage everyone to do their own research. You WILL be convinced of the present “Administration’s” connection; indeed, development directly from the Marxists of the sixties, seventies etc.; the Weather Underground, M19CO, SDS and LDL. These people are Marxists, Maoists, Leninists etc., ie. COMMUNISTS. They MUST be removed if we are to have a normal and enjoyable life.

    Martha Trowbridge is a must read! Much of it is undeniable!

    1. nspiusa –

      Amen! And, my educated guess is that some of Trowbridge’s future web postings will be exposing what you reference; connecting some important dots. Many people who dismiss “original sin” and its corrupt nature are without a clue as to its deviousness and foul roots. Evil, deception and treachery just doesn’t “happen.” It is maniacal and intended by those who perpetuate it.

  6. Joel Lillo says:

    When did he start lying about his mother and what purpose did it serve at that time? You see, I just don’t see any logical reason for a teacher or community organizer to do something like that and it would have been too late to put it into place when he started his presidential asperations around the time he ran for Senate.

    There is enough that we do know about him to make a sound case against him — his political philosophy, his failed policies, the nightmare that Obamacare is proving to be. We don’t need some cockamamie story about false identities and faked birth records. I guess people like you just like to make it a little juicier. The reason I object to the kooky stuff that you write is that it makes those of us who oppose him on substantive issues seem like crackpots because those on the left tend to lump us in with nuts like you and dismiss our very real objections by saying, “Oh, they believe nutty stuff like all the birthers. Why should we listen to them?”

    1. Joel –

      People who think as you are a dime a dozen. That’s a major reason why Obama and his enablers have been able to deceive and lie; and why they have been “successful” with their propaganda. Your dime a dozen horde are like liberals who pride themselves in expecting the best foot forward of basic sinful human nature. What they (and you) have ignored is the age-old Scriptural principle of the “fallen human nature.”

      Call people such as I “nuts” and “crackpots,” but your name calling and ridicule only showcase your diminutive thinking.

  7. Joel Lillo says:

    I think it’s pretty clear from my comments that I am a conservative. I know what the sinful human nature is capable of. I still think your assertions about faked birth records, etc. are false. They are way too complicated to be carried out in the way you have described them and would have taken forethought going back to Barack Obama’s childhood to pull them off. Yes, you are nutty. It’s not name calling, it’s just describing accurately what I read here.

    1. Joel –

      You are obviously confused. You claim to be a Conservative; but, yet you argue like a liberal. You are also in denial – another trait of libs. You refuse to accept what a thorough investigation found of Obama’s forged birth documents:

      Obama’s birth certificate documentation now publicly declared a forgery by the legal Sheriff Arpaio Investigation

  8. Barbara says:

    What do you know of Obama taking all American people and moving them to the cities to confiscate their land for oil and gas, selling to other countries and also staying in power?

    1. Barbara –

      I have not read or done a study of this obvious Marxist idea and activity. But, I believe that this extreme measure to intrude upon Capitalism and trample individual freedoms, fill socialists brains such as Obama and his corrupted company.

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