Helen Thomas daughter of Obama: Her spiritual legacy is hatred

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Moralmatters posted on his Facebook last week:

“A daughter of Obama has been reported to have died today – Helen Thomas. She was bigoted against Israel, also. Remember that as you witness the news with Obama making a martyr out of Trayvon Martin and while Obama attempts to stir up racial division, as his race baiting brothers (Sharpton and Jackson) are doing.”

Helen Thomas, daughter of Obama, dies: Her spiritual legacy is hatred toward the Jews:

Pic of Obama with his spiritual daughter, lib propaganda news reporter, Helen Thomas. Pic credit: "Bye, bye Helen Thomas! Rot in hell!" - israelmatzav.blogspot.com/2013/07/

Pic of Obama with his spiritual daughter, lib propaganda news reporter, Helen Thomas. Pic credit: “Bye, bye Helen Thomas! Rot in hell!” – israelmatzav.blogspot.com/2013/07/

The liberal mainstream news media will always overlook the evils of its own. The passing of another lib news propagandist is no exception. Bigoted Helen Thomas is lauded for her  stark individuality; but, in all fairness it needs to be pointed out that Helen Thomas was no saint. She like all, was a sinner, naked before Almighty and holy Triune God. Barring genuine repentance on her part, Helen Thomas is now experiencing perdition, the eternal [forever] home of all those who hate:

1 John 3:15 – “Whoever hates his brother is a murderer, and you know that no murderer has eternal life abiding in him.” – [Context Source: 1 John 3:12-24]


Journalist Helen Thomas Tells Israelis Get the hell out of Palestine – youtube.com

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It is often understood that “hate” is a detestable attitude / emotion that manifests itself in human [hate] speech. When people hear hate speech they readily label someone a “hatemonger.” The common universal school of thought is to qualify a hatemonger by what he says – not by what he does……. – thechristianmessage.org/2011/06/

Ben Franklin once said: "History keeps a dear school; but, a fool will learn in no other. History forgotten by the masses is history revisted in form of new tyrants. Pick your facist leader poison.........

Ben Franklin once said: “History keeps a dear school; but, a fool will learn in no other.” History forgotten by the masses is history revisited in form of new tyrants. Pick your fascist leader poison…..

Why make historical comparisons vis-a-vis Obama and Hitler?

Obama Hitler comparison for good reason 


………. History doesn’t matter with mainstream media, and its worshiping devotees of both political parties, hell-bent on protecting an unconstitutional president who illegitimately occupies the US White House. Neither does the US Constitution matter. The only thing that matters with the lapdog media and its mesmerized public is to create the illusion of America’s first “black” president. Anyone with a factual difference of opinion about that purported propaganda; or, anyone found (by them in disagreement) is therefore spotlighted in anathema and ridicule fashion; targeted as a conspiracy theorist, fanatic, “birther,” and / or racist.

However, be that as it may, this author still has hope in American voters’ sense of honesty and intelligence. It is my growing opinion that reasonable and thinking US voters are sick and tired of mainstream media’s thirsting infantile fascination with their propaganda lactating lying “president.” Most everything that this smoke and mirrors White House occupier has done since usurping the Executive office, has had the detrimental effect of destroying traditional and patriotic America. Reality needs to be on display, spotlighting Obama as not the man that the media portrays him; but rather a monster of stupendous and embarrassing proportions! …………. – moralmatters.org/2012/08/28/


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Pastor emeritus Nathan M. Bickel



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8 thoughts on “Helen Thomas daughter of Obama: Her spiritual legacy is hatred

  1. Katherine says:

    If Helen is suffering for her sins why are you wallowing in it?? She didn’t kill anyone. You are acting like she was a hitler or something. Leave her alone to suffer or be forgiven as God wills it. Like you yourself said: We are all sinners.

    1. Katherine –

      I think that you are assuming some things about me and my intentions. It is my hope that Helen did genuinely repent of her bigotry. But, be that as it may, I feel that some things need to be written about some people’s lives and actions. We humans need not gloss over sins of commission and omission.

      By the way – no one has to actually have murdered someone to qualify for hell’s suffering forever torment. It is unbelief that damns:

      The 2 Most Important Realities that a Person Can Realize this Side of the Hereafter

  2. Bree says:

    I don’t even know if I’m commenting in the right place since I have just come from the “war of words” with the Atheists on another blog and I don’t intend to vent my anger here. I really don’t and I know this Pastor will understand.

    I just see that America’s cup is full and boiling with hatred and anger and injustice. Everybody is forced to slam into a wall or go over the cliff and I blame Obama for every bit of it! The Obama “team” – his media assassins have infiltrated every level of society until it’s like poison flooding the land. He is evil and breeds evil.

    I remember Helen Thomas and watched her with many Presidents; but with this one her mask came off and she took on his identity. Her hatred and bigotry for Israel and the Jewish people finally did her in. I saw her last interview with the President. She looked like a wicked witch and it covered all her prestige of a renowned reporter from bygone years. I asked myself how could a woman like that ever end up like this? Her spirit was long ago given up to pride and the things that make that breach. Everything became relative and she chose the wrong side of God to fear. Hating His people dug her grave and her legacy is shameful.

    As Christians we should take note that the hour is late; darkness covers the land and we are called to stand, against all this evil onslaught, to fight the good fight of faith and rescue those who are perishing even now. God is angry with the wicked every day and it is God who is the final judge and jury of every life. The tide has turned in this nation and we better be building an ark.

    1. Bree –

      Excellent comment! Your insight into the evilness of the Obama regime, I only wish most Americans would share. If most Americans possessed your understanding; Obama and his cabal would have been gone by now. But, even as you paint a bleak picture; I still have hope and prayer for a better day and that all of Obama’s frauds – and, his enablers will soon be publicly exposed and dealt with in a judicious and punitive manner!

  3. blackyb says:

    Ding Dong the witch is dead? A song I remember from somewhere.

  4. blackyb says:

    Well, just Ding Dong.

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