Obama “Dreams” book easy to find



Obama’s birth certificate documentation now publicly declared a forgery by the legal Sheriff Arpaio Investigation


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The Complete List of Email Addresses and Fax Numbers for the U.S. Congress and Governors – conservativeusa.org/

U.S. Constitution Online – usconstitution.net/


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6 thoughts on “Obama “Dreams” book easy to find

  1. K. Williams says:

    That puppet has NO IDEA who his father is, much less the “dreams” of a sperm donor that enabled him to come into existence. I guess anyone can write any kind of fiction, call it a “biography,” and then parlay the popularity of that “biography” to transform himself into “Dictator to the World.”

    1. K. Williams –

      Aka Obama is the ultimate con man. But, he will meet his match [and then some] in the Last Judgment as described in the Gospel of Matthew 25. Barring genuine repentance on his part he will get his in a hereafter of eternal damnation punishment.

  2. dougster says:

    I have heard that BHO received a $20,000 advance on the “Dreams…” book and he gave that to Ayers. What Ayers is bitching about now are the current royalties. [Michelle had asked Ayers to write the book.]

    It was not until AFTER the ‘2008’ election that researchers figured out the the mysterious “Frank” mentioned 22 times in “Dreams….” is actually communist mentor Frank Marshall Davis.

    Davis lived in Hawaii and Barry visited him many times over a ten year period. Davis was also the porn author and took the nudie photos of Ann Dunham. He also wrote a column in Hawaii newspapers at that time. One of his stories was titled..”How To Be A Communist.” Obama is now living the Davis’ Dream.

    BTY, all references to Frank Marshall Davis, the commie mentor, have been removed from the new audio version of the book. Gee, I wonder why.

    1. dougster:

      I think that it is not wise to believe the Obama origin story. Here’s why – and, I quote from a portion of a previous moralmatters.org posting:

      “Obama’s real father: Forget what you have already been told:’

      “…….this author’s contention is, that Obama lied about his past family origins. Sadly and pathetically, though, that deception has been readily accepted as the temporal truth. How many people do you know who have accepted the Obama story line about his Hawaiian origins with a Kenyan father, Barack Obama I, and white mother, Stanley Ann Dunham? Virtually most people believe that, because that’s all they’ve been told. And, of course, that’s what the mainstream media has reported, over and over…….”


      1. dougster says:

        I don’t believe his nativity story at all and have never said that I do believe it. Obama Sr. and Ann Dunham are not his parents. I have no proof of who his parents were but there are a lot of photos that place him in Hawaii during his high school years.
        I still believe that there is some truth to the idea that Lederer’s Bar plays a part in this drama, whatever it finally will be. If you look at all of the Dunham nudie photos there is a second woman in some of them. She’s been interviewed and she knows a lot about the Dunhams that’s never been told publicly. None of her information has ever been released.

        If anyone has some solid proof of the actual parents…please post it here. We’d all like to read it.

        1. dougster –

          I’m convinced that Obama and corrupt company have made it a top priority to feed and misdirect the public with online pics. And, the mainstream media has accepted them, hook, line and sinker. A pointed example of the recent past is how the mainstream media made Trayvon Martin out to be an innocent young teenage boy. There is no lack of media censor when a certain stereotype and propaganda is being pushed.

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