Zimmerman, Obama and Martin: The racial discrimination of political correctness

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SINE PARI” – Latin for “without equal.” “CAMVABO” – “Conservative American Military Veterans against Barack Obama.”





Zimmerman Trial’s Rachel Jeantel and “Creepy ass cracker:” The racial double standard – moralmatters.org/2013/06/29/

Fair trial stacked against George Zimmerman in the Trayvon Martin shooting – moralmatters.org/2013/05/28/

Zimmerman, Obama and Martin: The racial discrimination of political correctness – moralmatters.org/2013/07/01/


Political Correctness – http://moralmatters.org/


Note – The following link provides contact information to our nation’s top political personalities.They are the elected leaders:

The Complete List of Email Addresses and Fax Numbers for the U.S. Congress and Governors – conservativeusa.org/

Also –

U.S. Constitution Online – usconstitution.net/


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Pastor emeritus Nathan M. Bickel



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12 thoughts on “Zimmerman, Obama and Martin: The racial discrimination of political correctness

  1. blackyb says:

    Quit stirring this pot of poop. Who gives a freak what the ignorant ghetto black wench said, anyway? I just hope Zimmerman is found not guilty. The only people guilty are dead or working for the press.

    1. blackyb –

      Sorry that I don’t see it the way you do. I believe that it is necessary to expose this wicked political correctness crap.

  2. K. Williams says:

    The POTUS injected a healthy dose of racism into this story when he came out with a political statement about this case on 3/23/2012. The exact quote from the POTUS was, “If I Had A Son, He’d Look Like Trayvon.” Pastor James David Manning, of Atlah World Ministries in Harlem, noted that after four years, the POTUS finally gave a nod to the Black community with that racially-charged statement during an election year.

    1. K. Williams –

      Yes. Thank you for reminding us what the White House occupier stated! I believe that Obama was in full community agitating mode when he said that. He helped seed an environment of rushing to judgment. But, what would he care; as he never has been one that is for genuine justice and honesty.

  3. J>M>Rodriguez says:

    :”Hispanic” is not a RACE— it was created by liberals in the 60s as part of the racial “pot stirring” of hate. It made those who are White of Spanish Sur name exchangeable between colored or white whatever was a matter of convenience for desegregation purposes to insulate “Anglos”. “Hispanic” according tp the US Census Bureau can be any race that is Spanish Sur named. So technically Filippinos are Hispanic as many are Pacific Islanders, nearly all of Latin America parts of Europe, Parts of North Africa and west Central Africa. MY BIRTH CERTIFICATE LISTS ME AS WHITE not as “hispanic”— Jose Miguel Rodriguez Garcia de Hinojosa y Vela, me and family born in USA, even before there was a USA.

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