Reuters News agency crawls out of Obama’s ass to defend him over Edward Snowden’s NSA surveillance revelations

No matter how you "cut it," unless a media personality tells the whole reality about Obama, that media personality becomes an Obama enabler.

Because mainstream media will not investigate and report the whole reality about Obama, it becomes a significant Obama enabler. This  tag team is hell-bent to destroy America and anyone opposing this government’s insidious corruptions.

The mainstream media news agency of Reuters has now gone out of its way to defend Obama and his corrupted federal government. It’s the same old – Obama is up against the world, fighting the global extremists who are hell bent in keeping the United States from unfettered progress.

Why is Obama and certain high profile Washington DC politicians so mania driven to capture Edward Snowden and throw him in the slammer? Why are they so apparently  paranoid? Are they worried that Mr. Snowden will spill more embarrassing beans about the surveillance [spying] of  ordinary rank-in-file decent American citizens and also global governments?

It must be distressing to the Obama unpatriotic crook, occupying our American White House, that he does not have control over the 29 year old Snowden. Granting terrorist Muslims, American arms is an easy and flippant action for him. But, to shut up a patriotic American, intent upon  exposing government corruption, seems (at present) out of Obama’s  malevolent reach. Not only must it be distressing to Obama and his  corrupt Obama regime enablers, but also highly stressing. What more will Edward Snowden divulge in the near future which will highlight Obama’s ongoing atrocious corruptions upon traditional, patriotic and Constitutional America?

Following, is an example – [an informational link below] in which a major mainstream news media outlet has gone to great lengths to make our usurper White House occupier look halfway decent. The commentary news piece is written from the usual propaganda perspective, that Obama again, has been thwarted in his attempts to lead the United States to a better condition and place; when, in reality, Obama is in the evil process of dismantling traditional,  patriotic and Constitutional America.

U.S. warns countries against Snowden travel –


List Of Politicians Who Want Snowden’s Head On A Platter Is Revealing About What’s Really Going On –


A convenient way to smokescreen one’s own political corruptions and surveillance upon the American people, is to create a strawman boogeyman. Obama, Boehner, Pelosi and RINO senators, McCain and Graham are more than willing to demonize Edward Snowden to deflect their own Judas behavior upon the American people.


<<<<<<< Edward Snowden is a man on the run. He’s reported to be headed for Ecuador, seeking asylum of some sort. The Obama Administration and its extended family of minions seem to be in abosolute panic mode over what else Snowden has that he’s not yet revealed. Why could that be? What’s the hysteria about?

I don’t have enough information about Snowden’s entanglements abroad or in whose interests he is really working to render a decision as to whether or not his cause is just. The criminal charges filed against him by Attorney General Eric Holder are sealed, aren’t they.

I do know that the drama that is unfolding in Congress and the media, particularly on the left side of the aisle, is not in any way motivated by concern for protecting our liberties, for the outrageous violations of Press freedom, for our 4th Amendment rights to privacy or for our national security. This jumping up and down and arm-waving is entirely about damage control – protecting Barack Obama and the Democrat Party from any more revelations as to what’s been put into operation by this Orwellian Administration.

Lets take a look at who’s really raising Hell over Snowden’s revelations. Perhaps we can get a clue from the list of hounds who want him roasted alive (figuratively speaking, of course) as to whether or not his actions are righteous. With thanks to an AP report: ……..

…….. Personally, with all that’s come out so far about Big Brother’s violations of Americans’ privacy, thanks to Mr. Snowden – I’d really like to hear the rest of it. I’ll bet we haven’t even scratched the surface of what Mr. Obama’s been doing while we’ve been asleep.

And this provides yet another distraction to draw our attention away from Obama’s role in the Benghazi massacre…… >>>>>>>> –


China’s Xinhua news agency makes appropriate assessment: United States is “the biggest villain in our age.” –

Snowden whereabouts unknown as Russia resists U.S. pressure –

U.S. Government ‘Disappointed’ Hong Kong Let Snowden Leave, Asks Russia to Extradite Him – American officials struggle to explain how Snowden got away –

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Pastor emeritus Nathan M. Bickel

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5 thoughts on “Reuters News agency crawls out of Obama’s ass to defend him over Edward Snowden’s NSA surveillance revelations

  1. D. Gitt says:

    Snowden is a traitor. Do you REALLY believe he is not selling every secret he knows from years as a CIA/NSA contract employee to the highest bidder? Do you really think Chinese security allowed him to stay in Hong Kong (part of China) for days without propositioning him? Do you really think the Russians are allowing him to stay in Moscow airport’s “transit zone” without propositioning him?

    You whine about government “invasion of privacy”, but you give much, much more private information to private companies EVERY time you use a smartphone, a credit card, Google, Facebook, EVERY time you check the “I Agree” box to access an Internet web site.

    1. D. Gitt –

      Apparently, you did not catch the gist of my commentary and links. The MM posting was not to dispute Snowden’s culpability vis-a-vis his actions; but, to demonstrate the crooked and politically sinful federal government that desires to catch and imprison him. Don’t you witness the zenith of hypocrisy?

  2. D. Gitt says:

    Did YOU read my statement about the hypocrisy about whining about “government invasion of privacy” when you willing give up that same privacy by using the Internet, credit cards, smartphones, etc.

    1. D. Gitt –

      No; I apparently didn’t read your statement. However, I know that what you say is the case. It is virtually impossible to live in the modern world and not be subject to the intrusion of one’s privacy, unless one wishes to change his or her identity, physical appearance and move to a remote location.

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