China’s Xinhua news agency makes appropriate assessment: United States is “the biggest villain in our age.”


Is there any doubt in patriotic American minds about the hypocrisy of Obama and his non patriotism? Obama’s words rarely match his policies, agenda and actions. Our USA founding and framing fathers would have no use for Obama. He would be tried for treason and dangle at the end of a noose.

The one China news agency is within reason to state that the United States is “the biggest villain in our age.” Our corrupted and anti-Constitution government’s hypocrisy has been exposed by the defecting NSA employee, American citizen, Edward Snowden. The USA big government, under Obama is corruption and hypocrisy personified. It arrogantly refuses to protect our own national borders – doing the one thing required by good government, in order to protect its citizens.  Instead Obama’s regime collects oodles of information on its own citizens through its intrusive surveillance NSA program. That same corrupted government headed by this pathological liar and  usurping criminal putative president, arms Muslim terrorists on a global scale while at the same time attempting  to destroy Americans’  Constitutional Second Amendment rights to own and bear firearms.

Not only are many Americans aware that the Obama federal government is increasingly corrupt, but that correct perception is growing among foreign nations. Perhaps, the best way to access the honesty and integrity of the United States is from a foreign source.

This web author believes that the Obama government is highly suspect around the globe; even hated by foreign governments, not only because of this federal government’s intrusive global spying but because of its proliferation and support of  Muslim terrorism – particularly [now] exemplified by its third recent (Obama led)  sovereign government overthrow.

First it was Libya; next, Egypt; now, Syria. What is the commonality? The Obama led government has and continues to support  radical extremist Muslims. Not only has that support been crystal clear, but as a result, both Libya and Egypt are now under control of the Muslim Brotherhood whose policy and actions are to foment and spread their Islamic ungodly and corrupted rule of law, proliferated by terror and death to all who will not bow to their false god of Allah.

In hypocritical and persecuting fashion the USA government led by traitors Obama, Boehner and Pelosi have condemned an American patriot for spilling USA corruption beans.

In hypocritical and persecuting fashion, the American government led by traitors Obama, Boehner and Pelosi have condemned an American patriot for spilling big intrusive government corruption beans.

Fugitive Snowden seeks asylum in Ecuador: foreign minister –

<<<<<<< ………Putin’s spokesman, Dmitry Peskov, said this month that Russia would consider granting Snowden asylum if he were to ask for it and pro-Kremlin lawmakers supported the idea, but there has been no indication he has done so.

The South China Morning Post earlier quoted Snowden offering new details about the United States’ surveillance activities, including accusations of U.S. hacking of Chinese mobile telephone companies and targeting China’s Tsinghua University.

Documents previously leaked by Snowden revealed that the NSA has access to vast amounts of internet data such as emails, chat rooms and video from large companies, including Facebook and Google, under a government program known as Prism.

China’s Xinhua news agency, referring to Snowden’s accusations about the hacking of Chinese targets, said they were “clearly troubling signs”.

It added: “They demonstrate that the United States, which has long been trying to play innocent as a victim of cyber attacks, has turned out to be the biggest villain in our age.” – >>>>>>> –


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Pastor emeritus Nathan M. Bickel

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7 thoughts on “China’s Xinhua news agency makes appropriate assessment: United States is “the biggest villain in our age.”

  1. dougster says:

    If you read the life of Frank Marshall Davis, you will know Barack Obama. Frank Marshall Davis is key to understanding BHO’s goals and how he thinks.

    1. dougster –

      I’m sure that I’m not as familiar as you about Frank Marshall Davis. About all I know is that he was a rogue, a sexual perv and a Marxist; – also, that he had some type of a reported association with aka Barack Obama.

  2. Larry Wiens says:

    We have gone down the slippery slope of depravity.

    1. Larry –

      Yes. I agree; and, big time……

  3. BitterClinger says:

    With all the hoopla concerning the NSA we seem to have forgotten who it was that “greased the wheels” for the current surveillance state we are living in, and that would be George Bush. His illegal and unconstitutional “Patriot” Act is what we should be blaming.

    1. BitterClinger –

      What you mention is true. But, I maintain that it does no good to get bogged down with the past and blame the source. Obama is the present White House occupier. He now holds full responsibility and accountability for a piece of legislation that has gone wild.

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