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Pastor emeritus Nathan M. Bickel

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12 thoughts on “Monsanto politicians

  1. dougster says:

    Many countries won’t accept certain kinds of foods from the US due to the GM ingredients. These pols are idiots for voting to favor Monsanto.

    1. dougster –

      I agree with you about these politicians. Aligning themselves with Monsanto is not wise. It is becoming more and more popular to be anti-Monsanto, as the days progress. The consumer market is likely to weaken Monsanto’s US influence, as more and more people seek non GMO food sources.

  2. dougster says:

    ”Venezuela Bans GM Seeds”. The US will become the pariah of the earth. If we keep this GM crops thing going, we’ll be isolated…no one will want any US grown food.

    1. dougster –

      I think that your comment is spot on! Our White House occupier usurper knows this. That’s one of the major reasons he signed the latest Monsanto protection (coddling) bill.

      By the way – do you have a short and concise informational link which shows what that legislative bill did for the Monsanto cartel and how it further hurt our US population?

  3. Joel Lillo says:

    Genetically Modified crops have yielded greater returns than other crops. This is because they are resistant to insects and plant diseases that can decrease yield. These foods have helped to feed starving people all over the world because they can be grown where other crops cannot be grown. To protest their use displays your ignorance once again.

    1. Joel –

      Apparently, this is what you’ve been led to believe. I doubt if you watched the excellent movie film featuring the Canadian farmer, Percy Schmeiser, you wouldn’t have drawn some erroneous conclusions. Starting at about 30 minutes into the movie, (this man who battled Monsanto for 6 years in court) refutes your stereotyped all too common perception. Please also take note of him talking about the Japanese scientific study.

      I would suggest that instead of accusing this Moralmatters author of ignorance, that you feed your ignorance with some basic knowledge.

      Here’s the link for you:

      Percy Schmeiser an Agricultural Hero: Taking on the Monsanto Monster

  4. BitterClinger says:

    I noticed that Rubio, who is being parroted as the greatest thing since sliced bread, also voted to protect Monsanto…

    1. BitterClinger –

      Yes. Too bad. You watch – Rubio may very well be the next GOP politician the Country Club Karl Rove’s will attempt to shove down everyone’s throats.

      1. Joel Lillo says:

        I don’t have to “accuse” you of ignorance, just like I don’t have to “accuse” the sun of giving off light and heat. It just is what it is.

  5. dougster says:

    GMO crops/seeds are created to secrete chemicals that kill common weeds and insects that have been around farms for a million years. Sounds nice, doesn’t it. But what is actually happening is that these GMO crops are allowing monster weeds and Frankenstein insects to proliferate that are extremely difficult to control with even the most deadly chemicals that aren’t allowed to be used on food crops.

    Monsanto and others have created a nightmare situation, just as drug makers have over-promoted antibiotics with physician kickbacks.

    Now we have super Asian Gonorrhea & USA-Chlamydia that nothing can kill and super hybrid insects that kill crops with voracious abandon. Nice, eh.

    Welcome to your nightmare.

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