Obama is one of the devil’s favorite disciples

Pic of Obama and Hillary Clinton shortly after the Benghazi terrorist murders. How solemn and official they look. Then they went on their lying tour about a video causing the murderous attack.

Pic of Obama and another devil’s disciple favorite, Hillary Clinton, shortly after the Benghazi terrorist murders. How solemn and official they look. Then they went on their lying tour about a supposed video causing the murderous terrorist attack.

In all this author’s lifetime, he has never witnessed anyone as deceitful and evil as Obama. He has witnessed those who lie and deceive, but not someone such as Obama. What makes Obama one of the evil one’s chief disciples, is that Obama repeatedly foments and spreads his deceptions on a much larger scale. Obama’s lies have not only affected America, but the world as well. In short, Obama’s lying lifestyle is one of holding the truth hostage. Hence, according to the Good Book, Obama will eventually take his well deserved part in hell’s damnation, reserved for those who reject the Lord Creator Christ, who is the Truth. One cannot live a life of squandering and rejecting the grace of God and expect that his eternal resting place will be in heaven’s holy habitations.

What is further distressing, is the grand scale of which Obama has been (temporarily and temporally) successful. As a disciple of Christ, this author realizes that Obama’s deception house of cards will eventually crumble. Lies cannot endure. But, what is frustrating; even almost maddening, is that many Americans have accepted the Obama story line. Most everything that Obama has claimed, good and decent Americans have given him the benefit of any doubt and offered him the proverbial “pass.” This widespread acceptance to Obama’s continued deceptions is, without precedence – at least here in America.

Whether it be the "Fast and Furious" gun running scandal, the green energy scandals, or the Benghazi Cover-up scandal; the reality remains: The Obama White House Presidency is a complete moral failure unworthy of its founding, Veterans and citizens.

Whether it be the “Fast and Furious” gun running scandal, the green energy scandals, or the Benghazi Cover-up scandal; the reality remains: The Obama White House de facto Presidency is a complete moral failure unworthy of its founding, Veterans and citizens.

Please read the following satire commentary and admit to yourself that this White House occupier is living in his world of unreality. People are removed from their homes by men in white uniforms for much less of a cause than Obama’s words and actions.  Obama wants to control, but he refuses to take responsibility and to be held accountable. This is the insane proliferation of Obama’s deception. He has deceived himself and that self deception has and continues to contaminate America. Our United States certainly doesn’t need this type of diabolical foolishness – even if Obama is reported to be America’s “first black president.” Look at the following informational link. Read what Obama has said. Read his lies.  He actually has the gall to say that he is not to be held to be responsible or accountable:

Obama Denies Role In Government by Andy Borowitz – newyorker.com/

Obama occupies the Third Branch of our United States government. And, when “stuff happens” Obama in cowardly fashion refuses to step up to the plate like a man, but shrinks like a mouse and finds a way to blame someone else. Obama desires to be the hot shot, but when push comes to shove, he attempts to weasel out of his responsibility as our nation’s US Executive Chief. Shouldn’t this repeated Obama “trait” give sensible and thinking Americans pause; especially when Obama sends US taxpayer paid military hardware to Egypt’s radical led Muslim Brotherhood  government, and at the same time exercises an aggressive agenda to strip Americans of their Second Amendment rights?

It is common knowledge now, that Obama faked his birth certificate and other identity documents. That, is what is denied by the mainstream media who are the conspiracy theorists of dishonest and rabid silence.

It is common knowledge now, that Obama forged his birth certificate and other identity documents. That’s denied by the dishonest mainstream media, who protect Obama, one of the devil’s premier disciples. Mainstream media is a convenient devil’s workshop, aiding and abetting Obama in his proliferation of lies.

The sooner Obama is removed from our American White House, the better. And, the sooner his malevolent actions (executive orders, appointments and signed legislation) can be revoked and nullified, the better for America. He usurped his presence into the White House with his enabling cabal, by outright forgery.

Presently it is a common evidenced reality that Obama committed felony forgery by falsifying his birth certificate document. And, presently, no one of strategic and influential importance has called him on it and done anything to remove this presidential imposter.  And, since Obama does not have an ounce of honesty to admit to his deception crimes, he needs to be (consequently)  removed from the White House – even forcefully, if necessary. Also, at the same time, those who have enabled this usurper, need to cease from their enabling actions; and, some of them need to be prosecuted for their enabling crimes.

Obama is one of America’s worst nightmares. It’s time that Americans collectively awake and shake off this ill-conceived poor choice excuse for “leadership.” Obama no more belongs in the White House than earth’s creation belongs on the moon. America is too good for Obama. She should have never been given (by politicians) the choice to select Obama, based upon affirmative action sympathies. But be that as it may; it is not too late for America. More and more Americans are discovering the truth about this deceiver. This author’s hopeful and prayerful  estimation is, that Obama’s days of deceiving are fast coming to a halt. May God have mercy upon America!

History's artists have varying depictions of the devil. The recent Bible mini series movie on the Bible has Satan looking like the above pic. The evil one can best do his damage by lies. Obama certainly has learned well from the devil.

History’s artists have varying depictions of the devil. The recent Bible miniseries movie has Satan looking like the above pic. The evil one can best wreak his havoc damage by blending in;  also, peppering truth and reality with deceit. Obama certainly has (well) learned his lessons from the devil.

Why is Obama one of the devil’s favorite disciples?

Obama is one of the devil’s favorite disciples because Satan is the father of lies. [John 8:44] The devil loves to witness his principal trait being profusely practiced by one of his children.  He is elated when one of God’s creation rejects the truths of God’s written divine revelation; and, rejects its Author. Obama is one of the devil’s favorite disciples because Obama has been influential in deceiving millions of people. The more humanity is deceived, the more glorious for the evil one. There can be no doubt that Satan is happy with Obama.  And, when and should unrepentant Obama breathes his last, hell will be awaiting him. There will be no reward for Obama in doing the devil’s bidding. Why? Because hell is the Triune God’s justice damnation torment punishment reserved for those who reject  their Creator / Savior Christ. The good Lord will not allow unrighteous sinners to contaminate His holy heaven. You are either righteous or ungodly; and this author assures you, Obama is ungodly. After all, didn’t Christ say of false prophets: “……you will know them by their fruits?” [Matthew 7:13-29]


An example of Obama’s world of unreality:

Obama designated this murderous Muslim’s terrorist activity, “workplace violence.” Muslim Hassan, murdered 14 Americans and injured 32 in November 2009. He is still awaiting trial. Obama’s non participation in appropriate governing,  is again appalling and sorely lacking:

Report: Fort Hood shooting victims struggle while defendant draws salary – news.yahoo.com/

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Yet, more, regarding Obama – one of the devil’s favorite disciples

Revelation 22:8 – “But the fearful, and unbelieving, and the abominable, and murderers, and whoremongers, and sorcerers, and idolaters, and all liars, shall have their part in the lake which burneth with fire and brimstone: which is the second death.” [KJV]

The Triune God will not be mocked. Barack Hussein Obama has snookered millions of American voters to believe his lies and to vote for him. But, God knows that Obama is a liar. He knows that Obama only professes to be a disciple of Christ [a Christian]. But, God is not fooled. Obama’s actions have never matched his snake charming words. [Matthew 7:13-29]

More about Obama:


Note – The following link provides contact information to our nation’s top political personalities.They are the elected leaders:

The Complete List of Email Addresses and Fax Numbers for the U.S. Congress and Governors – conservativeusa.org/

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U.S. Constitution Online – usconstitution.net/


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Pastor emeritus Nathan M. Bickel



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28 thoughts on “Obama is one of the devil’s favorite disciples

  1. The evil he has wrought succeeded – temporarily – because it operates in The Realm Of The Preposterous: most people cannot grasp that someone could or would think, feel and act so heinously. Though glimpses into his evil-doing over and over appeared, by most, recognition was dismissed. Obama, evil? Obama, hater of America? Obama, destroyer? Unthinkable! Impossible! No way!

    Now, however, a steady stream of incontrovertible evidence of his evil-doing rushes into the public consciousness. The actual inner workings of his Administration across all departments are coming into view. Heinous. Horrific. And yes, unthinkable.

    Yes, the devil has had great fun working through this man. But study his face these days. His usefulness to the devil is soon to expire. A.k.a. Obama knows it. Without genuine repentance, what lies ahead are eternal agonies.

    1. Terrible Truth –

      Thank you again for visiting http://www.moralmatters.org and for your insightful and encouraging comment. Those of us who love the truth and traditional, patriotic and Constitutional America will thank the Good Lord everyday for opening the eyes of America’s blind. Yes! I sense that more people are becoming aware of Satan’s disciple Obama and of his devil’s workshop he has set up in our dear nation.

      By the way – since I’m responding to your comment, Martha Trowbridge; I suspect you may be busy (as usual) with your investigative research into (aka) Obama’s past. So much of his deceptive influenced past has damaged our US current history. I’m sure that others beside myself will be looking forward to further published articles exposing the truth about Obama.

      For those reading this MM posting (and not familiar with Trowbridge’s writings), please note that you are in for a treat when you access her website [linked below]:

      Terrible Truth – by Martha Trowbridge – Investigative Research on Barack Hussein Obama II

  2. Gunny G says:

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  3. The MAD Jewess says:

    I TOTALLY agree!!
    I get really super angry with Christians and Jews who want to pray for this DEVIL!!!
    What are they thinking?
    He means for EVIL on us.
    How could so many ppl be so non-discerning?

    The bible says to DISCERN! To TEST spirits!
    He is EVIL!!!!!!!!!

    You don’t ‘pray’ FOR evil, you pray against it and uproot it!

    1. TMJ –

      Yes. There are too many Christians and Jews in America who are very naive when it comes to Obama and his wickedness. They have not the spiritual maturity to discern, as you say. At times I even think that it is possible for Obama to repent of his evil; but, then again, I take a stand back and witness his reprobate behavior in form of his anti-American, Christian and Jewish agenda, policy and actions. It is certainly time for all honest God-fearing believers to pray imprecatory prayers. There is no logical or spiritual reason why we should withhold our prayers for the Triune God to commence his temporal and eternal judgment upon Obama and his criminal co-conspirators for all their lies, deception and criminal umpteen scandals.

      Imprecatory Prayer


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