Obama appears as if he is on the edge of snapping

This is the awful look of Obama after he spoke at a campaign rally in Cleveland. Even before he won a second term, Obama appears very worried.

This is the introspective look of Obama after he spoke at a campaign rally in Cleveland. Even before he won a second term, Obama appears very worried. Note the larger pic below, after Obama actually succeeded in stealing the election from Romney.

Note the 2nd pic of Obama following the next several paragraphs [scroll down]:

Obama’s body language is very telling. He is withdrawn. He looks defeated, worried, physically and emotionally spent. Is he under a 24 hour watch? Is it more of a question of when he will snap, than if?

Surely Obama must be aware that his White House occupation is coming to an unraveling end. Where will he go? Where will he hide? Will he ever be able to find any peace of mind for all his lies, deceptions and crimes? Will he be prosecuted or will he take the “easy” way out? How will he struggle to live with himself once he is finished doing America dirty? Why does he insist upon making so many enemies? Does it ever bother him that with each and every day more and more Americans loathe the very mention of his name; the very hearing of his voice and the very sight of his wearied (guilty as hell) face?

Will all the stress Obama has brought upon himself, hasten an early grave for him? Will he end up like Hugo Chavez, who is reported to have gasped his last, by mouthing: “Don’t let me die?” Is perdition’s temperature heat (already)being turned up for him even now, in preparation for his damnation arrival?

The following of pic Obama can be found as part and parcel of John Fund’s online commentary:

Strange Goings-On at the White House – A tight-knit inner circle plays all politics, all the time, while Obama remains disengaged – nationalreview.com/article/348591/

Note:  The same foreboding look of Obama as in the above pic; only this one reflects an ominous tone.  Does he finally realize that his Dr. Frankenstein Marxist experiments with America is over? Or, maybe Obama realizes that he has become the monster and that his days as hated monster are fast coming to a hopeless and horrid close? 


One can only imagine the deep personal turmoil which must be swirling within his gut. Or, is his personal anguish only being realized because he is beginning to understand that he is already drowning in his self-made cesspool of lies and deceit? Didn’t Shakespeare once write:? “Oh the tangled webs we weave, when we practice to deceive!”  Or, can Obama be so self-deceived that even he and his closest political cronies think they can continue to destroy America without a natural backlash? Maybe Obama finally realizes that he’s bitten off much more than he can possibly manage (destroy)?


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Pastor emeritus Nathan M. Bickel



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27 thoughts on “Obama appears as if he is on the edge of snapping

  1. blackyb says:

    Get his ass out. The sooner the better.

  2. blackyb says:

    Arrest him. He would have shown none of us mercy. He is wanting to destroy our country. He has murdered our troops and divided our country. What he has done is unconscionable. He may just look weary, but he is a snake. He even wanted us disarmed so his thugs could plunder this country.

  3. blackyb says:

    Every one of that crew should be shackled and taken to jail. Obama, his wife, Biden, Holder, Pelosi, Reid, Jarrett, Napolitano and the whole crew. They are not fit to live in this country. They have tried to trample upon Christians, The Constitution, the laws of this land, indoctrinate our youth with lies and filth. They have cost this country trillions by allowing invasions of foreigners and cheated elections. Give them GITMO.

    1. blackyb –

      I think that you have correctly assessed Obama and his cronies crimes in your two comments. I agree with you. But, I’m wondering if giving them GITMO would be too lenient of punishment for them………..

  4. This 100% worthless &$^%#@* needs to be IMPEACHED then HUNG for Treason!

  5. This man is 100,000,000,000% WORTHLESS and needs to be tried for TREASON and then put to death for his horrible treason acts. obama-lama-ding-dong is by far the worst president the world has ever seen. He has murdered more people then North Korea ever dreamed of. He can and is destroying this country. He has murdered our troops and divided our country. He has put us so far in debt and will keep the path he has been on for over 4+ years. What he has done is unconscionable. He even wants to have all Americans disarmed so he can fill his Fema built ‘free labor camps’. If Americans are disarmed then obama’s thugs like DHS will have Zero Resistance. Wake up people as the time to IMPEACH was yesterday. Lets get to it!

  6. broberg says:

    If he falls ill or survives an assn attempt, all these scandals and bad press will go *poof*

    1. broberg –

      I find your comment to be a very interesting one. I also believe your assertion to be very plausible. Being that Obama’s inherent nature is narcissistic, such feigned illness and / or fake [contrived on his behalf] assassination attempt would be aka, Obama’s style. After all, it is the snake oil salesman smoke screening mode which is most comfortable for Obama. That, is his tested and tried modus operandi; the persistent lies and deception. This practice has worked wonders in duping many Americans, and sadly even a great portion of the Christian community, which should know better.

      Perhaps, Obama is holding this “ace-in-the-hole” scenario as more Americans become dissatisfied with him and influential personalities work feverishly for his political end.

      Furthermore, your scenario carries significant substance when one considers how certain Americans would favorably respond to Obama. I think that Obama’s cabal figure that the Stockholm Syndrome would “kick in,” should Obama need a political release value to continue his destruction of America. Hence, more tolerance would be (foolishly) tenured to Obama where no tolerance should anymore be logically or reasonably given………..

  7. The MAD Jewess says:

    Nate, he looks like he is gonna cry 🙁 Whahh boo hoo

    1. TMJ –

      Yes. I think you could be right. But, don’t you feel sorry for the blame Bush crybaby?

  8. GMiller says:

    So, why are his ratings holding up? Puzzling. People must either be clueless, ignorant or ideologically bigoted.

    1. GMiller –

      And / or, the polling surveys are tainted. Another reason is that Christians (which are a large part of the polling population) will be accepting to anyone who is leading in government. They are this way because of their misunderstanding of Scripture – specifically, Romans 13:1-8 which has been drilled into them for generations.

      Please check out this following MM link [below] as it could give you further insight why Obama has been so successful. He could never have attained the position he now holds without Christians and their leaders acting as dumb compliant sheep. Understand, that this comment reply to you is predicated upon the assertion that the largest voting block here in America, is the Christian voting bloc, which includes, both Catholic, Protestant, Evangelical and others:

      Chuck Baldwin falsely accused of speaking out against cowardly Christian pastors

  9. Worst person on the planet next to kermit gosnell………walking evil….barry marshall davis

    1. Sara –

      It appears from the content of your comment that you would be interested in MM latest published posting:

      Obama is one of the devil’s favorite disciples

  10. tonya says:

    I cannot look at these pictures and not feel sorry for him. I feel the need to ask God to humble Obama and make him see the error of his ways. Make him realize that if he humbles himself and throws himself at the feet of Jesus he will be forgiven and all of his woe will be released. Then we can truly move forward as a country. Americans will forgive him also if he does these things. I pray these things in the name of Jesus Christ, our Lord and Savior. AMEN

    1. tonya –

      Thank you for your wonderful comment and prayer. I too, share your sentiments; but I will add that in order for Obama to “throw himself at the feet of Jesus” he will first have to come to his spiritual senses in like manner as the Prodigal [Lost] Son did as was portrayed in Christ’s most noteable parable, recorded in the New Testament Gospels.

      May God’s Holy Spirit move Obama to clearly recognize his personal and political sins; and may Obama confess those sins to both God and man! In Christ’s Name I pray!

      Heaven’s angels are always looking for and welcoming one more sinner who repents……..

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