Obama’s real mother: Forget what you have already been told

Such a claim may seem strange to many reading eyes (and closed minds) that Obama’s true mother is not the alleged and claimed, Stanley Ann Dunham.

Pic of Obama with his real mother, Jo Anne Newman at the recent NCAA playoffs between Syracuse and Marquette. Note as you scroll down a portion of Martha Trowbridge’s investigative commentary. [Picture - Copyright © 2013 Reuters / Yuri Gripas]

Pic of Obama with his real mother, Jo Ann Newman at the recent NCAA playoffs between Syracuse and Marquette. Note as you scroll down a portion of Martha Trowbridge’s investigative commentary. [Picture – Copyright © 2013 Reuters / Yuri Gripas]

Following is what this author stated in the recent Moralmatters article about Obama’s real father:

It is common knowledge that what Obama has said and continues to say, cannot be treasured more than a hill of beans. Obama possesses the dastardly diabolical habit of speaking with a forked tongue. He is a masterful snake oil salesman. He is a stranger to the truth. He speaks repeated lies, so much so, that this deceptions seem to always possess a smoke screen specific purpose. His lies are intended to deflect what are his true and ongoing actions and agenda.

And, this author’s contention is, that Obama lied about his past family origins. Sadly and pathetically, though, that deception has been readily accepted as the temporal truth. How many people do you know who have accepted the Obama story line about his Hawaiian origins with a Kenyan father, Barack Obama I, and white mother, Stanley Ann Dunham? Virtually most people believe that, because that’s all they’ve been told. And, of course, that’s what the mainstream media has reported, over and over. – moralmatters.org/2013/04/29/

Obama’s two major consistencies

Two things about Obama are consistent; his lies and his smoke screening (of his lies). Anyone who has been honestly following the Obama White House occupation and related news will have to admit that Obama is a stranger to the truth. Most all that he says does not come to fruition. Rather, most all that Obama says is different  and / or opposite of his actions, policies and agenda. In short, his words seldom match his actions.

Smoke billows from an M18 green smoke hand grenade during a U.S. Marine Corps attack and defend field exercise at Kahuku Training Area, Oahu, Hawaii, May 20, 2010. The training was part of an infantry squad leader course by the School of Infantry-West, Advanced Infantry Training Battalion. (U.S. Marine Corps photo by Lance Cpl. Jody Lee Smith/Released)

“…….an M18 green smoke hand grenade during a U.S. Marine Corps attack and defend field exercise at Kahuku Training Area, Oahu, Hawaii, May 20, 2010. ” (U.S. Marine Corps photo by Lance Cpl. Jody Lee Smith/Released). Obama doesn’t use literal smoke screens. He uses literary, digital, video and photo-shopped “smoke screens” to deceive what he designs to hide.

Obama’s second consistency besides that of continued deception, is that his deception (lies) often are smoke screened. Part and parcel of that smoke screening process is Obama’s propaganda lies. For instance, we now know of a certainty that Obama lied about his birth certificate – that all important document which aids in fulfilling the necessary requirement of proper ID for the office of president. What does Obama do? He smoke screens that (felony) forgery. And, he does that smoke screening with hordes of Obama enablers who accuse good and patriotic Americans of being “carnival barkers” and “conspiracy theorists.” This continued media and Internet onslaught of ridicule is described in great deal in one of Martha Trowbridge’s excellent investigative articles, called:  “Truth, Obliterated: The ‘Obama Conspiracy Theory’ Psychological Assault Weapon” – terribletruth.marthatrowbridgeradio.org/blog/membership/

Please note the following pics; and click on both of them to enlarge. They are but one example of the Obama smoke screening tactic:

Pic of Obama's (supposed Dunham grandparents). Notice the next photo-shopped pic of Obama being placed in the middle of the one couple

Pic of Obama’s (supposed Dunham grandparents). Notice the next photo-shopped pic of Obama being placed in the middle of the couple. Also note the grandfather’s weird extended hand hovering above Obama’s left shoulder.

Photo-shopped pic of Obama with his story line grandparents. Look closely at grandpa's left hand. Pics like this were used by Obama to smoke screen his real family background. No one can take Obama's "Dreams of My Father" book seriously when he fictionalized composite characters.

Pics like this were used by Obama to smoke screen his real family background. No one should take Obama’s “Dreams of My Father” book seriously especially when it was revealed his use of fictionalized composite characters.

Why does this Moralmatters author relate the aforementioned? Because he believes and is convinced that Obama has lied from the beginning about his family background.

And, not only has Obama deceived the American people with his many deceptions, he has smoke screened those deceptions by telling a family background yarn that included  Stanley Ann Dunham and Barack Obama I, as his parents, rather than his true origins being the offspring of Malcolm X and Jo Ann Newman.


April 8, 2013 

Seen Yet Unseen: Actual Mother Of United States President Barack Obama Appears With Him At D.C. Verizon Center – by Martha Trowbridge  – terribletruth.marthatrowbridgeradio.org/blog/membership/


<<<<<< ……… If [Jo] Ann Newman is indeed terminally ill, it may well be that mother and son – in their own fashion – are stepping forth together, for all the world to see.

It all circles back to New York City, where a teenage white girl fell head over heels in love with a married black man twice her age, and bore him a son in October 1959. [See “Stan The Sham, And True Love”.]

A son they named Bâri’ M. Shabazz, [see “Bâri’, Barry, Barack”] in honor of his father Malcolm X Shabazz’s Moslem name.

Pic of Obama with his real mother, Jo Anne Newman at the recent NCAA playoffs between Syracuse and Marquette. Note as you scroll down a portion of Martha Trowbridge's investigative commentary. Picture - Copyright © 2013 Reuters / Yuri Gripas

Take another look: Pic of Obama with his real mother, Jo Ann Newman at the recent NCAA playoffs between Syracuse and Marquette.  Doesn’t Obama look proud to be sitting in public with his real mother? Doesn’t she look pleased, as well? [Picture – Copyright © 2013 Reuters / Yuri Gripas]

A son, since the 1980’s, who’s been known to the world as “Barack Hussein Obama II”. Was appearing with his mother publicly, Holy Saturday afternoon, the act of a repetitively reckless man?

Or was Malcolm X’s boy weary of playing the role of another man’s son?

Did [Jo] Ann Newman sit with her son, United States President “Barack Hussein Obama II”, for all the world to see, as testament to Malcolm X? As his lover and hugest fan, as mother to his famous heir? Who, facing the end of her days, emerges, unmistakably, to take her public place in their son’s history?



*Appreciation to Erik Rush for his early-on collaboration.  >>>>>>>>>>>  – terribletruth.marthatrowbridgeradio.org/blog/membership/

Please note:

This Moralmatters web author encourages everyone who reads this commentary piece to take the time and access Investigative Journalist, Martha Trowbridge’s excellent website. Access to the site’s articles requires a registration. It is well worth the meager fee. And, if you do not wish to continue the monthly small fee; register for one month and read all the articles; return after a few months, registering again, and read any additional commentary articles:


Click on the pic (if it is still) to see for yourself the physical resemblance of Malcolm X (Daddy) with that of his [aka] Obama (son). This pic is one of those “morphing” pics, found on the Internet.


Obama Hates Mother’s Day: Gruesome Reminder Of His Soul Murder – moralmatters.org



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Pastor emeritus Nathan M. Bickel




Note:  Pics and / or videos found on the web.


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  1. Wasn’t “Bari Shabazz” the name our president was using when he injured his head in a car crash in Hawaii when he was a young man? He never showed up in court to answer the charges against him, and the file was closed about 20 years later, just as “Barack” was preparing to run for the WH.

  2. Are you serious about the ‘shopped photos with the grnd parents?! It’s clear the first one without Obama is the fake, and a bad one at that. The cloned wall is obvious, and someone missed taking out obamas thigh and knee. What is that supposed to be, a random purse? If you’re going to try to fake a fake photo, do a better job.

      • What kind of reply is that? You just got caught posting a photo shopped picture. How is anyone supposed to take anything else you say seriously?

        • Wren Tyree –

          I’m allowing your comment to highlight a typical type of Obamabot assertion, which assertions lack substance, logic and explanation.

          You say:

          “What kind of reply is that?”

          To that, I say:

          What are you referring to? Are you making yourself the almighty judge of what kind of reply I am supposed to offer? That, is what the implication of your brazen statement seems to suggest.

          You said:

          “You just got caught posting a photo shopped picture.”

          To that I reply:

          If you had read the whole article and the context of the MM commentary, you would have known that this author intentionally posted the two pics of Obama’s supposed grandparents and then the other one in which Obama was inserted in the middle. I was illustrating what Obama enablers have done to smokescreen Obama’s true family background!

          You also said:

          “How is anyone supposed to take anything else you say seriously?”

          To which I reply:

          You end up your accusatory short comment jumping to generalizing conclusions, after you in Obama enabling fashion, distort what I conveyed in this MM commentary article.

          Furthermore, you avoid the thrust of the whole Moralmatters posting with your Obamabot type detracting comment, which it seems apparent, is designed to obfuscate. I suggest that you address the Obama people why they have obscured Obama’s past with umpteen photos that are indeed photoshopped and cease from attempting to ridicule those such as I for attempting to uncover the genuine reality.

          Finally, don’t ever expect to comment on this facility again as you are not welcome. You have demonstrated your true colors. Go back to your Obama operative and ask for another online website to pester and bother.

          • Dear Moralmatters readers – those who love to know reality and truth:

            With the above exchange of “Wren Tyree” and this author, you have witnessed and seen demonstrated some of what I was pointing out in this very posting. I quote:

            ……….What does Obama do? He smoke screens that (felony) forgery. And, he does that smoke screening with hordes of Obama enablers who accuse good and patriotic Americans of being “carnival barkers” and “conspiracy theorists.” This continued media and Internet onslaught of ridicule is described in great deal in one of Martha Trowbridge’s excellent investigative articles, called: “Truth, Obliterated: The ‘Obama Conspiracy Theory’ Psychological Assault Weapon” – terribletruth.marthatrowbridgeradio.org/blog/membership/ …………

            I’d encourage, you the Moralmatters reader to familiarize yourselves with Martha Trowbridge’s excellent piece, which masterfully describes the devilish tactics of Obama’s enablers.

          • Moralmatters readers:

            The above exchange which started with the “Anonymom” comment and having “Wren Tyree” chime in, could very well be an actual showcasing of a familar tactic used by Obama online enablers.

            Their modus operandi is to either work in tandem spewing their Obama enabling ridicule, etc. comments, or the two (supposed) online personalities are only one personality using two different IP #’s to foment their Internet tactics of the “Obama Conspiracy Theory Psychological Assault Weapon” practice which, in effect has the result of smoke screening Obama’s deceptive past and present failures.

            I’d again encourage Moralmatters readers to read that in depth article by Martha Trowbridge which lays out in detail the Obama enablers practice of:

            OCTPAW – Obama Conspiracy Theory Psychological Assault Weapon.

      • Fedup –

        Yes. I heartily agree. It is one of the worst looking Obama enabling pics. And, “Anonymom’s” comment seemed to suggest that it was the legitimate pic! LOL! What a stretch!

  3. I did some research on that basketball game photo. The media and the White House did not ID the woman in the photo sitting next to Barack.

    Secondarily, no white woman could give birth to a male child as dark and Indonesian looking as BHO. From my research on bi-racial people, it appears to me that BHO has not one drop of caucasian blood. Check out Maya, Ann Dunham’s only bio child for what a bi-racial person would look like and more what BHO would look like if he was indeed a child of Ann, which I seriously doubt that he is..

    • dougster –

      Thank you for your comment. But, I am puzzled by it; especially your first 2 sentence paragraph block. While reading it a second time I said to myself: “So? The implication that because the media and White House did not ID the female sitting next to Obama, does in no way negate the assertion that the woman is Barack Obama’s real mother.” Why would you or I even trust the media and the White House to tell the American public the truth, especially in light of the present ongoing Benghazi hearings?

      Furthermore, I’m not sure what you are attempting to convey in your second paragraph. First of all, you make a generalizing statement by asserting that “no white woman…..” Secondly, your conclusion of your “research on bi-racial people” suggests to you that Obama doesn’t have “one drop of caucasian blood.” You seem to go from what you have learned from a general research (principle) and then make (for yourself) a specific application in the case of Obama.

      Finally, you lost me in that last sentence of yours. Sorry, but, I can’t follow you. It’s ambiguous to me.

    • “dougster:”

      I started thinking more about your comment.

      If one chooses to “go down that (same) road” as you seem to suggest in your comment, then (tit for tat) it could be pointed out the physical feature of the woman’s ears who sat beside Obama at this basketball game.

      We could even go further and delve into Malcolm X’S family background, noting that Malcolm’s (“black”) mother was reportedly half white. That, then would make Malcolm 75% black (assuming that Malcolm’s father was 100% black).

      So then, it follows, that Malcolm’s offspring son, Bari, (aka, Barack) was 37.5% black. No small wonder why (the liberal mainstream media influenced) Wikipedia removed from its Barack Obama page the reality that Obama is a Mulatto. Wikipedia obediently goose stepped to the propaganda that America elected its “first black president.” And, sadly and pathetically, most people have gobbled up (yet another) deception, hook, line and sinker…..

    • Im from an all white family. My sister had a child by a black man ,you cant even tell he has white in him so what you are saying is not true. Biracial children can turn out either way light or dark it depends on who has the dominating gen.Myself had a child with a black man and she looks more white people cant believe she has a father who is black.And this man was not light skin at all

      • Joyce: No white woman could give birth to a male child as dark and Indonesian looking as BHO.
        From my research on bi-racial people, it appears to me that BHO has not one drop of caucasian blood.
        Check out Maya, Ann Dunham’s only bio child, for what a bi-racial person would look like and more, what BHO would look like if he was indeed a child of Ann, which I seriously doubt that he is..

        Joyce, your comments need photos to back up any allegations you are making here. Otherwise its just he said and she said and goes nowhere.

    • I think Obama’s Father is Malcolm X [Also because he used the middle name of his Father, Malik, when using Bari Malik Shabazz in Hawaii. Also This same Bari lived a block away from Malcolm X when growing up in New York. I also saw a video sometime ago about this.

      I find it hard to believe that he would have a white Mother, if Malcolm X is in fact the Father. He would be very very fair.

      I think he was seared by Malcolm X and a light skinned Mother or a darker white skinned Woman.

      The death of Bari Malik Shabazz is a cover up.

  4. It’s just my opinion on the racial background of BHO. From my research I have concluded that he is Indonesian and that he’s posing as a black man for ‘effect’ and to ‘game the system’ to his advantage.

    He used to call himself an “Indonesian Prince” in high school. By the time he arrived at Occidental college he had changed his name to Barack Obama and told people he was black and that his father was African, Etc. Notice how he morphed into a different person and race? He even changed his name. He is a complete phony and has been conning people for over 30 years.

    • dougster –

      I can completely agree with the last sentence of your comment. AKA Obama is a con man’s, con man; and for the most part (up until at least the present) been completely successful with that snake oil salesman approach. However, I believe his phony facade is (even now) cracking at the seams.

      As to your theory of Obama’s Indonesian (birth) origin, I don’t buy into that. I tend to accept the plausible (researched) scenario of Investigative Researcher, Martha Trowbridge. Her articles about aka Obama’s original name, “Bâri’ M. Shabazz” (given to him by Malcolm X) coincides with that name which was put to “rest” in Hawaiian records over the supposed auto accident that seems to have left a reported (photographed) large scar on Obama’s skull.

      Please refer to Trowbridge’s article:

      “Poor Bari Shabazz, A Fugitive At Large. Of Course He’s Got To Hide Out As Barack Obama!”


      Also note the article from Attorney Appuzzo. Martha Trowbridge in an earlier comment on this post stated:

      >>>>>>>> Shortly after Terrible Truth released “Bari M. Shabazz” as Obama’s birth identity, Attorney Mario Apuzzo [Natural Born Citizen] wrote a commentary about it. Within a few days, he received an amazing tip: Bari Shabazz of New York was for more than two decades a fugitive from justice in Honolulu.

      http://puzo1.blogspot.com/2011/11/is-putative-president-barack-hussein.html >>>>>>>>

      dougster: I believe you are looking in the wrong direction for Obama’s family origins. I’m convinced that aka Obama artfully used his book, “Dreams of My Father” to be a convincing and persuading smoke screen to hide his real identity. And, he has been vastly successful in directing peoples’ attention in the direction of Hawaii and Indonesia.

  5. http://i230.photobucket.com/albums/ee55/manydogslol/obamalookalikeindonesia.jpg


    The Indonesian man in the photos above in a well known Indonesian photographer, Ilham Anas.

    Obama fueled the idea that he’s of removed ‘paternal’ Kenyan origin because of Obama Sr.

    I’ve read all of Trowbridge’s writing on Obama and Malcolm X. Its very interesting and could be fact.

    I never said Obama was actually born in Indonesia. I claim that his bio mother and possibly his father were Indonesian from the Island of Java. Where he was born is speculation but I do have some ideas on that point and many reasons why I believe that.

  6. If you think this is so, you better get a proven DNA sample before she is buried (Dead or Alive). Getting obama`s will be no problem; sweat off a golf towel, a cigarette butt, a drinking glass…. Hell this can be done pretty easily right now and BOY WOULDN’T THAT BE THE SHIT !!!!!!!

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  9. When checking for photoshopped photos always check for repeated patterns and angular shadowlines. It’s very obvious which photo is fake here.

    • nubby –

      I gladly post your short two sentence drive-by comment, because it is very indicative of how some of you (politically correct) think [or, don’t think]. I love to showcase bigotry and idiocy for the readers of this website to witness. You and your kind love to make unfounded accusations without substantiating (evidencing) your myopic and mindless opinions. Chances are, that you are one of those Obamabot apologists; maybe even a paid one. Do you get paid enough to pay your mother some rent while you pound away at your computer in her basement?

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  13. Martha Trowbridge posted a photo of Obama and what she claims is his mother when they both attended the March 2013 NCAA basketball tournament at Syracuse. More photos of Obama and his alleged mama, Nancy Cantor (aka Jo Ann Newman, Stanley Ann Dunham), Chancellor at Syracuse. Interesting things to point out:

    1. Notice the VERY similar large ears and shape of the head.
    2, Notice the endearing placement of her TWO hands on his arm. How well do they really know each other?
    3. Reggie Love fills the seat after Nancy leaves. Reggie and Obama are VERY close…cough.
    4. Nancy Cantor claims that she is from the Bronx and born in 1952. Jo Ann Newman was from the Bronx and would have been born around 1945 or so. Did she undergo a name change and birthday modification, too?
    5. The radical liberal policies match that of (her brother) Obama’s mentor Uncle Fred Newman and of her son Bari M. Shabazz (Obama).



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  19. What pictures I have seen of Ann Dunham, she and barry have the same long, slim face. This woman looks more like she would be kin to the Ayers people. Maybe a friend. I think they snuck this man past thse who should have vetted him.

    I think Jarrett has a lot to do with what is going on. As well, I think there may be a Barry Shebazz connection. Shebazz was the name of Malcolm X before the took the X name. I believe it was Gerald (Malcolm’s first name.) There is something dirty that went on and it was planned for a number of years and later someone sent him to Ayers for honing, etc. Ayers should be tried for treason against this country.

  20. I have a friend. A white friend, with a white daughter. Her daughters first son was half white and half black. He looks just like his father. He looks completely black. So much for the theory that “no white woman” could have that dark a son.

  21. Personally I think obama is a test tube baby was inplanted in the womb of some woman and if checked his DNA would show a trace of some egyptian king (mummy dead hundreds of years) buried (tomb) in Cairo .. .. JMO here

  22. the picture on the LEFT is the one that has been photo-shopped to take Obama OUT of the REAL picture on the RIGHT!!!- it is so obvious I can;t believe anyone would think it was the other way around! Ridiculous! ROFLMAO!

    • Gingerly –

      I’m only allowing your comment to showcase to readers the practice of Obamabots and how they reason and comment. Your short comment lacks specifics. Furthermore, it is ambiguous. Finally, it contains the element of ridicule rather than reason. Frankly, it is your comment that is ridiculous.

    • ramboike –

      If you have kept up with Trowbridge’s research you wouldn’t be so flippant to draw such hasty conclusions.

      Go to Terrible Truth’s Facebook page and send her a message there. And, need I remind you to keep an open and inquisitive mind?

  23. Just thinking here. Didn’t the guy who is upposed to be Barak’s father die in an automobile accident the year Shebazz was in an auto accident?It has been said Hussein Sr. died in Kenya, but did he? Everything else is a lie, so maybe (going off on a limb here) Hussein Obama the first died in the car that Shebazz was driving in Hawaii? Possible I guess. The guy died who was supposed to be Junior Hussein’s father. maybe someone died in that wreck and Shebazz fled to NY until it all cleared down or he (perhaps) ran for senate under the name of Hussein Obama, Jr. They guy was dead, so he could not protest. Maybe someone killed the guy for all we know. Everything is getting that crazy. Just thought I would throw something else in there that was on the wild side.

  24. Also I am thinking that woman puts ein mindof smurf Jarrett. Recon there could be some kinship in that area? These people have, no doubt, pulled a big, long something on our country and it must come out.

  25. What are the two red circles, numbered 1 and 2, in the picture above for? Btw that picture with grandfather Dunham’s arm kind of waffling or hovering over Barry’s left shoulder has gone around the email mill several times for at least (5) years now. Besides the hand, what other photoshopping sign is there in that picture. I’m not doubting that the picture is photoshopped, I’m just asking. There’s no doubt in my mind that the picture is photoshopped. The article doesn’t say what the numbered red circles are for.

    • hunnit –

      I don’t have time to answer your question, as I’d have to spend some time to do so, with some research. But, having stated such, if my memory serves me correctly; the two pics seem to show that the original pic was taken at one time during the day. The fake one seems to show different sunlight (or, lack of sunlight) shading on the wall behind where they are seated.

      • The two circles show the areas where visible “cloning” has been used and can be seen with a close-up examination. I used my magnifying glass on the notepad screen to see the repeating pattern of the stonework that was duplicated in order to fill-in what was removed without leaving empty image areas. What was removed was the image of a person, perhaps Obama, sitting between them. The photoshopped version is a work to remove that person and show them sitting together, but to make it look non-photoshopped, the editor had to duplicate the background to fill in the blank area where the erased person was seen. That also entailed isolating the grandmother as a separate layer so that she could be moved right next to her husband. So actually, both of them had to be removed from the photo, and she moved over to the left. Then the empty space was filled-in with cloning of the background surfaces. I’ve done that sort of editing many times, -when removing an unwanted person from a photo. If the photos were larger I take the time to show the repeating stonework pattern,but life is too short to fool with such tiny low quality images.

  26. Almost everything about Obama’s past is a fabrication but it strains credulity to suggest the Dunham wasn’t his mother. If she wasn’t his mother, why did he go to Indonesia with her and become a Soetoro? (Or did that not happen either?)

    • ML/NJ –

      It appears as if you have bought the “Dreams of My Father” story line. I believe that the old adage is especially true in Obama’s case: “Once a liar; always a liar.”

      I choose to “take stock” in the Martha Trowbridge line of research. And, I think that I have highlighted some of her research on this Moralmatters.org site. Please do visit those MM articles and also her website.

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  28. Obama’s background is far more sinister than Malcolm X! Ever see the OMEN? Damien Thorn was not even human-much less the child of an ambassador! Obama was supposedly seen in a government project on Mars involving time-travel-then we are told he is no relationship to Stanley Dunham. I think the idea that he was raised by ‘mommie’s friends’ doesn’t ring true! It might have had we been living in Nazi Germany or something similar-but not in the 60s and 70s USA! Think About it! I think he resembles Aknatun(Egyptian pharaoh) more than Malcolm X! Anyhow, it is proof time! Where is Justie Roberts in all of this? Did they get something on him through his bastard adopted children?

  29. I don’t know about the photos being photoshoped.

    When Obama was first running for President so much about him and his wife was never really revealed. And when something negative came out about him or his wife, it was quickly shot down by the liberal media as lies. It was hard for people who knew true and unsettling things about Obama were ignored. Now that Obama has ruined this country, the information that was hidden from the public about how awful Obama really was, is now readily available. Now that he has been elected twice. Funny how that worked out. So all the supposed lies about Obama when he ran for President, most have been proven true. He has destroyed this country, along with his lap dogs and henchmen (Holder, Sharpton and their ilk).

  30. I will go so far to say that Obama’s mother’s name should be “Rosemary”. (Get it?)

    Any conspiracy theory should include the reason that these revelations did not come out when he was running for president.
    I have my own theories about that, and it includes the guilt of others, as well as the Liberal media.

    And, do you remember the House Bill presented by a Democrat in the year before he ran? It was to remove the requirement that to be a president, one must be a natural born citizen. Of course it did not pass. So, other deceptions were put in place.
    Think George Soros. {I may have his last name spelled incorrectly}
    Obama has been almost completely successful in his desire to destroy this country. But he still has time.

    • Ann Miller –

      Yes. I do “get it,” about the name, “Rosemary.” I think there was a Hollywood movie last Century in which the female (actress played by Mia Farrow) gave birth to a baby boy. But the offspring was from the worst unimaginable source.

      As far as you relating “conspiracy theories,” I think there is ample evidence that a real (hard-core) “criminal conspiracy” did and is continuing to take place.

      Thank you for your comment!

      • BHO’s background is so stained, embarrassing and unfortunate that he has to have a fake birth certificate to hide the truth of it.

        If someone was proud of their background and real parents they would be happy to share with the whole world their REAL birth certificate and real name.

        • Douglas –

          Exactly! Good point.

          But then the ID forgery fraud went into “over-kill” mode and had published lying two books about himself. And, you can’t say that action wasn’t “successful.” It set a false propaganda narrative of which the “sheeple” haven’t been able to get out of their foolish and gullible heads!

          • Yes, and that autobio book “Dreams….” mentioned a mysterious person named “Frank” 22 times as a dear friend and mentor. Researchers finally figured out that “Frank” was known communist Frank Marshall Davis who wrote a column in a Hawaii called “How to be a communist”. Its also been proven that Frank was a pornographer who took nude photos of a young girl named Dunham.

            When the audio version of the book was released every reference to “Frank” was removed from the book. That alone weighs a lot.

          • Douglas –

            I think that the reference to “Frank” was removed from the book to heighten the the whole “conspiracy” awareness and interest.

            I believe that “Frank” was a real person “used” by the aka Obama cabal to knit together aka Obama’s Hawaiian story line about “Stanley Anne Dunham.” The whole Stanley Anne Dunham and Hawaiian story of her hooking up with some Kenyan guy worked neatly into the propaganda picture (propaganda narrative) that the Obama cabal desired to paint for gullible Americans. A more realistic background of the criminal aka Obama fraud can be found in Investigative Researcher, Martha Trowbridge’s writings:

            Terrible Truth Research On Aka Obama

            Regardless as to who has the “Obama” family history “down pat,” we know from Holy Biblical Scripture the criminal’s final end. He will (barring godly repentance, go to his father, below):

            “The wicked are estranged from the womb: they go astray as soon as they be born, speaking lies.” – Psalm 58:3 – KJV

  31. W O W. . .and the people who will never take the time to consider all of this ‘sloppy’ creation, are the people who love to call D.J. Trump a ‘con man’.

    At least we know that Trump is and has been who he IS.