Obama’s real father: Forget what you have already been told

Pic of Malcolm X, past black Muslim Communist activist. Martha Trowbridge offers evidence in her "Terrible Truth Investigative Research on Barack Hussein Obama II,"  that Malcolm X was the father of Barack Obama

Pic of Malcolm X – 1960’s civil rights activist. Investigative Researcher, Martha Trowbridge, offers convincing evidence in her “Terrible Truth” website, that Malcolm X was the father of Barack Obama.

This Moralmatters author should have known better. It didn’t ring a bell with him and he didn’t recognize it until he became more familiar with a distinguished investigative author’s writings about aka Barack Obama. Her name is Martha Trowbridge. Her website: “Terrible Truth – Investigative Research on Barack Hussein Obama II.”

But before this author relates more of Trowbridge’s “Terrible Truth” website with its wonderful and insightful articles about Obama’s background, he desires to first share where he went wrong about Obama’s true family background. Those of you who have frequented this website – have you ever witnessed this author freely admit that he got it wrong? His admissions to incorrectly arriving at his conclusions are about as scarce as hen’s teeth.

Why does it seem so difficult to unravel Obama’s family background past?

We live in unprecedented historical times. With the proliferation of pure digital Internet data, there is now the modern means to construct and reconstruct false IDS, false scenarios and false realities. Once created, by use of word processing and photo-shopped methods,  much if it can be incrementally added and, also deleted at the simple click of a computer mouse. Truth is now  susceptible to the continued wrangling of Internet computer use and / or misuse. However, raw and ultimate truth, by its very nature, is not something that can be forever discarded. Truth’s reality is a static quality; a premier attribute, not ultimately subject to human malevolent adjustment or manipulation.

But, in this temporal realm, truth is subject to that deadly and fatal disease known as deception and lies. Truth in this temporal [earthly] realm is always subject to defeat by deception. Only by the grace and mercy of Almighty God, will truth ultimately prevail over deception.

Deceptions and lies are the course of today’s present history. And that deception is increasingly prevalent as was prophesied by the divine revelation. Even Jesus Christ acknowledged the monstrous and tentacled grip that deception would clasp upon the last times, when He stated:

For false christs and false prophets will rise and show great signs and wonders to deceive, if possible, even the elect.  [Matthew 24:24 – NKJV]

Deception will become so great as this present world draws to a close, that Christ said, (that) “if it were possible” God’s own children would be taken for a deadly ride, deceived and would succumb to that deception. Christ’s words give us a very clear indication that deception would be so prevalent and so persuasive that it will sweep everyone away, except (for) those who are His and are guarded by His mercy,  power and eternal love.

One of the widely known quotes by the US White House Occupier hypocrite extraordinaire

One of the widely known quotes by the US White House Occupier hypocrite extraordinaire.

Discard what Obama said about his origins, as described in his “Dreams of My Father” book

This author will be very short and frank with you now. It is common knowledge that what Obama has said and continues to say,  cannot be treasured more than a hill of beans. Obama possesses the dastardly diabolical habit of speaking with a forked tongue. He is a masterful snake oil salesman. He is a stranger to the truth. He speaks repeated lies, so much so, that this deceptions seem to always possess a smoke screen specific purpose. His lies are intended to deflect what are his true and ongoing actions and agenda.

And, this author’s contention is, that Obama lied about his past family origins. Sadly and pathetically, though, that deception has been readily accepted as the temporal truth. How many people do you know who have accepted the Obama story line about his Hawaiian origins with a Kenyan father, Barack Obama I, and white mother, Stanley Ann Dunham? Virtually most people believe that, because that’s all they’ve been told. And, of course, that’s what the mainstream media has reported, over and over.

Who’s your Daddy, Obama? Malcolm X? – youtube.com/

So why would Obama lie and deceive about this true father (and, for that matter, his true mother)?

The answer to this question is rather obvious. Following on the heels of the 9/11 event and other previously reported acts of Muslim global terror, the US voting populace would have outright rejected aka Barack Obama. Simply put, he would not have been elected to the office of American  president having been the offspring of a Muslim Communist like Malcolm X. Hence, all the Obama smoke screen cover to hide his past and radical upbringing and Marxist bent.


Click on the pic (if it is still) to see for yourself the physical resemblance of Malcolm X (Daddy) with that of his [aka] Obama (son). This pic is one of those “morphing” pics.

This web author encourages everyone who reads this commentary piece to take the time and access Investigative Journalist, Martha Trowbridge’s excellent website. Access to the site’s articles requires a registration. It is well worth the meager fee. And, if you do not wish to continue the monthly small fee; register for one month and read all the articles; return after a few months, registering again, and read any additional commentary articles.

“Terrible Truth – Investigative Research on Barack Hussein Obama II” 


Obama’s real mother: Forget what you have already been told – moralmatters.org/2013/05/10/

Obama’s birth certificate documentation now publicly declared a forgery by the legal Sheriff Arpaio Investigation – moralmatters.org/2013/04/07/


Posted by:

Pastor emeritus Nathan M. Bickel



Note:  Pics and / or videos found on the web. The Malcolm X video is found here – youtube=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mf1Vx8UyS_0

39 thoughts on “Obama’s real father: Forget what you have already been told

  1. BitterClinger says:

    Look at pics of Frank Marshall Davis…he has the same bulge under his lower lip that Barry does. And he looks more like him than X does.

    1. BitterClinger –

      Thank you for again visiting http://www.moralmatters.org and for your comment.

      Yes. I am familiar with the Frank Marshall scenario. But, physical resemblance also comes from the mother. [In the near future, I hope to post a Moralmatters commentary about her]

      However, I am convinced after reading Martha Trowbridge’s excellent site, exclusively devoted to aka Barack Obama’s origins, that there are various “other things” which play into the wider picture about Obama’s true family origins.

    2. Malcolm also manifests this musculature – as does a.k.a. Obama’s mother, [Jo] Ann Newman.

  2. I’ve posted this article on Facebook. Another person also is more inclined to think that Obama looks more like Frank Marshall Davis. My reply was:

    I ask: “Based upon what?” And, my answer is that all that is known because Obama and corrupted company have allowed that information to be freely known. Most everyone believes the Hawaiian roots. Where does that come from? It comes from Obama’s book, “Dreams of My Father.”

    We know that Obama is a liar through and through. Why would we be led to believe what he has told us? I’m convinced the scenario that Obama has laid out is one big smoke screen and Martha Trowbridge’s research indicates this. She connects the dots with her findings.

  3. One person tonight on Facebook made the following response to this commentary which I posted. He said:

    “What is the purpose of this, Nathan M. Bickel? There are now no less than three different theories of who his father is – including his own story. I am much more concerned about him and his actions than I am about who his father was.”

    My Facebook replies were:

    “I believe that it is imperative to keep the focus on as many of Obama’s deceptions and lies, as possible, until some of it gets sunk into some American heads.”

    “I’ve heard that argument before, which you expose. It is the same type of thinking which led the stupid Republican Party to ignore Obama’s corruptions of ID, etc. and to only focus on Obama’s policies. See how far that got them with Obama winning a second White House occupation term…….”

    These identity lies (and withholding the truth) are very important to focus on. Obama’s proposed identity was the basis for him qualifying to run for the office of president!

  4. A few remarks, please:

    The ‘Frank Marshall Davis’ paternity was floated by considerable financial investment when Terrible Truth began to gain notice. Yet another attempt to distract, confuse, deceive.

    Paternity is important due to its Election Fraud implications. We were lied to about his father. The Election was fraudulent. The ticket, disqualified.

    The maternal ‘Newman’ side of the family of a.k.a. Obama [this is a synthetic identity] will prove even more problematic. For those interested, please study the life of “O’s” radical socialist uncle, Dr. Fred Newman of New York City [reportedly lived 1935-2011].

  5. charlotte says:

    Please, what was the bit about the photo of Obama superimposed on a report of a death of a Harvard professor sent to the NYT in 2008? The professor was the wife of one of Obama’s law professors, Gerald Frug. She was Mary Jo Frug – a senseless killing; murderer not caught, ever.

    1. charlotte –

      I remember reading on Martha Trowbridge’s “Terrible Truth” something about which you may be referring. Perhaps, she will respond to your comment.

      1. Accompanying an early-on NYT profile of Presidential Candidate Obama was a photo of Obama at HLS, digitally altered to include imagery of the murder of New England School Of Law Professor Mary Joe Frug. Reportedly submitted by ‘a friend’ of a.k.a. Obama, it may have been sent for the purpose of extortion. Full report available at my shop.

        1. Terrible Truth –

          Thank you for your informative comment which, I believe, elaborates upon what commenter “charlotte,” was referencing.

          Could you leave a link to your “shop,” for that “full report?”

          1. Link to “Terrible Truth Investigative Report – Murder At Harvard Law School : A Cold Case File, A Photo Of Obama”


          2. Terrible Truth –

            Thank you.

            Furthermore, I understand (and, please correct me if I am wrong) that the New York Times “scrubbed” this Internet pic, but not before you were able to take a screen shot of it? And, or, the NYT had this pic on its hard copy paper edition, – and, you photo-copied it for Internet use?

  6. Lori Straw says:

    Well, Obama himself said his mother was ‘white trash’. Seems likely that she wouldn’t have known who his father was. When I just looked at that picture, I thought it was Obama! Scary stuff!

  7. The photo was accessible online via the article. Not certain whether it still appears.

    I sense it was sent electronically to the NYT, given its obvious digital alterations.

    1. Martha Trowbridge –

      Thank you for the info. I would not be surprised if it does not appear online given certain history of Obama online information. And, I would not be surprised about “digital alterations,” since Obama and his enablers appear to possess a history of that practice, as you evidence on your “Terrible Truth” website about Obama’s background.

  8. charlotte says:

    In Harvard essay, young Michelle Obama argued for race-based faculty hiring

    Read more: http://dailycaller.com/2012/08/15/in-harvard-essay-young-michelle-obama-argued-for-race-based-faculty-hiring/#ixzz23ashRThG

    WHY WAS MARY JO FRUG wife of Gerald Frug, Obama’s law professor murdered? Was it to create a vacancy at Harvard so Regina Austin could be appointed as Derrick Bell and the Obamas were agitating for? Why is there a gap in Regina Austin’s CV
    “Just copied her published vitae. I left out the contact information and her non-university employment. There was no information on what she did between 1977 and 1989, which was when her one-year visiting professorship at Harvard law started. Nothing, nada, zilch.”

    SO WHERE WAS SHE? WHY WAS THE NYT SENT THIS? A Murder At Harvard Law School: A Cold Case File, A Photo Of Obama
    by Martha Trowbridge

    What is a photo of Harvard Law School student “Barack Obama” doing with digitally-imposed images of the murder of the wife of his Professor?

    And why was this altered photo sent to The New York Times, a few short days before he announced his candidacy for United States President?

    Terrible Truth Investigative Report I, entitled

    Murder At Harvard Law School: A Cold Case File, A Photo Of “Obama”

    is available for purchase HERE.

    WHY was Mary Jo Frug vilified in the Harvard Law Review one year after her death at a Harvard Law dinner?

    EXACTLY one year after Frug’s murder, 5 students on the Harvard Law Review wrote a nasty satirical piece on Frug and put these at the places for a Harvard Law staff dinner. Frug’s husband was supposed to attend(he wasn’t there) It was a nasty satirical piece about her last unfinished work. 5 students on the Harvard Law Review who wrote this were outed and they were censured but not disciplined really. In this article (http://wtpotus.wordpress.com/2012/03/07/obama-and-the-harvard-law-review-board-1990/) there is a photo of Obama with the Harvard Law Review student cohort in 1991 and some of these 5 are in the photo with Obama, but ALL of them were on the Harvard Law Review with Obama. How much involvement did Obama have in the writing of this nasty satire?

    “As President of the Harvard Law Review in the spring of his final year there, 1991, he aligned himself with Professor Derrick Bell’s dramatic protest for diversity on the faculty of Harvard Law School.”

    Remember,on February 6th, 1990, Obama became the first African-American president of the Harvard Law Review. How did he become president?


    “In February 1990, after an IDEOLOGICALLY charged all day affair, Obama’s fellow editors elected him president from among 19 candidates. As it happened, Obama prevailed only AFTER the HLR’s small conservative faction threw him its support. Obama was elected after a meeting of the review’s 80 editors that convened Sunday and lasted until early this morning, a participant said.”


    Group portrait of the Harvard Law Review Board of Editors posed in five rows on the steps of Austin Hall, Harvard Law School campus.

    Identified as: R. Pemberton, G. Kookkines, J. Bu, B. Berenson, D. Nahmias, H. Ullman, S. Hemeryck., J. Parry, F. Amanat, N. McCullough, M. Harris, B. Dexter, L. Webb, J. Buckles, C. Bartolomucci, J. Molot, A. Schlafly, J. Hoberman, M. Rosen, P. Philbin, S. Francis, E. Reifschneider, R. Niewyk, C. Platt, D. Ellen, B. Spiva, S. Lev, M. Harris, C. Coben, A. Thomas, A. Fish, D. McAtee, S. Freiwald, M. Guzman, P. Clement, C. Sipes, K. Mack, A. Charnes, A. Kett, J. Chen, T. Perrelli, B. Obama, L. Hay, J. Cohen, A. Toker, T. Norris, C. Robb, D. Meron, M. Sexton, K. Downey, M. Dayan, N. Kao, M. Wyrick, M. Milnes-Vasquez, E. Ramirez, J. Kestenbaum, J. Hersch, D. Maynard, L. Lopez-Isa, S. Eaton, M. Chun, J. Scott, J. Collins, J. Genachowski, D. Goldberg, M. Froman, C. Lee, P. Shin, M. Weinberger, S. Siff.

    Absent from the photograph: M. Cohen, K. Fenyo, R. Haile, L. Hwang, J. Manas, S. Martin, J. Putnam, O. Sellstrom, B. Wiegmann.

    The five guilty ones who wrote this really nasty satirical piece about a dead woman professor were: Craig Coben, Kenneth Fenyo, David Ellen, Paul D Clement and Emily Schulman. Google them to see what they are doing now. You’d be surprised–some are in Government.

    The point I’m making is that Obama was the PRESIDENT OF THE HARVARD LAW REVIEW WITH these 5 students.How much involvement did Obama have in the writing of his piece?
    Schulman only became president the next year.

    The whole thing was reported here and Derrick Bell is also mentioned in this article.


    I quote from this article: ” Of the 59 tenured professors, only three are black and five are women; there are no black women professors. Over the last decade the law school has often been roiled by debates between two rival faculty groups over intellectual approaches to the law. Those on the left advocate a school known as Critical Legal Studies, which holds that the law, far from being written in stone, is highly elastic, and they believe in using the law for social change. Their conservative opponents argue for continuing the traditional methodology”


    ” The current dispute was touched off on April 4 at the annual gala banquet of the Harvard Law Review, the nation’s most prestigious legal journal, which is edited by students of the law school. By coincidence, it was the first anniversary of the unsolved stabbing death of Mary Joe Frug, a professor at the New England School of Law in Boston and a dedicated feminist.

    Earlier this year, her last article, still unfinished, was published in the Harvard Law Review as a kind of memorial to her after a heated dispute among the journal’s editors, some of whom argued that it was a political tract, not a scholarly work, and did not meet the Review’s standards. Titled “A Postmodern Feminist Legal Manifesto,” it analyzed how, in Ms. Frug’s view, the law subjugates women.

    At the banquet a parody of her article was circulated. It was titled “He-Manifesto of Post-Mortem Legal Feminism” by the “Rigor Mortis Professors of Law” at New England School of Law. It was said to have been dictated “from beyond the grave.”

    The spoof was put together by editors on the Harvard Law Review. The new president of the Review, Emily Schulman, and the two authors of the parody article, Craig Coben and Kenneth Fenyo, quickly apologized for what everyone has acknowledged was poor taste, at a minimum. ‘Fraternity-Like Response’

    Remember Derrick Bell was agitating for a black woman professor to be hired? He took a years “leave” to protest this and then his tenure was not renewed in 1992.

    Again I quote:”Andrea Brenneke, a third-year student, said: “The parody is symptomatic of the hostility toward women who are taking over positions of power traditionally held by white males. This was their fraternity-like response to getting back at women who fought to publish Mary Joe’s article.”
    Some law school students put up posters with photographs of Mr. Coben and Mr. Fenyo, containing the addresses of the Federal appeals court judges for whom the two have been hired to serve as clerks after graduation.
    Paradoxically, the incident happened at a time when Dean Clark appeared to have finally resolved an impasse in hiring new tenured faculty members caused by the longstanding dispute between the leftists and conservatives at the school.
    Mr. Clark had put together an appointments committee that included members of both warring groups, and earlier this year the committee came up with a compromise slate of four candidates acceptable to both sides.

    There was only one problem. The four were all white men.

    Derrick Bell and Obama were involved in this protest in the spring of 1991. Mary Jo Frug was murdered on 4th April 1991. Coincidence? NO. There are no coincidences in Obama’s past. I think she was murdered so there would be a vacancy in the faculty and so a black (female) professor would be appointed. Bell had wanted Regina Austen. But there wasn’t.

    In 2002 Bernie D Jones wrote this piece in the Harvard’s BlackLetter Law Journalwhich he mentions all the names
    Crticial Race Theory: New strategies for civil rights in the new millennium

    OK- so you say this may be nonsense but WHY WAS THE NY Times sent a photo of the murdered Harvard professor with Obama’s pic superimposed on it? She was the only Harvard professor to be murdered at that time. Was Obama involved? Remember there are no coincidences in Obama’s past.

    Many of these Harvard Law Review students have plum govt jobs now.


  9. charlotte says:

    I’m sure that Obamao knew the Weathermen and the Black Panthers in the 1980s. Also if you Google addresses, they all lived within a few blocks of each other in NY. The Black Panthers had their headquarters in Boulevard avenue. Eric Holder grew up in East Elmhurst. Malcolm X lived in Home at 23-11 97th St. in East Elmhurst where Malcolm X and his family lived at 23-11 97th St. in East Elmhurst ,NY. Ayers was at Bank college.

    Was Obamao a member of the Weathermen under the name Barry Soetoro/Dunham (whatever) with his buddies Ayers and Dohrn?The FBI did not have enough evidence to convict Dohrn even though they knew she was guilty.
    I think Obama HAD TO HAVE BEEN either a member of the Weathermen or he knew them in the 80s. He may even have been involved in the Brink’s robbery as there were several people they never caught.
    Read about the Brink’s robbery in 1981: Dohrn and Ayers were allegedly maybe involved but were never caught. Ayers famously said: “guilty as sin, free as a bird.Isn’t America a wonderful country.” The FBI messed up the evidence and couldn’t charge them esp Dohrn whom they did arrest and charge.


    Sekou Odinga aka Nathaniel Burns was one of those arrested. Burns changed his name to Sekou Odinga. He was a Black Panther.
    How did Sekou Odinga, previously known as Nathaniel Burns, come to adopt the name Odinga in the early 1980s? THIS WAS PRE -INTERNET DAYS. HE HAD TO HAVE KNOWN OBAMAO.

    Remember Odinga is the name of Obama’s cousin in Kenya.
    Raila Odinga is a Marxist, Islamist Kenyan politician that Obama campaigned for IN KENYA(in contravention of the Logan Act) while he was a Chicago senator.
    Raila Odinga studied engineering at an East German University and his engineering thesis was on NAIL BOMB MAKING:

    Raila Odinga, when he lost the election, also set his followers on the rampage and they burned 200 Christians to death in a church in Eldoret Kenya

    Now I ask you, HOW could Burns have known the name Odinga otherwise?

    Remember the Brink’s robbery went down in the early 1980s with many (?all) of the Weathermen/Black Panthers/Black Liberation Army involved.

    I posit that Nathaniel Burns aka Sekou Odinga HAD TO HAVE KNOWN OBAMA in order to adopt this East African name. He could not have known it otherwise as this was in PRE-INTERNET DAYS. The name Odinga is from East Africa.

    AND: Moochelle Obama hosted the rapper Common to the WH recently.

    He rapped about Assata Shakur, arrested in May 1973. Assata Shakur was involved in a shootout on the New Jersey Turnpike, during which New Jersey State Trooper Werner Foerster and BLA member Zayd Malik Shakur were killed and Shakur and Trooper James Harper were wounded. She was sentenced ? to life but escaped in 1979 to Cuba.

    Her brother Mutulu Shakur, stepfather to Tupac Shakur, a teenage communist rapper who was killed by ? gangs aided her escape AND was involved in the Brinks robbery too. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mutulu_Shakur. He is in jail until 2016. Watch Obama give him a pardon as well as some of the others not yet released.Holder pardoned Marilyn Buck who was released at the end of Clinton’s term.(Holder grew up in East Elmhurst, NY.)


    The black Panthers had their headquarters in Boulevard Ave a few blocks down:
    Malcolm X also lived there on 97th Street. He brought the Nation OF Islam there too.




    “My roots are from East Elmhurst. It was a great neighborhood growing up.
    I am so glad we all shared this experience. I grew up there, when the Black Panthers were on Northern Blvd. When Malcom X lived on 97th street and his home was fire bombed. The Mets won the series in 69 Tommy Agee had the Out fielder’s Lounge on Astoria Blvd . The worlds fair opened in 1964. We could ride our bikes to Laguardia Airport. ”

    They are all interconnected.They all know/knew each other.All Commie Marxist thugs.

    Was Obama a member of the Weathermen under the name Barry Soetoro/Barack Soetoro/Dunham/Soebarkah/Barak Mounir Ubayd/Harrison Bounel (whatever) with his buddies Ayers and Dohrn?The FBI did not have enough evidence to convict Dohrn even though they knew she was guilty.

    I think Obama HAD TO HAVE BEEN either a member of the Weathermen or he knew them in the 80s. He may even have been involved in the Brink’s robbery as there were several people they never caught.

    Connect the dots. Two plus two make FOUR, not five.

    Now Eric Holder worked at Covington Burling. So did Michael Boudin, Kathy Boudin’s brother, now a Massachussetts judge. Guess who else in on the judge list for Mass. right under Boudin’s name? Judge Marianne Bowler who mirandized Tsarnaev and now the latest 3 and who has Muslim ties.
    The same judge who mirandized Dzhokhar Tsarnaev showed up again to mirandize the latest 3 suspects in the Boston bombing. Either she’s a Mooslime convert or she’s on the take getting bribes from the Mooslimes:



    Judge Marianne Bowler is amongst the list of judges in Massachussets.




    From 1966 to 1987 Boudin practiced regulatory law at Covington & Burling, a Washington D.C. law firm. He spent 21 years at Covington & Burling, primarily drafting appellate briefs in complex regulatory matters for corporate clients.

  10. charlotte says:

    Bill Ayers and Bernardine Dohrn’s son is named ZAYD. (after BLA member Zayd Malik Shakur who was killed in 1973 in a shootout) The two of them looked after CHESA BOUDIN, Cathy Boudin and David Gilbert’s ( still in jail for murder) son. Chesa Boudin was an advisor to Hugo Chavez in Venezuela.

    1. charlotte –

      This shorter comment was much easier to read. The other two were too long. The longer the comment, the less likely web viewers will take their time to read them.

  11. charlotte says:

    I know that but you have to follow the connections to see what is going on. An elaborate plot has been woven.

    Billy Ayers is laughing his head off at us because one of his commie weathermen buddies in now the POTUS. He visits the WH every Monday.

    Obama was missing for a yr. from about Aug. 1981 to Aug. 1982. He went to Pakistan (he revealed it after his passport was breached). Americans were NOT allowed to go there on US passports. So he went on ? an Indonesian passport.

    I think he was hiding from the FBI because he was also involved in the 1981 Brinks robbery. See what’s being revealed about Kathy Boudin now. SHE ASKED FOR THE RELEASE OF SEKOU ODINGA yesterday (Hannity and O’Reilly). There’s a whole clique of these commies – from judges to FBI to CIA to several people in high positions in the US Gov’t.

    1. Charlotte, agreed, for years WUO+Company have been laughing at America for the political coup they staged. But the trouble for them is: they catapulted a.k.a. Obama into The White House via major felony crimes – forcefully, sneakily, imposing their agenda against the will of We The People – in perfect keeping with any so-called achievement of theirs. They did not win. They stole. They deceived. They cheated. They threatened. They killed.

      All of which is repulsive to mainstream America.

      Their crimes – commencing with the core crime of Identity Fraud by their front man – will be their undoing. They are criminals. We are Americans. It’s that simple. Try as they have with incessant propaganda, most Americans are decent, patriotic, God-respecting human beings.

      Their evil reign of domestic terror is coming to a fast close. As with Hitler, as people come to know the real “Obama”, they despise him. It is abundantly clear that he stole the 2012 Election. At this point, it is just a question of how to rid our government of him and his sneaky comrades. Happily, his entire tenure has been one long treasonous crime spree – so the evidence by which he can and will be indicted is abundant.

  12. dougster says:

    I read every word of the Trowbridge website. Very interesting but does not offer any concrete proof that Obama is related in any to M.X. There are just too many lose ends that do not fit in the Trowbridge theory but I am open to any new material that she can provide.

    1. dougster –

      I wish I could confidently say that I’ve “read every word of the Trowbridge website.” I’m still looking for some articles that I think I may have missed.

      I believe that “Concrete proof” and connecting “loose ends” will always be present when one does not have the 100% complete reality about a given situation, circumstance and / or someone’s family history. Having stated that, I believe that Trowbridge’s Obama scenario makes the best sense, given that Obama has the continued propensity (and outright habit) of lying and then smoke screening to best help promulgate his propaganda cause. Presently, I’m about to publish another Moralmatters article based upon the Trowbridge scenario, highlighting Obama’s habitual lying and smoke screening, thus buttressing Trowbridge’s “Obama scenario.”

      Furthermore, I hate to call “it” (Trowbridge’s scenario) a “theory” as you do, because I believe her research best bears out the true Obama parentage and upbringing background, given the known and continued (ongoing research efforts) of Obama’s Chicago background, etc.

      Finally, – perhaps, Martha Trowbridge may have a reply to your comment. I consider her far more knowledgeable than I, and and an “expert” on Obama’s carefully [attempted / planned] hidden past.

  13. Darcy says:

    JoAnn Newman, obama’s alleged mother, is also known as Elizabeth Anna Duke, a former weather underground member. That is the connection to ayres and dorhn I believe.

  14. Saska Mare says:

    NathanBickel: Proe Graphique, who used to post over at Birther Report: Obama Release Your Records (ORYR) a lot, thinks that his father is Frank Marshall Davis, and pretty much nails it with FBI identity software! Actually, I think it’s likely Malcolm X, with the car accident in Hawaii history, that seems more believable to me because of his outright looks! Who knows, I wish we could get some DNA.

    How to Prove that Obama’s Dad is Frank Marshall Davis: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=o6gVc9GbtW8

  15. cmblake6 says:

    The problem with this is that it would invalidate the British Father, thereby making Ovomit legally eligible to be POTUS, re: Art 2.1.5. However, it may well have prevented it from being elected in the first place. Since it was elected, we need to invalidate it’s presence in order to null and void all it’s actions and appointments since said election.

    1. cmblake6 –

      I am one who desires to discover the reality of Obama’s presence in the White House. It is common knowledge that Obama is hiding much.

      I, too, am a birther. But, that does not prevent me from seeking the truth about Obama’s origins and family background. To accept Obama’s British origins is only taking pages out of Obama’s “Dreams” book. It is both very risky and dangerous to accept Obama’s word for anything. He’s proven time and time again that he is a stranger to the truth. I’m convinced along with others, that Obama is a pathological liar.

      Finally, I maintain that what matters most, is that Obama is guilty of ID fraud. That is enough to drive him from the White House. Americans need to come to terms with that and accept the reality that Obama is guilty as hell, presenting himself to the American voter as someone he is not. He outright lied and has done our nation dastardly dirty by his deceptions. That is the major (underlying) reason Obama needs to be driven from the White House as our chief executive, as he is a de facto type president and has no [good] moral standing, being there!

  16. Gene Alogist says:

    Agree with Saska Mare, DNA is imperative! How can we get something to test? This would clear up a lot. Agree firmly that no assumptions can be made about Hawaii, Kenya, etc. We need real evidence.

  17. Tapp says:

    I agree. Malcolm is Daddy and likely mom is the bomber Newman that X knew. Dunham was just the babysitter, this explains the Percy dutton connection to Islam and Obama in Harvard.
    The USA congress knows this completely as does Obama.
    Dunham is the smoke screen.
    Davis is also the smoke screen, maybe helping w baby sitting only w Dunham.
    We have a Muslim president, courtesy Malcolm X
    Congress and Putin knows this as well.
    The media has confused the American people…this guy looks exactly like X and nothing like Davis.
    The congress covered it up because the people in the USA would have gone nuts if they knew X was his daddy.


    1. Tapp –

      Thank you for your candid and intelligent comment!

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