Boston Marathon bombing event has elements of being staged: Moralmatters reader calls it a hoax and gives plausible reasons why

Pic of recent Boston "bombing" scene. Look closely. Even click on the pic to enlarge it. What do you notice  ? See 2 more pics [below].

Pic of recent Boston “bombing” scene. Look closely. Even click on the pic to enlarge it. What do you notice? See 2 more pics [below] and note this link.

Note: This Moralmatters article has 6 pics – 3 of them, bloody pics. To enlarge them, please click on the pic.

“When did big government and big media ever tell the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth? A thinking person will question what he hears; examine what he sees; and evaluate what others would have him believe.”

The person who sent this Moralmatters author these 3 bloody looking pics, accompanied them with the following comment:

<<<<<<<  Now the headline is that the younger bomber brother in the hospital has a throat injury and he cannot talk. I did not make that up.

Another pic of the recent Boston Marathon "bombing." This pic has the female responder up from a reclined position. Why no splattered blood on the amputee

Another pic of the recent Boston Marathon “bombing.” Why no splattered blood on the amputee’s shirt? Why does the blood look like Hollywood blood and not purple / red with the separation of plasma? Also,  note this link.


Secondly,  its looking more like the Boston bombs were theatrical blasts and that no one was killed or injured. The man with “no legs” was not attended to by any of the Marathon doctors that were standing around the perimeter of the bomb blasts. Why? The cowboy hat man who is holding the possible fake blood vessel is well known as a political activist in the Boston area. Why wasn’t a real doctor attending to this severely injured man in the wheel chair? Is it because he’s not really injured and is actually a previous military veteran double amputee [actor]?

Many official Marathon doctors rushed to the area of the blasts and just stood there doing nothing. Why? Is the man lying on the pavement an actor? Is he a double amputee from military service and is now a Crisis Actor?

Was the Boston event just another fake out like the Sandy Hoax was?

Pic of the man who supposedly had his legs blown away. Don't they look like an amputee's stubs? Where is the first field dressing from first responders? Where's a gurney? This man should be bleeding to death.

Pic of the man who supposedly had his legs blown away. Don’t they look like an amputee’s stubs? Where is the first field dressing from first responders? Where’s a gurney? This man should be bleeding to death. Also, note this link.

Wouldn’t a real Dr. be attending to a man with no legs instead of a local political activist wearing a cowboy hat?

There’s no blood on cowboy man shirt sleeves in this photo. When he’s later interviewed on TV he has a lot of blood on his shirt…hmm?  >>>>>>>

Please note the pic to the right of this page.

Does it look like the appearance is of a Hollywood production?  Or, would Hollywood have made it look more real? Haven’t Obama’s Hollywood buddies contributed enough money to Obama? Did he squander their money with this apparent poor production performance?



“Dougster” has left the following comments after the recent article of: 

Boston Marathon bombing: Updated alternative news and why the US Government needs to be the first suspect –

First Comment by Dougster:

<<<<<  Nathan the whole event was a hoax. There is no proof that anyone was killed in Boston. The exception might be the older brother bomber. Time will tell.

No one was killed at Sandy Hook, either. The Boston event is another BHO manufactured event to call martial law and grab guns. This will go on and on until there’s an outcry from people who are capable of thinking. The MA hospitals are in on the hoax as were the hospitals in CT. The funerals in CT were all fake. One boy even attended his OWN funeral. Dylan Hockley….we have the photos of him being there pretending to be his brother. What a sick laugh.

These events are really getting ugly. We live in horrific Hitlerian times. We are surrounded by official government fakery that’s being used to control people. God help us.  >>>>> –

Second Comment by Dougster:


<<<<<  I’ve changed my mind on the Boston lockdown last week for 15 hours. It was overkill in my opinion. Secondly, we now see a series of photos that reveal the Boston ‘event’ was a hoax. Yes, there were two smoke-concussion blasts but no one was killed. Yes, we clearly see the pattern of fraud. Recall that BHO still has a fake birth certificate displayed on the White House website. This is a felony crime all by itself.  >>>>> –

Moralmatters author’s reponse comment:

<<<<< dougster –

Yes. I take it that if Obama can fake his own ID with a fake birth certificate, that nothing is beyond his contrived reach to fake and stage. Your point of the pattern of fraud is well taken!

The American populous has been by and large, lulled and snake charmed into a sense of acceptance. So far, Obama has managed to pull the wool over too many eyes. When will most Americans wake from their ignorance and reject what they hear and witness from this Obama huckster con artist and realize his smoke and mirrors, which are intended to take our Constitutional liberties away? >>>>> –

This author is no fictional Columbo investigator. But, he has learned to ask questions and not to assume that government, law enforcement and media aren't without reproach.

This author is no fictional Columbo investigator. But, he has learned to ask questions and not to assume that government, law enforcement and media aren’t without reproach. Articles about the Boston Marathon bombing event:

More alternative news informational links:

Why Government Should Be The First Suspect In Any Terror Attack –


Martial Law acted out in Boston – violating 4th Amendment rights:

UPDATE! Boston Marathon Bombing Secrets –


Re: The Saudi suspect and Glenn Beck’s call to the US Government to come clean or he will expose it, come Monday:

Glenn: “After what I have learned this week I’m a changed person” –

Also, from one source: A 3 Minute video:

Beck Gives Obama Till Monday to Admit Boston Bombing was Inside Job –


Lieutenant Colonel Potter’s explanation how the government got caught with its pants down trying to create the scenario of a right wing extremist perpetrating the Boston Marathon bombing:

Note  a video of the explosion and immediate aftermath – on the following link:


Alleged Sandy Hook Shooting Massacre: Pictures with captions depict the hoax –

Sandy Hook Shooting Hoax –


“When did big government and big media ever tell the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth? 

A thinking person will question what he hears; examine what he sees; and evaluate what others would have him believe.”

– Pastor emeritus Nathan M. Bickel


Note – The following link provides contact information to our nation’s top political personalities.They are the elected leaders:

The Complete List of Email Addresses and Fax Numbers for the U.S. Congress and Governors –

Also –

U.S. Constitution Online –


Posted by:

Pastor emeritus Nathan M. Bickel

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68 thoughts on “Boston Marathon bombing event has elements of being staged: Moralmatters reader calls it a hoax and gives plausible reasons why

  1. After posting this article on Facebook, there was an individual who said this:

    I have two friends who were there. There was nothing staged about this. You can debate whether this was perpetuated by the government, but any jackass that says that it was a hoax is one sick SOB!

    To which I responded:

    Submit your comment to the article. I think that the reader will be willing and ready to defend his position. I didn’t hear him saying that those who believe it was 100%, as it was reported by the mainstream media, were sick SOBS and jackasses.

    When did big government and big media ever tell the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth? A thinking person will question what he hears; examine what he sees; and evaluate what others would have him believe.

    Obama and his cronies have been deceptive with just about everything. His long form birth certificate has now been proven to be forged and publicly declared so. I believe that Obama has no reason to cease his fraudulent actions.

    Obama has a history of being in crisis mode since he began the White House occupier. It’s been one crisis after another. Maybe he wants the USA to be subject to his community agitating persona.

    1. dougster says:

      To Facebook man:

      Yes, there were two blasts at the Marathon but they were not pressure cooker bombs with ball bearings. No runners were injured.

      Also, real blood is not what we see in the photos. Real blood on the pavement is dark red-purple with yellowish color at the edges. The slight yellow on the edges is the plasma separating out. The blood we see in these marathon photos, even hours later, is still bright red. Its all obviously fake theatrical blood.

      1. dougster –

        I’ll convey what you stated and / or encourage the Doubting Thomas to re-visit this posted article and go to these comments.

        By the way, I just commented (again) and left a formidable article that casts heavy doubt on the gov’t and mainstream media’s reported “bombings.” The article even utilized the same cowboy hat guy and amputee actor pic. Here’s the link again:

        Are You Just A Believer Or Do You THINK?

  2. Here’s an interesting comment and informational link by someone on Facebook who liked this article. Following, is his comment [below]:

    “This shows being prep’d after the blast:”

    Are You Just A Believer Or Do You THINK?

  3. Jon C says:

    I am the person that Nathan Bickel posted about above.
    The media lies, there is no doubt.
    The government lies, there is no doubt.

    But you, sir, and an inhuman bag of shit. My friends were there. One was shook by one blast and the other was about 1/2 mile from the finish line when they went off and ran up on it. THEY WERE THERE. You sit behind your monitor and spew pure speculation that is regurgitated by pigs like you and Alex Jones until people believe it.

    Our government and our media does enough against this country without idiots like you making stuff up. I truly hope that you come face to face with someone who lost a child in Sandy Hook or someone who lost someone or was injured in Boston….and they beat the living hell out of you.

    If you were arguing that the government was behind the bombings, I would not take issue. But to claim that nobody died or was injured screams a stupidity that is beyond comprehension.

    1. Jon C –

      Perhaps, without realizing it, you have given a type of Obamabot answer. I encourage you to check out the article again and the comments and the informational links. Instead of name calling, connect some dots how Obama has been able to become elected and re-elected with all his deceptions and now proven long form fake birth certificate that has been publicly outed. Don’t tell me that many people can’t be part of scams as the whole of Congress have been enabling the White House usurper.

      Furthermore, your response typifies a person denying the Biblical principle of “the depravity of human nature.” Deception runs wild in our world. There is no sane reason to believe the corrupted Obama government and its kowtowing buddy mainstream media, and accept hook, line and sinker what they throw our way.

      When did big government and big media ever tell the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth? A thinking person will question what he hears; examine what he sees; and evaluate what others would have him believe.

      Obama and his cronies have been deceptive with just about everything. His long form birth certificate has now been proven to be forged and publicly declared so. I believe that Obama has no reason to cease his fraudulent actions.

      Obama has a history of being in crisis mode since he began his White House occupancy. It’s been one crisis after another. Obama and his corrupted government will use anything and everything at their disposal to take away Americans Constitutional freedoms. Here, [link below] is an example of what Obama and corrupted cronies have at their disposal to dupe the American people:

      Strategic Operations

      1. Jon C says:

        Nathan…Your argument is ridiculous. I have no trust for Obama, for the government or for the media. It is not either/or. The claims put forth in this article are ignorance at best and outright lies at worst. The bombs DID go off. They injured spectators because the spectators were between the bombs and the runners. There were a lot of people injured. My friends were on the scene. There was no reason to add carnage. There was plenty there.

        Finally, how you spin this to Obama, I have no idea. Obama is a fraud across the board, but so is the pig who wrote this article.

        1. Jon –

          You rely on second hand info. from your “friends?” And, you still insist upon being emotional, (shooting from the hip) and calling the person who sent me these pics and comment, a “pig?” Shame on you!

          Furthermore, I am always suspicious of people such as yourself who do not substantiate their claims, but apparently rely upon hearsay and then go on a rabid attack. Your statement of Obama being a fraud does not match your communication behavior here on this comment facility.

          Not one thing were you able to concede – with all the informational links here in this posted article and the links that were added in this comment section. Unless you can be civil in any future comments; consider this the last comment of yours, I will approve and publish.

          1. Shawn says:

            So…Jon’s second hand knowledge is unreliable but your second hand knowledge is spot on? All that is given is photos that are hard to tell what is going on and the writer provides the narrative for. It’s claimed the men in the photos are actors…ok…find them, that’s what a real journalist would do. Find them, interview them, print their names. All I see is speculation and reaching.

          2. Shawn –

            I’m convinced that you see what you only care to see and what big government and its buddy mainstream media want you to see. Your comment even mirrors what these two massive entities are doing to you and countless Americans who are so prone to believe what is handed to them. I ask you to honestly answer for yourself, the following:

            “When did big government and big media ever tell the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth? A thinking person will question what he hears; examine what he sees; and evaluate what others would have him believe.”

            What you relate in your comment, suggests to me that you rely too much on what is handed you through the big government admiring old mainstream media. You need to crawl out of your political correctness box and start thinking outside that restrictive box.

            By the way, here following are the latest Moralmatters 6th and 5th articles regarding this media reported Boston Marathon “bombing” event:

            America is being played: Boston Police Commissioner Ed Davis describes the terrorist bombing suspects as actors

            Boston Marathon bombing: Government mainstream media and mind control

          3. ChristyLee says:

            I was in Atlanta not far from the bombing in 1996. I never had any reason to believe that it was anything but a real attack. However, in retrospect I heard a bang and saw smoke. What did I really see? Just because Jon’s friends were there, unless they saw injuries up close, (and I mean UP CLOSE), may I respectfully suggest they don’t know if what they witnessed was real or faked?

          4. ChristyLee –

            But, what you relate is unrelated to this posting. What do you have to say, after reading of the evidence of it being contrived? 1996 is far past. Did you really read the Moralmatters article?

          5. ChristyLee says:

            Did you even read my post? I was saying I witnessed a bombing and in retrospect I realize I accepted the official story when I really didn’t see anything. My point was you could have been at the site of the Boston bombing and still not know if what you saw was real. I was agreeing with you. How you can say my point is unrelated to this posting is completely baffling to me as I am someone who witnessed a bombing first hand and am uniquely qualified to state unequivocally that in retrospect I can not be sure it was real. I am surprised you didn’t get that. Don’t worry about me stopping by again.

          6. ChristyLee –

            My apologies. I misunderstood you! You are always welcome to

            Furthermore, I should have re-read your comments more carefully. You would not believe the spam and trashy unsubstansiated comments I receive here at Moralmatters. And, sometimes because of those, I tend not to be as careful as I should in going over every comment.

            Please accept my sorry.

          7. ChristyLee says:

            Apology accepted. And just to be sure we are clear, I am 100 per cent convinced Newtown and Boston were staged. Also, events of late have made me question the Atlanta bombing as well as I have always felt pinning it on Eric Rudolf was too convenient (it wasn’t his M.O.) but he sure fit the bill of “domestic terrorist.”

          8. ChristyLee –

            Thank you for being so kind and forgiving for my rudeness.

            By the way, to refresh my memory; do you know off-hand when that Atlanta bombing was? Was that the bombing event in which law enforcement attempted to pin the incident upon the innocent security guard and did a half ways (indecent) job of ruining his life?

          9. ChristyLee says:

            It was the summer of 1996. Richard Jewell was the security guard. People around here still talk about how all the harassment probably drove him to an early grave. It always bothered me that Eric Rudolf was a Christian extremist who bombed abortion clinics and gay bars and then suddenly, quite out of character, bombed a bunch of people in Atlanta’s Olympic Park AFTER calling the police to tip them off. It doesn’t add up. And now that I know about government involvement in domestic terror attacks I honestly don’t know what to think.

          10. ChristyLee –

            Thank you for recounting all that. Yes, I remember, now and the names, Richard Jewell and Eric Rudolf. Sad. Lord only knows besides the perpetrators, how many government contrived acts of violence there have been……….

    2. dougster says:

      I have no need to name-call, swear profanities and threaten physical violence on this thread. Why? I calmly have the truth and facts on my side. I am not liberal or conservative…I only look for and seek truth.

  4. George Jones says:

    And who, pray tell, are the bombers? The ones the government told you were the bombers? Trust every word that they say, their track record speaks for itself. Nothing, NOTHING is beyond the pale as long as they achieve their objectives.

    Look at Gulf of Tonkin, look at Hitler launching false-flag attacks on civilians to justify invasion. Read a book entitled “The Warfare State” written in the 50’s about the duplicity and lies that D.C. fed to us in order to escalate the Cold War. Minutes from meeting are included, it’s not conjecture.

    Nothing is beyond ones who believe that the ends justify the means and they alone know what’s best for us. I stopped trusting my government in the early 80’s in Central America, one thing happening, another being told to the public. It’s not a black-and-white issue, if there even is such a thing.

    Please, do some research into past government cruelty for gain. Our government is among the best at it.

    1. George –

      Thank you for your sensible and sobering comment! Please do continue to visit and comment again!

  5. George Jones says:

    Thanks Nathan. I wrote this not knowing what attitudes you were expecting or hoping to see, so it’s a true reflection of my feelings; and it’s taken years of thought and study to reach my perspective of our government, so I have no problem sharing it.

    I only formed these opinions from personal experience and from thorough research into things that had class-A credentials attached, and, as well documented evidence. I didn’t take it lightly, but at the end of the journey, the evidence was overwhelming.

    So, yes, color me extremely dubious of the lines and scenarios coming from D.C. and the Pentagon. They are self-serving, not citizen-serving, usually. I wish it were different, but I must accept the cold reality that I’ve uncovered. Glad you question too, that’s the road to truth and reality in our case. Kudos!

    1. George –

      Again thank you for sharing how you arrive at some reality and a healthy distrust of big government. Maybe sometime in the near future you can give me some pointers on doing some thorough research. I’m open for improvement.

  6. dougster says:

    YES, two flash-bang smoke/concussion bombs did go off at the marathon. It was announced at noon that day that a ‘training’ event would take place and not to be worried when it happened and when you hear the explosions.

    These were NOT pressure cooker ball bearing laden terrorist bombs. They were similar to bombs used by police and movie makers for effect.

    The people lying on the ground when the smoke cleared were Crisis Actors. Several of the actors are amputees. Fake wounds were added to these people for dramatic effect. ALL of the blood you see on the sidewalk is fake.

    Google “real blood on pavement” and you will see what real blood looks like.

    If someone does not believe this, fine. I have no need to call anyone names. I do not swear at people if they don’t believe me. What happened at the marathon is too obvious for me to feel compelled to curse or use expletives.

    1. dougster –

      Thank you again for another excellent comment. I always appreciate your forthright and honest approach without being emotional. It’s people’s emotions that this big government propaganda preys upon; and, it works in many cases, unfortunately……….

    2. Dianne Foster says:

      Google instead something like “blood spatter patterns” or anything with “patterns” and “blood”. I had trouble finding it otherwise. Boy, what a difference.

      The visceral reaction to real blood must be instinctive too. It makes your heart speed up and really relates to any experiences you have ever had of injury. Not the red paint at the Marathon – it’s all in your head, not your heart. Plus, it’s all smooth, no “gobs” in it and totally unreal.

      I can understand why the heart of this fraud, in fact, lies in that fake blood scene and with that amputee in the wheelchair. It means that Boston is like an endless mockery of a pro wrestling match. The Ashley Banfield and Nancy Grace faking that they are talking miles apart while in a parking lot for CNN, Anderson Cooper in front of a blue screen pretending to be in Newtown….could these be part and parcel of most what we are being told these days, and not just aberrations?

      1. Dianne –

        Thank you for visiting and for your observations. I agree with everything you stated. And, while reading your comment I thought of the familiar photo of the double amputee speeding out of the scene with fake [actor] cowboy man. Notice that there is left no trail of that “real” blood; not even fake blood.

  7. shmilfke says:

    You people are sick!
    How can you deny that people had their limbs blown off? How can you dare to call yourself a thinking person? Just announcing that you don’t believe anything you see doesn’t make you a thinking person! Some things are not a matter of believing. This happened and people are suffering terribly because of it. What is it that makes you want to believe so badly that these were actors, and the blood is really ketchup, and there were no bombs…. etc what is wrong with you!!!!!!

    You probably deny that squirrels exist or that the milk in the grocery really comes from cows.

    1. shmilfke –

      Congratulations! Did you just pass your first Obamabot test and are now a qualified Obamabot blogger spewing [out] the latest corrupt Obama government / media garbage?.

      The very thing that you dishonestly accuse me of you are a shining example of. Unlike I, who for now 6 or 7 commentaries have come up with honest questions regarding the Boston Marathon “bombing” event, you haven’t demonstrated to me or this website’s Moralmatters readers any evidence for your emotional shooting at the hip tirade.

      Furthermore, I suggest you throw out your old lib playbook. Come up with another line of argument other than the old ridicule one. Nice try, though – but, it doesn’t pass the muster! Did you graduate from the Obama propaganda school of blogging with a D- average? If so, that might explain your weak attempt, here.

      By the way – here is the latest Moralmatters commentary article posting on the event:

      Boston Marathon bombing: Obama government will use amputee crisis actors and whatever it can to push its agenda

    2. Dianne Foster says:

      I really wish this weren’t just a forum for talking about what side you are on politically.

      But I understand that you feel it is unseemly to deny all that carnage. The only reason I do deny it is that there is in Boston no evidence for it immediately afterwards at either scene, least of all the second explosion at Forum.

      Just because you watch a movie, say, where you see an explosion and then cut to a hospital bed with a person in a cast, does not mean that the explosion caused the person to wind up in the hospital.

      You know two things for sure: an explosion happened that you see on film (about which you are told certain things) and a person is lying in a hospital bed and says she is recuperating from injuries suffered in the explosion. You cast aside the notion that she looks better than you did after your appendectomy or C-section, and she just lost a leg. Not only that, she is so brave and cheerful, you almost think she has had it worked out for years what it means to go through life as an amputee. What does your common sense tell you, deep inside yourself about this person telling you her story? That she is uniquely blessed? That some miracle has turned her into a glamorous amputee in a couple of weeks? Or that she is a long-term survivor of some injury or disease unrelated to the explosion on April 15? Paying no attention to the calls to patriotism implied in “Boston Strong” (although some would associate it with a new Sam Adams brew), can you honestly say you believe this story?

      The light of your own personal experience is very important to guide you. Guess why?

  8. Vendi says:

    Only one of the bombs was faked, the one with the actors and amputeres is the staged one. The other one did however cause damage to on-lookers of the marathon. This is the one we know to have reportedly claimed 3 lives.

    1. Vendi –

      Interesting comment and theory. What evidence can you provide of a “real” bombing that allegedly claimed 3 lives.

    2. Dianne Foster says:

      False in one thing, false in all things. It is a maxim of the law. It discredits the witness,the expert, the government in this case. If the first was fake, the second one was unlikely to be true either. This is about manipulating the public, forcing it into a test of a lockdown, forming our perceptions and skewing them as they like. This is not about killing people (yet).

  9. gothicowboy says:

    Here’s something to consider. In 2010, the Sandy Hook fire dept. got $143,000 from DHS. In 2012, the Watertown (MA) fire dept. got $102k. These grants were part of a FEMA program designed “to ensure effective coordination during incident response”. Source:

  10. gothicowboy –

    Great informational link! Thank you. How else could this be interpreted? As the old adage says:

    “Follow the money.”

    I think it is just more information which smells to high heaven, implicating that big government was already back then, planning something.

  11. matteo says:

    Instead of analysing pictures from your pc, go to Boston Hospitals and investigate if there are actually real victims – for instance:

    Go there and check if she is an actress of real…thats journalism…

    The day that Gaddafi died they left his corpse visible for the people for few days …no body would have believed a video or a picture of him..they wanted to check with their own eyes…

    1. matteo –

      Nice try, but why didn’t you convey your advice to the mainstream national news media who have the financial resources to do what you are now attempting to lecture me about?

      I’m always suspicious of comments like yours and people like you who will not concede an inch. I and other like minded people, along with their website news and commentary could show you a picture of the moon on a clear night, and you would be in denial.

      By the way – when did The Boston Globe newspaper ever jump out of its liberal shoes and become a trustworthy and objective journalistic news source?

      Finally, as to your reference of Libya’s past dictator, you are doing what you are condemning; namely, relying on a news source. Were you personally there to view the dead Gaddafi corpse? And, even if you were there to convey it; why should anyone believe you since you have now glorified the only proof of verification that there can be [according to you] – being, that only one who physically experiences for himself will have the facts in hand. I suppose you are one of those libs who wants to further scrap US history books.

      One other thing – I will seriously entertain the possibility that there were real injuries and death from the one separate bombing, if you will (in like manner) concede that there were no genuine injuries resulting in the other [fake] bomb blast? Personally, I don’t think that you will be journalistically honest enough to take me up on that challenge. I think that you are just another big Obama corrupted government and media apologist……

      1. Jess says:

        Finding all this only confirms my belief moreover that Obama is a fraud and a liar. Conspiracy at its finest. It truly, truly blows my mind that the American sheeples fell, and continue to fall for his smoke and mirrors. I honestly can’t even listen to his voice.

        From the beginning of his campaign in 2007 when there was talk of him being Muslim, I did research and came up with nothing conclusive at the time. But, in common sense after 9/11, why would anyone in their right mind vote for a man whose name is Barack Obama??? My instincts lead me to believe it wasn’t the right way to go. He won that election by the low-educational, black majority and college students, thinking they were getting the better-half of their “race” and better education. Today, they are talking common-core.

        What the hell is going on here?? How can the American people stand for this type of crap? Everything our country has stood for is being slapped away. Second election, was won by the illegal immigrants. A lady spoke with a local radio station, I believe in PA (I’m probably wrong it was so long ago I listened) and she witnessed these people being ushered off buses being given groceries. Furthermore, at the voter check-in, names were being checked off twice. Fake.

        All the other evidence being pushed into view now is infuriating. Tell, please, because I fail to see how government controlled healthcare is going to lead our economy out of debt? And even more so, the Federal Reserve printing and pumping money that has no value.

        We’ve gone past the point of recollection, Monsanto is on our tables. This day and age is getting scarier and scarier. How can these people not stand for what’s right? What’s true, and upstanding? When did pop stars become more important than human rights?

        The only thing I have to say about the Boston issue is this: Reading what you have written, and seeing the pictures makes sense that the Obama administration would be behind it. I won’t deny that people were probably hurt, all for the sake of changing and striking fear into the hearts of the sheeples.

        The government is a monster that must be taken down. The head is too big,, and cannot hold Itself up much longer. As a military wife, I see the exposure the truth has on people, and they are not easily swayed. But, I believe there is justice out there for those who truly seek and want it.

        1. Jess –

          Thank you for your sensible and logical comment. I’m happy to witness someone connecting some dots! I hope and pray that your prediction comes true very soon. You aptly observe and stated:

          “…..The government is a monster that must be taken down. The head is too big,, and cannot hold Itself up much longer…..” [Your spot on words]

        2. Dianne Foster says:

          Just so you know, in case you check by here, I am an educated white female of more than moderate means who voted for Obama. I am not sure I would find him at the core of this event (however it is in a liberal Democratic state with two Democratic senators, Kerry and Warren, and a Democratic Governor, Deval Patrick).

          I deplore the deception used in this Marathon bombing. It must be some kind of in-joke I have not been invited to share (and would immediately publicize if I did). It’s a big fake, and the public is being asked to pay money to the fund to distribute to the “victims.” The man administering it has a lot of experience ripping off the public – he was in charge of 9/11 charities and also the pay-outs for the BP oil spill in the Gulf. Where will the money go, really? There are tens of millions of dollars already. Or is it like our taxes – taken from us under false pretenses and used to squander our futures?

          Anyway, I experienced your very sense of disillusionment under Bush and had plenty of questions about 9/11, which I think can also be answered as a big fat fraud on many levels. So now I reject the pretensions of both parties because both have a contempt for the public they serve and which they rip off with abandon.

          1. Diane –

            Do you have some informational link for the Moralmatters readers which relates about that person who will handle these funds?

            Again, thank you for your very thoughtful comment!

          2. Diane –

            Thank you for the link about this apparent unsavory character (you previously mentioned) who is to head up the charity funds for the alleged Boston Marathon “bombing.”

  12. RL says:

    Off topic, but tangentially related:

    “Detroit Marathon Refinery Explosion : Did you catch the name?”

    coincidentally a drill was planned for the Detroit Windsor Tunnel at same time

    1. RL – I wasn’t aware of this. Thank you for mentioning it.

      Could you send a link about it in another comment?

  13. Tom says:

    I’m all for questioning the truth but I don’t like the way Bickel goes about handling comments. Basically anybody who agrees with him is sensible and logical and anybody who doesn’t is an Obamabot spewing propaganda? That seems to defeat your intended purpose, sir. You often claim to calmly display the truth but you treat opinions counter to your own with the same hard-headed, patronizing, dehumanizing attitude you criticize in your opponents and challengers. It really doesn’t paint you in the light of a compassionate crusader for justice. You’re just another zealot, except on the other side of the fence.

    By the way, before you decide that since I’m not singing your glories I must be a goon for the fed sent here to discredit your genius investigative journalism… I neither agree nor disagree with your article here. I am merely critiquing the way you portray yourself to commenters who aren’t buying what you have to sell. You don’t encourage lively and healthy conversation, which is ostensibly the whole point of penning this piece.

    1. Tom –

      Thank you for your comment. But, even more; thank you for visiting

      Perhaps, the more you visit; the more you will agree with me and those who aren’t so quick to swallow the gov’t and media reported news, hook, line and sinker.

      But, having stated the above, I do think that you paint this author with a very wide brush. It is called, “generalizing.” That, in itself, is not being very “sensible” and “logical.”

      Finally, I must say, that I do not author and manage this website for my health’s sake or for popular appeal. I’m not into currying favor with a wide scattered global audience.

    2. Inside Man says:

      Hey Tom, I think Mr. Bickel is merely demonstrating how easy it is to spot assholes like yourself who haven’t got, or refuse to get a clue. There was no bombing in Boston. It was all a stage play, and I, unlike Mr. Bickel, ain’t so f&^#$%@( polite, so’s I say it like I see it. F&^%$* off government troll. Go derail some other conversation, we’re talking treason of epic proportions here, and when the hammer falls, all f*&#$%^ involved will burn and I’m one of the people who will make SURE of it. Trust those words TOM, because its one of the only things that you will ever hear that’s the truth.

  14. PAPA says:

    my name is papa
    im hear today to inform you citizens
    that what you are saying makes no sense
    everything that happened
    you people need to grow a sense of sympathy
    with that being said
    sandy hook was a conspiracy
    those children and families
    may have been effected
    planned it
    goodbye now



  15. Skeptical says:

    Many people have probably seen this video with the same witness appearing in TV interviews in three separate locations: the Boston Marathon, the shootout in Watertown, and Sandy Hook ( She visibly has putty on her nose in the Sandy Hook interview. Well, I just found what I believe is another remarkable interview.

    Here’s a neat little experiment you can try at home.

    1. Watch and listen to this interview with a man referred to as Gabe – elsewhere reported to be CNN reporter Gabe Ramirez:

    Now, look at this photo of CNN photographer Gabriel Ramirez:

    Is this the same Gabe you saw in the video?

    2. Watch this goofy segment with Tom Hanks:

    Now, ask yourself: Is Gabe actually Tom Hanks, wearing heavy makeup?

    Go back and play the CNN interview again. Listen to his voice, his accent, his manner of speaking. Look at his face, especially his upper lip. Look at his facial expressions, the darting movement of his eyes.

    I’m a teacher, and I know that if one assignment is similar enough to another one that I actually notice the similarity, the chances of this being accidental are vanishingly small. I wasn’t trying to look for Tom Hanks or anyone else in that interview – I was just watching it for the content. In fact, I’d previously found that interview totally convincing, unlike many others – I’d even commented on it to my husband. But then, as I was watching it again, it suddenly dawned on me – out of the blue – that that guy is Tom Hanks. It IS Tom Hanks.

    No wonder he was so convincing!

    1. Skeptical –

      Thank you for these informational links. I will take a look at them.

      The first thing that popped into my mind while reading your interesting comment, was that Tom Hanks is very capable of playing multiple characters. All one has to do is view the movie, “The Polar Bear Express.”

    2. Dianne Foster says:

      It’s the same guy. Did you hear what he said in the first link? He said he was running around with “other journalists” trying to follow police. He wasn’t dressed up, but he wasn’t pretending to be anything but what he was, a journalist at the scene, able to run around (as opposed to the guy with the microphone who had to stand in the same place).

  16. Dianne Foster says:

    What if we could prove fraud in this case, and show that it was known from the top to the bottom of the government and was done with complete contempt for the people?

    What if both parties covered it up – except for a few mavericks, like Rep. Tremblay from New Hampshire?

    Could they plead “sovereign immunity” which allows them to do whatever they wish? Are they above the law? Or do they get away with out-sourcing their dirty deeds to Israelis?

    What can we hold them to? In my opinion, they have broken the law just as surely as NIxon did when he authorized burglary for political gain. What did he say? “When the President does it, it is legal.” Only it wasn’t.

    Paging Mr. Bernstein — as much as I agree with him on neocons being warmongers, I hope he and others like him understand that turning Boston into a multi-day terror drill and then collecting charity money for a fake bombing is simply not legal. It’s called fraud. He made a name for himself bringing down Nixon. Well, there really are second acts in American life sir. Get on with it.

  17. Clarrissa –

    I did not approve (publish) your long comment for several reasons:

    First, it was one long (unabated) paragraph, which makes it difficult to read.

    Secondly, your long comment was repetitive.

    Thirdly, the piece was somewhat schizophrenic (perhaps, dishonest). You ridicule by the continued use of labelling by referring to “conspiracy.” [That’s what the dishonest Obama enabler propagandists so often do. It gets old] While bringing up and referring to “conspiracy” in a negative light, you seem to embrace much of what these (labelled) “conspiracy theroists” assert. [Your piece is confusing]

    Fourth, your first sentence set the tone for your long comment. Whether you intended or not, it was denigrating those who question government and big media. You stated: “Conspiratorial theories abound everywhere…………” Then throughout your meandering piece you embrace some of which is often unfairly labelled “conspiracy theories.” At the same time, you end up mixing your your subtle ridicule on those who understand Sandy Hook as primarily a hoax with those who oppose these “crazy” [my choice of word] people.

    Fifth, your piece appears to be ambiguous and confusing, almost intentionally so. It has certain earmarks of being one of those many Obama enabler pieces such as is described in Martha Trowbridge’s excellent commentary of:

    OCTPAW – Obama Conspiracy Theory Psychological Assault Weapon

  18. Mike says:

    Regarding the man in the top two pics who allegedly had his lower leg blown off, if that was authentic wouldn’t blood be spurting out of there? Wouldn’t he be in shock? Wouldn’t he be screaming and everyone around looking at him? It’s the phoniest thing I’ve ever seen.

    1. Mike –

      So true what you say. But unfortunately, we live in a crazy world where people will spit in their mother and fathers faces and then go hog wild believing what is shoved them by the corrupted government’s mainstream media.

  19. Cynthia Cauley says:

    Has anyone noticed the lady on the ground next to miracle man? She is wearing a red zip up jacket with a black t-shirt underneath and propped up on her elbow. She looks a lot like Alison Parker, the news anchor from Virginia allegedly killed in another possible false flag.

    1. Cynthia Cauley –

      Good observation! Thank you!

      1. Cynthia Cauley says:

        Just noticed it this morning and it blew my mind. WTF??

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