Big Obama government and its hobnob media on a Boston bombing roll

Unfortunately America is being engulfed by Obama. And the sad and pathetic reality is, that Americans allow themselves to recognize this ill-fated usurping dominance. A leader cannot lead without a following. Yet, many Americans readily and quickly acknowledge Obama's legitamacy. Doesn't the Scripture say: "Let every soul be subject to the higher power? When, if ever has Obama subjected himself to the Lord God's moral authority?

Unfortunately America is being engulfed by Obama. And the sad and pathetic reality is, that Americans allow themselves to recognize this ill-fated usurping dominance. A leader cannot lead without a following. Yet, many Americans readily and quickly acknowledge Obama’s legitimacy.  Doesn’t the Scripture say: “Let every soul be subject to the higher power? [Romans 13:1] When, if ever has Obama subjected himself to the Lord God’s moral authority?

While listening to the national news about the apparent [alleged] terrorist Boston Marathon bombing, I could not help but notice that our White House occupier, Barack Hussein Obama, was purposely being highlighted. Instead of hearing from Boston’s chief of police, and state law enforcement authorities, the national news media focused on what Obama had to say about the event.

It would seem that since the apparent Boston Marathon [alleged]  terrorist bombing incident took place in MA that the State of MA and the Boston, MA police would be spearheading the ensuing investigation. What seems to be the case, rather, is that the federal government has its hooks (in) all over the place. It appears as if local and state law enforcement is taking a back seat to the FBI and Obama’s notorious Attorney General Eric Holder – and, the FBI.

Could it not be concluded that the federal government is usurping state’s rights? (What about the 10th Amendment?) Also, why is this apparent [alleged] terrorist bombing being treated differently than the past Fort Hood Texas terrorist massacre which was only designated as a “workplace violence” incident, by the Obama led federal government?

Why is the State of MA apparently allowing the federal US government control over not only the investigation of this apparent [alleged] terrorist bombing, but also the dissemination of its reported news? Don’t big government and its kowtowing, boot clicking and acquiescing media, have enough bureaucratic controlling interest already, in American life? Where are the local and state authorities to tell the federal government to butt out and take a back seat?

Is this another “incident” in which big government is intrusively involving itself in order to gain more local and state control? Is America one more step away from “executive order Barry,” to declare a police state type of martial law to further his intrusive overreach into the personal lives of Americans?


“When did big government and big media ever tell the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth? A thinking person will question what he hears; examine what he sees; and evaluate what others would have him believe.”

– Pastor emeritus Nathan M. Bickel



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Posted by:

Pastor emeritus Nathan M. Bickel

Note: Pics and / or videos found on the web


19 thoughts on “Big Obama government and its hobnob media on a Boston bombing roll

  1. Margy Rydzynski says:

    Alleged bombing? I live near Boston. Can’t you stop hating, just for one minute? Remember that little 8 year old boy. I know where Dorchester is. I’ve walked its streets. And I live in the same town as one of the other victims. There’s no alleged anything here, only pain. I know those streets and these are all our people.

    1. Margy –

      Thank you for visiting and for your comment.

      I ask that you go back and reread the commentary. Shortly after posting this, I added one or two more informational links.

      Also, my commentary does not dispute that a bombing took place. I think that no less than 3 times, I refer to this incident as an “[alleged] terrorist bombing.” That, is much different than just, “alleged bombing.” I hope you that you understand the difference. Please, again, look at the commentary again.

      By the way – Please don’t expect me to post anymore of your comments if you are submitting bigoted comments, accusing this author of being a hate monger. Think, please, before you allow your emotions to control your computer keyboard.

  2. Lest there be more misunderstanding of the above commentary, this author purposely stated:

    “[alleged] terrorist bombing.”

    A Facebook personality made a Facebook comment after this article. He said:

    “Damn good questions Nathan…”

    To which I responded (on Facebook):

    “If Obama agrees to something; I’m on the other side. He’s so obvious. Red flags, over-kill, you name it. Many of these events are meant to grab the headlines and be utilized as propaganda – even if people get hurt or killed in the process.

    Notice how quick the media and Obama wanted to blame this on a terrorist or terrorist act? Of course, we all know that big gov’t can never commit a terrorist act against its own people!!!!!”

    Note that “it” is only a “terrorist attack” if someone other than big government is part and parcel of such a heinous injurious and murderous act…………

  3. Douglas says:

    Many bomb scene photos show men who could be operatives. Did they leave their backpack ‘bombs’ on the sidewalk and then leave the scene? One backpack appeared to be so heavy the man was holding with two hands.

    Next we see several men wearing obvious Navy Seal type clothes and carrying very large black backpacks. They also appear to be watching the crowd from a distance and talking into handheld communication devices. They also wear ear plug devices. Are they Navy Seals or men dressed as Navy Seals?

    Also, it was clearly announced before the marathon that the government would be conducting bomb “drills” during the marathon and for people to not be alarmed.

    The FBI announced a press conference and then cancelled it [Apr 17]. Did the local FBI find out that the “bombing event” was actually a US government operation and had to rethink their press conference? After the Sandy Hook hoax I feel that the US government could be involved in anything nefarious.

    There are way too many anomalies in this situation for me to think that this event was just a uncomplicated ‘terrorist’ bombing of a sporting event.

    1. Douglas –

      Why do I think about you and your comments, the following?

      “If there would be a US nation of people like Douglas, we would not have all this foolishness and the Obama government!”

      I still maintain that Obama cannot lead (or any leader, for that matter) if people do not follow. However, there are too many people in our United States that will sadly afford Obama (who supported Infanticide as an Illinois senator) honor, due the de facto White House occupier, the office which he currently holds by deception.

      Worst of all “sheeple” followers are Christian pastors and leaders who misconstrue the Bible’s teaching in Romans 13:1-8, regarding government. They have lead millions to believe that they must go with the flow of government’s corrupt actions and agenda. These Christian pastors and Christian denominational leaders (including the Catholic Church) – and their following, have failed to learn history’s lesson how, the Christian community gave Adolf Hitler free reign by their non-resistance.

      Douglass – thank you for your thoughtful comment. You, like me, instinctively know that the Obama government is playing the American people. Would that more people wake up – and, especially those supposed “leader” politicians in the US government!

  4. dougster says:

    Here are some very interesting clues about the bombing in Boston. Are these men US government operatives and who paid them? Were they a part of the bombing?

    Will CNN and the MSM report about these men? I doubt it.

    Is there a massive cover-up in progress? What do you think?

    Photos: Private military operatives hired to ‘work’ the Boston marathon with black backpacks, radiation detectors, tactical gear

    1. dougster –

      Thank you for your well informed comment and intelligent observations!

      Here is what I think [link below]. My thinking on this whole bombing affair is summarized on my 3rd Moralmatters article posting in about 36 hours:

      What the Obama government does not want you to know about the Boston Marathon bombing

  5. BitterClinger says:

    They knew there was a Saudi in custody and needed to get him back home as soon as possible…. just like after 9-11

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