Proven Obama fraud April 2013 update: Big Plan A underway

Excerpt from the short Freedom Friday video:

Carl Gallups:

<<<<<<<< “……Again, Lt. Zullo and I, cannot, and will not give anyone exacting details and names and dates and times and places. Of course the Obamabots would love for us to do that, so that they could attack the people who are involved, in this big Plan A, that is on its way.

All we can say is folks, be patient, pray and wait. People are working on this, hard. We’re closer now than we have ever been. God bless you.”

New INFO. on Obama Fraud! Recap and Newest Information! (April 2013) –


Link to access for purposes of donating to the Sheriff Arpaio Cold Case Posse:


Pic of Col Allen West. He likes to speak to crowds with the American Flag in the background. But, his recent political sin of omission over refuses to expose Obama's fraud might might as just well have Allen West trampling America's flag as reportedly Obama's mentor, Bill Airs did.

Pic of Col Allen West. He likes to speak to crowds with the American Flag in the background. But, his recent political sin of omission over refusing to expose Obama’s fraud might as just well have Allen West trampling America’s flag as reportedly Obama’s mentor, Bill Ayers did.

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Pastor emeritus Nathan M. Bickel

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6 thoughts on “Proven Obama fraud April 2013 update: Big Plan A underway

  1. Observer says:

    Our advice then is to STFU until he has something of value and stop the constant self-promotion.

    1. “Observer” –

      Who are you to attempt to tell me what to do? Are you starting to get your underwear in a bunch? What difference does it make to you and to anybody which you might be attempting to represent? After all, people like me and like others are just those dumb nut “carnival barkers.” What significance could we insignificant and ridiculous “conspiracy theorists” possibly make?

  2. Observer says:

    Also, provide a resume of Zullo. Can’t seem to reconcile conflicting claims about his work history, qualifications. I’m not an obot, believe obama is ineligible, on multiple grounds, but I’m getting tired of the B.S. If you have probable cause, put up or shut up, period. Don’t keep telling us for a year that big things are about to happen. Tell us when they happen. You are losing credibility daily and dragging down the whole movement with you. Maybe you should spend more time working on the investigation and less time showboating.

    1. Observer –

      I don’t know who you are, or who you may be representing (based upon your previous comment); but, if you wish to give up hope that Obama will ever be brought to justice, and the Arpaio / Zullo present effort – go ahead; exercise your free will. But, don’t attempt to make it your business to tell me what, and what not to post on this website.

      I learned a little “ditty” years ago. Perhaps, you should commit it to memory:

      “The best business in the line of business, is to mind business of your own. If you have no business; then make it your business to leave other people’s business alone.”

  3. Capelady says:

    I am really turned off by these attacks on Allen West. Prominent conservatives like Mark Levin and Rush Limbaugh who do not have political careers to protect have not taken up this birth certificate issue. I believe that Allen West has to pick his battles. He is already under fire just for being a black conservative – he does not need to give them the kind of ammunition that would label him as a “wing-nut” as well. We have been hearing all this talk for quite awhile and nothing has come of it. I am not even convinced that the RINOs in Congress have the guts to do anything about it even if they concede these things are true. So, why should Allen West risk any possible chance of helping to change the course of this great nation and making a difference to our future by getting directly involved in such a scandal. Bill Clinton was impeached but was never removed from office. Do you really think they are going to remove Obama from office, with the constitutional crisis and race riots that would result? Boehner is afraid to close the government for a few days… so I doubt it! IF Obama is ever going to be brought to justice… and Holder, Hillary, Biden and Pelosi because they would all have to be complicit in such a fraud — it will have to happen when he gets out of office, and if we don’t overwhelm the RINOs in Congress by replacing them with true conservatives, we won’t have a conservative candidate to run against Hillary and then you will have 4-8 more years of this crap. So, perhaps 2014 is where our focus and energy should be focused and not dissing Col. Allen West and anyone who doesn’t jump on the birth certificate band wagon. Donald Trump did, and with all his money and influence it hasn’t made a bit of difference. Get real!

    1. Capelady –

      Thank you for your comment.

      I’m familiar with the status quo (ill-fated) reasoning of “picking one’s battles.” That, is part and parcel of what erodes good men and a half-ways decent political party.

      Rather, than chafing under the scrutiny of the focus on Obama’s identity fraud corruptions, Allen West could be like cream and rise to the top, embracing the scrutiny and charge. But, pathetically, he has chosen the politically correct status quo. He has chosen to take the Judas path.

      Furthermore, I’ve heard the old argument that “Conservatives” should not be criticised because that criticism then weakens their thrust to defeat the liberals and opposition political party. That type of reasoning does not stand against the Scriptural standard muster, as I think of the following analogy (and, of course, no analogy is perfect):

      If the divine principle is to burn the dross and purify the gold, why should not that same principle of refinement be the same for some of these so-called “Conservatives?”

      In short, Allen West has been exposed for his cowardice. He now has a “golden” opportunity to make a clear course change that will be praised and heralded by those who love traditional, patriotic and Constitutional America.

      Col. Allen West’s political sin of omission against America

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